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thread: Babies Born ~ March 2012 #2

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    Babies Born ~ March 2012 #2

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born March 2012

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    in the ning nang nong

    sub sub.

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    wow skye i thought Ryker with his 5hr awake stint was rough....12hours far out!
    we walked to school thismorning and Ryker cracked it as we were leaving the house, cried most of the 10min walk, fell asleep when we got there and cracked it again as we were on our way back.
    he did the same on the school/preschool run friday so Mr needs to learn his brothers drop off times and just wait lol!
    other than that productive morning,load of washing done and hung, beds made, lunches made (often dont get a chance to make dh lunch so feels nice to do it for him), dishwasher unpacked, expressed and all dressed and out of the house b4 9am. i also managed to get some lamb shanks in the slow cooker b4 we left so feeling good that i dont have to think about dinner this arvo as ds1 has swimming straight after school.

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    Feb 2009

    Haha, that's what I tell myself everyday Buffy!!!

    Nic, you are amazing... I am in serious awe of you! I am seriously proud of myself if I fit a shower in before DH goes to work!

    I'm spending the day on the couch watching Revenge with Connor snuggling on my chest.

    He's on his 2nd nap since we got up at 5.30ish so I'm hoping he is just catching up after these last few days.

    Thanks for your support ladies. Mwah xo

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    Elocin sorry you had such a rough night, I hope you get to catch up today

    Nickers sounds like you had a very productive morning! My poor DH never gets lunches made by me lol unless it's left overs he grabs from the fridge

    Skye what a shame you had to wake miss a but six hours is awesome isn't it?

    Helena slept for 6hrs last night hooray! She has done it twice now, if only she could make it w regular occurrence sooner rather than later I would be thrilled. She was very alert yesterday during the day which helped so I will try and encourage some more Wake time today but I guess I have to balance it with not letting her get overtired

    We survived the first morning school run on our own and like you nickers we got the beds made, I had a shower, dishwasher unpacked and a load of washing on! DD1 has started making her own bed and is doing a really good job, Oh and I had breakfast that was hot. No dinner on yet but it is defrosted and I have a piece of corned beef out for tomorrow to go in the slow cooker when we get back from school in the morning. One load of washing has been put away with dd2s help and we have done cutting and gluing this morning now need to convince her to play with her blocks or something else she can do other own so I can sweep and mop

    Have a great day everyone

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    Nov 2008

    subbing... be back later

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    Wow ladies, you are supermums! Nic, can I have dinner at your place?

    I've been spoilt having DH home, he actually enjoys housework (nutbag) and boy, am I going to have to step up when he heads back to work.

    E, good to hear your naughty boy is catching some z's.

    Skye, 12 hours straight - Miss A must have been beside herself! Glad she caught up overnight and this morning.

    Sara, hurrah for six hours!

    W up early this morning, has had a fair bit of play time - spent half an hour chuckling and screeching at a red cushion. Super cute. Napping on me at the moment, self-soothe is out the window during the day. DH insists that we try it every time she goes down as he's worried she'll become so accustomed to being held all the time that I won't be able to do anything/keep my sanity.

    I keep explaining that she's only really little and needs lots of cuddles and often, help sleeping. Settling herself will come with time.

    I see his point, he's trying to make it easier on me with the PND etc but I'd rather help her nod off that let her get over-tired lying in her bassinette. Plus, I love snuggles!

    Have a good Monday all.

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    Aug 2011

    Hi dudes, eek, another Monday…

    Sorry to hear so many restless bubs… particularly Connor, chin up little chap. Lets get things back on track for your lovely Mum tonight ok? And Addison, your marathon awake period was very clever, but no repeat today please!

    You multiple mums are amazing, seriously. I know I could achieve a lot more if only I could just stop playing words with friends, but nothing like what you guys manage!

    We actually had a cracker of a night, so not feeling too bad today at all. The past 3 or 4 nights instead of just a blanket we have used either a kiddopotamus or love to swaddle, and the difference in Yves sleep is amazing. He settles so much quicker after each feed and sleeps uninterrupted for longer. Have also been trying to encourage longer feeds, which he seems to need, but often takes himself off the boob too quickly. Because of the intense nipple pain I hadn’t been encouraging him to relatch, but I realise we have to get it sorted so trying to persist and it is really paying off.

    Other than that, things have been going ok, he is so delightful when alert and happy, and the gummy smiles are almost there. DF is such a goofball that he seems to encourage most of them with silly fart noises and kissing Yves’ mouth and nose, who appears all bug-eyed and horrified for a split second, then smiles and waits for the next kiss to come. Other than that his favourite thing to do is just lie in his bouncer and stare at the lights with a loony expression on his face. Meh, whatever works!

    MCHN appt tomorrow so will be interesting to find out his new weight and height, as he seems to be 1cm longer every day! We post quite a few pics on FB as all our family are overseas and they are alarmed at how quickly he seems to be growing up. Boo, I want my little muppet to stay this tiny for a lot longer! (Mylitta I really understand now what you meant about dressing them in sleepsuits to try and maintain their ‘babyness’ for longer!)

    Elocin – thanks for the lowdown on CS stuff – DTD is definitely not going to happen til I can at least touch my own scar without pain. I was a little over vigorous dabbing it dry with a towel after my bath last night and it hurt like hell on one end. It’s a horrendous feeling, creepy really.

    Hope you all have a good day – will be back later on to catch up with persies x

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    Jul 2005

    i just feel if i dont get the morning stuff done nothing seems to get done all day! and its a head space thing too, knowing when i come home i dont then have to get all that mundaine stuff done makes me feel better.
    it helps now Nix & Ty can dress themselves, i just get their clothes out, i make their beds and they need to put their pillows/cuddlies on, i get their breakky but Nixon has been practising (on his own will) getting his own breakfast, we get a bit messy when he pours the milk etc lol but i like that he wants to do it himself.
    Ive switched from having a shower in the morning to mostly having night showers, one less thing to try and get done in the morning, and i have been putting a load of washing on at night so it can be hung straight out in the morning too.
    I seriously need to get my cooking mojo back, so sick of not being bothered with cooking, for months i just havent felt like doing it, cant think of what to cook. the big boys are fussy little critters which doesnt help, and i dont want to be making different meals for everyone so i have put it in the too hard basket for a while now.....
    Sara- great on the 6hr stint! Ryker has been going 5hrs done one or two 6hr stints so hoping they get more regular. he often also wakes at 5am but i bring him in for cuddels and try to hold him out till about 630am (to work in with school times etc) but friday and again today he has started fussing for a feed when we are leaving the house which is only 2hrs after his last feed not 3.

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    Nov 2008
    in the ning nang nong

    ah, I'm back.

    elocin - woot! and the revenge series sounds good ... I'm planning on watching it once the season is over - I've got into the habit of watching seasons of things end to end, while breastfeeding and expressing, as there's preciously little else you can do!! other than play on BB, of course :P

    nickers - nice work

    sara - hopefully this sleeping pattern will last! and then grow

    buffy - I hoe you and your DH find a balance you're both happy with, and which works well for bubs

    lct - yay for a good night - but I'd be a bit concerned if your c-section scar is still that sore ... I'd get the MHCN to have a look at it when you're there tomorrow, just to make sure there's no infection/pulling/separation/etc ... DS2 was born by c-section on 7 March, but it's been a while since the incision actually hurt ... it was tender underneath for maybe 5 weeks, but the actual incision only hurt for me for less than that ... it's been a little delicate since, but it sounds like yours is a lot worse than that ... I hope it's ok!

    afm - well, DH is home for 2 weeks!! And then will be working from home part time, and being a SAHD for the rest. Yay! It will be nice to have him home again. It will be strange being back at work ... but I think I'll be back into it in no time, this time I've got lots (and I mean lots - like, 60+) pre made lunches ready, plus some pre made healthy sweet treats, and my expressing equipment is all ready to go ... some new suit pants have been bought, hopefully my new bras will arrive in time! And I have some comfy but nice flat shoes, as well. I wanted to get a good haircut, but after DS1 my hair didn't shed until about 3 months post partum, so I don't want to get a big haircut today and have it look weird in a few weeks time ...

    today is just housework and cuddles.

    tomorrow is busy - immunisations, playgroup, chiropractor, a seminar about wine, and a drive in and out of town to drop off all my work stuff, so I'm not lugging bags and bags on the train ...

    wednesday is hopefully fun surprises from DH, as it's my last day of freedom for a while!

    then thursday is the grindstone ...

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    Oct 2007
    Caroline Springs

    Mylitta I really understand now what you meant about dressing them in sleepsuits to try and maintain their ‘babyness’ for longer!
    Lol. I recently tried to stuff my 15 month old DD into one of her jumpsuits to convince myself she is still a baby. It was a tight squeeze but she happily slept the night in it haha.

    Speaking of sleeping... I can't believe it, but I currently have three sleeping babies. Shayla is the only one in a bed though. Arlia is in my arms and Kyson fell asleep at my feet on the lounge room floor lol!

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    Nov 2008
    in the ning nang nong

    hmmmm, sleepsuits and babyness - DS2 just pooped through his ... babyness complete!

    level up!

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    Jun 2011


    I can't keep up

    Sent from my iPhone... Probably while feeding our poppet.

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    Sep 2008

    sub - I can't keep up either!

    Have got a spot in childcare for my 2.5year old DD on a friday, that'll hopefully make life a bit easier.

    Sick of this reflux, think his meds need upping (again)

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    Jul 2005

    Mylitta hats off to you getting all 3 asleep at the same time
    did you sleep to or rest?

    Razz- feeling for you and the reflux, im gonna speak with my gp friday when i go get Rykers needles he still seems like he has reflux, he does small spews, not huge ones like my other 2 used to but its the pain it causes him, the back arching and grunting and screaming until something comes up im sure its reflux. thats great you have DD in care 1 day a week, im sure it will be good for her and you
    peanutter- 60 premade lunches WOW!! good on you for being so well organised. what sorts of things have you made yourself?

    well i think i am either coming down with something or over doing it cause my whole body aches
    R managed a 6 1/2hr stint overnight which i was thankful for cause i needed it, but he took a long while to settle after, then ds2 wet the bed, then came into our bed and then i didnt really sleep cause i had Ryker in with us too and was paranoid thier were too many bodies in the bed and he would roll onto Ryker...
    was going to walk to school again today but ive decided to not push myself, ds2 who hasnt been in a pram for 18months suddenly decides he wants to go in the pram too so i end up pushing a 4 1/2yr old aswell as Ryker

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    Jan 2009
    pakenham, victoria

    Vent ahead-

    DF has been constantly putting the hard word on me lately, i get that its been like 12 weeks but FFS im so over it! im just not ready to do it yet.
    i stopped bleeding FINALLY last week, but have had spotting on and off since then and in my head, if im still bleeding, then obviously things arent quite ready yet.
    im over the need for my body, ive been breastfeeding a baby round the clock for the last 9 weeks (dont get me wrong i love it! but at the same time, my body is needed by someone other than myself ITMS?) before that i was carrying her in my belly for 37 weeks and before that it was only 3 and bit months between jacks birth and addisons conception, so in other words, 2 yrs of someone other than myself needing my body. and if we want to count it, i bf Iz for 6 months and as soon as i stopped i was pregnant again, so virtually 3.5 yrs of my body not being my own, which is fine, when we choose to have kids, we choose to sacrifice our bodies.

    i've been waiting until after he's in bed before i go in (like an hr or 2) and the last few nights ive taken Addison into bed with me just so he doesnt try anything on. Last night the 3 of us were having nice cuddles for a while and then the wandering hand started, i moved my body in a way to indicate that i wasnt interested but he kept going and i asked him to stop, which he did, but then he blew up at me because apparently i was stringing him on....um no. I dont deal with pre arranged sex, i just cant do it, i dont know why, the pressure of knowing i have to 'preform' makes me shut down and definetly doesnt get me in the mood!
    its not that i dont want to have sex with him, just not yet.
    He's been so great since he started his new job, he;s the happiest he's been in yrs and is helping heaps with the kids and the house work, i get that he NEEDS to have sex, every healthy relationship does but atm, im just not there.

    Sorry to unload that on you ladies, just needed to get it out before i belt him with a frying pan.

    In A news, nothing major to report, decent night out of my sprout, i looovoe snuggling in bed with her, she's so fnny when she sleeps

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    Oct 2007
    Caroline Springs

    Skybie, sorry things are strained between you and hubby. I understand because DH definitely has a higher sex drive than I do. Luckily since having Arlia he hasn't requested anything more than a "helping hand". I don't even know how to manage anything more these days. Arlia is co-sleeping in our room and the majority of nights we have his two stepsons here because they live with us, so it's not like we can retreat to the lounge room for some action because even after bed time someone might get up and wander in. I wonder how others make this work....?

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    Apr 2008

    Skye sorry you guys are having a rough time, it's hard when you have different needs do you feel up to giving your DF 'a helping hand'? As Mylitta put it to take a bit of pressure off? I know it still is demanding of your body but maybe not so intimate and might take some of the pressure off both of you. I get where you are coming from I love breastfeeding but you do lose a sense of self at times.

    Nickers hope you can shake off whatever it is,mgreat sleep from Ryker

    Peanutter you sound super organised, 60 lunches is amazing, I'm pretty impressed if I get six meals put away in the freezer lol

    Mylitta hope you enjoyed the the peace when you and all three asleep. I ended up leaving the two little girls in the car the other day as they and fallen asleep, they were in the garage which is under the main roof, it wasn't hot the doors were open and the door to the house was open so i could hear them and dd2 w unstrapped so she could get out when she woke up. I still felt a bit guilty but they were perfectly safe and I did not want to risk waking them up!

    Another good night from Helena 5.5hr sleep, woke, fed, spewed into the arm of my dressing gown then settled down quickly. Then she woke at 6 which fitted in nicely with getting ready for school except she was really unsettled so I ended up wearing her in the close carrier most of the morning before we left. Still managed to get another load of washing on and all the normal morning jobs done. We went shopping as the girls had eaten fruit I had bought to last 5 days in 2 days and I picked up some cheap pumpkin so there is a pot of pumpkin soup on the stove and the corned beef is in the slow cooker. Had DD2 in tears as it wasn't raining this morning and she wanted to use her umbrella, lucky for her it started when we got to the shops so she got to use the umbrella, I wasn't so excited about the rain when shopping with two kidlets but it made dd's day lol

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