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thread: Belly Buddies Due in March 2005 #2

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    Belly Buddies Due in March 2005 #2

    Congratulations to all the mums-to-be due in March, 2005! Belly rubs for all and labour vibes to those who want them

    Click HERE to read about your Pisces baby. (to March 20)

    Click HERE to read about your Aries baby. (from March 21)

    Due in March 2005

    Forum Name: morv
    State: Victoria
    Due: 1st March, 2005
    Hospital: Cabrini
    Ultrasound Dates:
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surprise Suprise
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Boy - Girl - Boy - Frederick John Joshua Girl - ?
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/s/skirrel/
    Notes: (e.g. attempting VBAC, C/S etc.)
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Sarah_H
    State: NSW
    Due: 12th March 2005
    Hospital: Campbelltown Public
    Ultrasound Dates:
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Alexzander David Paul
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/s/sarah_aaron_baby
    Notes: (e.g. attempting VBAC, C/S etc.) do NOT want an epidural at all.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Bieleemorris
    State: Victoria
    Due: 18th March, 2005
    Hospital: Geelong Hospital
    Ultrasound Dates:
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surpise: Surprise
    Baby's Name(s) Chosen: Boy - Blake, Logan, Jarrah, Athan, Jasper, Levi or Chevy with Robert as a middle name Girl - Darcee, Elsie, Ella, Abby, Ava or Indy with Lee as a middle name.
    Baby's Website http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/l/littlenobba/
    Notes: (e.g. attempting VBAC, C/S etc.): If BP gets high, will be put back on to high risk.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: Tajemi
    State: Victoria
    Due: 19th March, 2005
    Hospital: Banalla Memorial
    Ultrasound Dates: 22nd and 24th of March
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surprise - Girl
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: Its a suprise
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/i/insideofme/
    Notes: (e.g. attempting VBAC, C/S etc.)
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Forum Name: *Luke & James*
    State: New South Wales
    Due: 24th March, 2004
    Hospital: Westmead Public
    Ultrasound Dates:
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surpise: Boy
    Baby's Name(s) Chosen: James
    Baby's Website www.babiesonline.com/babies/p/peanutkeevy
    Notes: (e.g. attempting VBAC, C/S etc.): Another natural birth WITH epidural
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: LumpyLove
    State: Victoria
    Due: 26th March, 2005
    Hospital: Dandenong
    Ultrasound Dates:
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surpise: 90% girl
    Baby's Name(s) Chosen: Boy - Girl - Pheonix Skylar
    Baby's Website
    Notes: (e.g. attempting VBAC, C/S etc.):
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: mum4boyz
    State: Victoria
    Due: 27th March, 2005
    Hospital: Frankston
    Ultrasound Dates:
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl / Surpise: Surprise
    Baby's Name(s) Chosen:
    Baby's Website
    Notes: (e.g. attempting VBAC, C/S etc.):
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Forum Name: fi
    State: Geelong
    Due: 31st March, 2005
    Hospital: Geelong Hospital
    Ultrasound Dates:
    Gender of Baby: We'll find out in a few months!
    Baby Name(s) Chosen: None yet..... Or at least none to share..
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/s/spuddw/
    Notes: First baby for me, partners 4th.
    Kelly xx

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    Sep 2004
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    Kelly, what happened to the other thread, why was it locked?


    Take care

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    mummy2B2 Guest

    Good luck to you Trish. If you are trying to get things moving have you tried BDing? I know I'm just poking my head in the middle of conversation, but it worked for me, when DD was almost a week overdue, and I didn't want to be induced, so we were trying every thing from long walks to bumpy bus rides lol. Curries and hot foods are supposed to be good if you can eat them lol.

    We BDed and the very next morning my labour started.

    Hope that helps. I'll go back to my own forum now.

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    May 2004

    Hey girls!

    Trish, I am sorry to see you are still here. But bloody shows are a good sign that things will be working soon... esp if you had lots of them.

    My comp is broken, I am down at the computer room getting dialup numbers so I can redo my whole comp again!! I've lost all my files, photos and uni work.... GRRRRRRRRRRRR
    And BH keep me up all night! sometimes they are painful, so I look at the clock and wait for the next one which is an obvious BH. Then Wato started snoring, so I went onto the couch and watched telly and slept there. It was awful! Oh well Emily didn't get up till about 8:30, which was a bonus!
    Anyway, I could whinge all day!! Better get back and try and fix this stoopid comp!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Awww Trish... here I was thinking that I was getting online late so I would be one of the last to congratulate you. Maybe she would prefer to come on a week day?? Bring on the contractions, hey??

    Tanya - bugga about the computer! I hate it when that happens! There is nothing worse than losing all your work. I hope those BH's lead to something soon 4 U!

    I am still feeling horrid. The headache isn't gone and no amount of panadol helps. Last night I thought I was going to pass out so I went to bed well before I wanted to. I finally had Neil inside watching TV - I finally had a chance to spend some time with him and I bloody well had to go to bed Ah well. I got up a few times during the night feeling like I was going to puke. It got to about 4am and I was about to wake Neil up and tell him to take me to the hospital. I could feel the blood pulsating through my head. Thankfully I fell asleep. I really hope that if I get sent home from the MDA Clinic tomorrow that they send me home with more than just fricken panadol!

    Ok... enough sookie-la-la's. Gotta go and have a shower and get ready for Fi's baby shower!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Just a reminder to everyone, if you are interested in sharing your mobile number for when we have our bubbies, just PM or email it to me. I will compile a list then email or PM it to everyone that contributed theirs so that we can do a mass SMS on D-Day.

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    Feb 2004

    Awww Deb you poor thing. They might decide to help little Nobba come a bit early if your headaches are getting too bad. I hope all goes well for you both tomorrow.

    Gosh more BH for you too Tanya. Sounds like everyone's getting ready to go now! Bugga about the computer - what a pain.

    We talk too much Trish Nah, seriously, it gets hard to follow what's going on if the threads get too big - kinda daunting if anyone new comes in IYKWIM. So Kelly is trialling locking them at about 10 or so pages.

    All boring over here today. Aaron has been doing his bit to help munchkin come out At about 10.00 last night I went to bed & he followed me in, I said no way come back later I need sleep first & he didn't believe me, but off he went to watch the end of Starwars. Came back in when it was over & I woke up, I think he'll believe me next time I say I need some rest first

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Deb - I`ve sent you an email with my mobile number. Your having a bad fews days with your headaches, as Sarah says they might help little Nobba along and you`ll get to meet him/her sooner then you think.

    Tanya - Bugger about the comp and loosing all your work, comps are fine while they are working when they crash they are nothing but a nuisance especially when it comes to loosing documents etc.

    Sarah - Seems like last night was THE night Poor Mark is on a famine still until last night then that was only the second time in 5 weeks, talk about a turn around when once it was every night at least once. Sounds like you have Aaron well trained. Well I found I had the best nights sleep I have had for a while still woke up a couple of times and of course had to make a trip to the loo but it must have been the little play we had

    Take Care


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    How disappointing for you Trish, but at least the signs are good that it isn't too far away, hang in there, give your little Pirncess a smack on the bum and tell her how it is! Of course she won't listen after all they don't after they're born.

    Hope things improve Deb, very yuck for you to have the headache all the time, I would go back to the hospital if it doesn't get better, maybe Nobba will need to arrive a little earlier than planned.

    Have a good rest of the day everyone
    LABOUR VIBES to you know who.....LOL I don't want to annoy her!
    Cheers Mic`helle

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Just got back from Fi's baby shower and I had a wonderful time. She got lotsa cool prezzies and MAN was there some yummy food??!! Choc-ripple cake, scones with jam and cream, pavlova - yummo! The nursery looks really cool (I fell in love with Spud's cot and matching change table). Fi gave me a demo of her nappy system and, might I just say - Spud is going to be the funkiest baby around with such cool nappies! They look soooo cute and way nicer than regular cloth nappies. A very nice investment! Silly me forgot to take my camera so, yet again, we didn't get a photo taken together. I will rue the day, I'm sure.

    Dee and Sarah you frisky things! I think poor Neil is going to be deprived for a while considering I go to bed these days feeling like there is a brass-band playing in my head. Oh well... the sacrifice he has to make, hey?

    Neil has stripped the floor in the kitchen so now we just need to put up the plaster and the kitchen can actually be put in. Woo hoo! With any luck, it will all happen next weekend. Now... gotta hold on to Little Nobba for a week longer. Not sure if that is going to be possible. I guess I will find out tomorrow. I am feeling pretty good atm which is great. Still not up for doing anything too strenuous though I might have a go at vacuuming the car. It bothers me that the car seat and everything isn't in yet. I will stop if my head starts thumping.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend! Don't forget to forward your mobile number to me if you wanna share it around. I will send the lists out tomorrow night (if I come home from hospital that is ).

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Hi Girls,

    Well I have been in bed half of the day. Was shaking like nothing else earlier, had purple finger nails I was so cold. Lay down on the bed after taking some panadol and crashed for a while. Was having some minor contractions there for a while but they have stopped again too. Don't know if I have the energy to do it anyway.

    Deb, sounds like your having a shocker with your headaches, hope all is sorted out for you tomorrow and that the headaches let up. I can't find your email address and because I'm not a piad member I can't pm you but would like to share my mobile number with you. Maybe Sarah can pass on my number to you?? Glad to hear that you had fun at Fi's shower, bummer that you forgot the camera AGAIN.

    Michelle, she has gotten several smacks on the bum and several talking too's but still nothing. Typical bloody girl I reckon. She'll come when she's good and ready, not when everyone else wants her here. Hmmm, I wonder who she sounds like

    Dee, sounds like you had a good night too. Don't you just love how soundly you sleep afterwards

    Sarah, your horny devil. I was like that the other night, too tired when I went to bed but at 5 in the morning was another thing after I'd had some sleep. I had alittle bit yesterday morning so hopefully that helped out, just need to find the energy in both myself and Mark for abit more. I only want a little bit Don't have the energy for a long session. Need to get my beauty rest. Your pics look great, I really would love to take some like that but atm I can barely be bothered getting up for a pee.

    Tanya, don't you hate it when your puter stuffs up. Mine seems to do it more often than not. I can't even let the kids near it anymore because everytime after they play it it seems to crash badly. Saves on the arguements I just don't let them near it.

    Shannon, I think if I jumped my uterus would fall out the way it is feeling. Then again maybe thats not such a bad idea.

    Mummy2be, thanks for sticking your head in. I have been thinking about the curry but atm I am getting heartburn from just ice so I don't know how I'd go with a curry. Might try and get some action tonight.

    My cervix is so tender, whenever bub has a good movement it is like she is pushing for all she's worth on it and it kills. Earlier today it was even hurting me to walk but has let up a little now. She has been pretty quiet all day but when she does start moving she really gets going. Am pretty exhausted again so I think I will have an early night.

    Not sure whether to send Mark off to work tomorrow or not. Poor bugger probably wants to go so he can get a break from Noah, he's been running him ragged all day. Mark has been really good. Even put my socks on for me today when I was freezing in bed. Had to have a giggle though, the minute I said I was going to spew he gave me the bucket and headed for the door. God knows how he's goign to go when I AM in labour.

    Sending out the labour vibes to you girls that want them, belly rubs to those that need them and sleep for those who are exhausted

    Take care

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    Aug 2004

    Hi all,

    Firstly - thanks Deb for coming over and saying hello, and checking out the house. I hope you enjoyed yourself. It was lovely to have you over here, and now you know where I live, you have no excuses not to visit!! And thanks for the pressies - they are great! You have my mobile no., so please put me on your list too! Thanks
    My baby shower was lovely, it was nice to see some people, and as Deb probably realised there were a few older people there (40's) cause they are Shane's friends wives, and so were all getting super clucky about babies as they haven't had grandkids yet. So a few of them bought little things, and they want to buy more when they know boy or girl!
    Trish - I hope the night brings more success for you!! At least you are getting closer....... Well closer than you were a week ago! Maybe Monday will be the day!
    Sarah - glad to hear you are getting in some loving with Aaron. I think Shane and I are both too tired at the mo, but its nice that after abstaining for so long, you guys are beginning to make up for it!!
    Dee - What a bugger about your Mum!! And as for giving her some of your cats - well that must have hurt a little, cos all breeders I know treat their cats like their own flesh and blood. It must be tough giving them to people that you dont want to. Or maybe there is more to the story??
    Tanya - heres hoping those BH's turn in to real ones, and you meet your little girl soon too. And how annoying about the computer. I'm not sure what I'd do if something went wrong on this one seeing as though I don thave a work one anymore. Good luck getting it up and running!

    And as for the next March section.... well I dont think we can be blamed when there are so many people popping in to wish us luck!! Thanks all for your lovely thoughts - I'm not taking the labour vibes yet - I haven't washed my baby clothes or packed my bag yet!! BUt in a week or so.... Bring them on!

    Night all - first day off tomorrow, so I'll enjoy a sleep in - maybe. Deb - please send an SMS if you want me to pop up and see you for a while in the MDA - I wont stay all day, but if you want company for an hour or so, I'll bring all my trashy mags in!


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    Jul 2004

    I love your photos Colleen. They're really nice. Your DH did a good job!

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    May 2004

    I love your pics too, Colleen. Well Done! You must be happy with them.

    Yours too Sarah!! I am inspired.... not that I'll do any tho... too slack! Plus my digital is crap, maybe I should borrow my sisters...? Hmmm

    Trish, you sound like you need bub to stay put for the night to get a good 40 winks!! I hope you can sleep properly... the Gods know I can't!!

    Deb, I hope your BP steadies, it sounds horrible! Good luck tomorrow, I hope all goes well. And if I were you I'd be taking Fi up on her offer to come and break the bordom at the hospital tomorrow. I suppose you are ready for labour vibes?
    As for the mobile caper... My moble has been suspended, but I can recieve SMS's and would love updates... I can't email you cause you don't have your email available. But you can email me and I'll email you back with my number.

    Enjoy your first day off Fi!! I hope you get a good sleep in. How are you feeling, has your cold gone?
    Sounds like your shower went well!! Great to hear!

    Dee and Sarah!! Wooohoooooo!! Sounds like you both had a bit of fun last night! You go girls!

    I hope you've had bub by now Maryann! If not good luck for tomorrows appointment.

    Well after heaps of downloading, I think I have my comp almost back to normal... minus all my files... oh well, what can you do. I am just glad that I have finished Uni and don't have a half finished assignment on here.
    It's been over a week siince Chamba dissapeared . Went and visited the site where Dusty was buried today (Dusty disappeared after Emily was born, found him a couple of weeks later after my sisters dog got him from under the house)... brought a few tears to my eyes


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sorry guys! I didn't realise my email wasn't available. Must change my settings.
    Anyway, it's biemorris@hotmail.com - so yeah, send me your mobey numbers and will make the list tomorrow night!
    So far I have Sarah, Dee, Michelle and Fi on the list... just need Trish's and Tanya's numbers and anyone else (that includes anyone from the other threads... not exclusion here!).

    Fi - I am going in at 9:50am and will SMS you if it looks like I am going to be in there for ages. Lauren is coming with me (Neil gave her a firm talking to because the last 2 times she has said she would come with me, she has been a no-show). Your house was lovely BTW (forgot to mention it before!). I fell in love with Lily. I have told Neil all about her and how if we ever get a cat, I want one just like her. He just rolled his eyes, LOL. Yay at your first day of no work tomorrow! I hope you can get some decent R & R in before Spuddy comes. I know you still have stacks to do with your old house etc. but at least you can kinda take your time so to speak. Have breaks when you want etc. No more walking around factories for 2 hours at a time!!

    Trish - good to hear you got some rest but yuk on the shaking and stuff. All part and parcel of getting closer I suppose? It sounds like Mark has been a good help - good boy for putting your socks on! These blokes can really step up to the plate when they are needed, can't they?

    Tanya - big :hugs: for you. Let's hope that wherever Chamba is, he is happy, hey? That sux big-time!! Yay on your comp being almost back to normal.

    I've just gotten home from Mum's place. We had dinner to celebrate Lauren's birthday during the week. Mum made her famous pumpkin soup and egg and bacon pie! Yummo! We also had a cheesecake for dessert with chocolate mousse! I tell you what, I have eaten very well today, hehe. My sister told me on the sly that Mum made some extra soup and is freezing it for us for when Little Nobba makes an appearance. If that's not an incentive for wanting bubs to come early, I dunno what is!! LOL
    Have put another couple of pics of my up on the site (just in case it's my last chance, hehe). Neil convinced me to lift my top up this time but I refused to pull the preggy pants down and reveal my road map tummy but at least you can see how big my belly is!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    Werribee Melbourne

    Good luck tomorrow Deb, i hope there is some light ahead in regards to your headaches, and they have some relief for you. Being someone who suffers from migrains i am dreading that part of pregnancy!

    Colleen hope you don't mind but I had a squiz at your pics and i must say they are georgous photos, my fave is no.38 where u r looking out the window, they look so natural and you look extremely content with your body!

    Cheers ladies,

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Thanks Chrissy!

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    Aug 2004

    urgggggg - 1 am and heartburn!! Too much food today. I think I should just stop eating and that would take care of it. And me I spose.

    Tanya - it must be really hard missing your kitty so much, specially at the moment. I really feel for you. Cyber hugs coming across victoria for you.
    Its kinda funny cause the cat Deb says she fell in love with is the one we always tell people they can take home with them. She's the clothes chewer, so everything has to stay out of range of her gums, and shes pretty cunning. Shane and I wonder if she will chew the baby's ears off!! But yesterday as per bloody usual she put on the grand performance and so everyone leaves thinking shes wonderful. She sat on at least 4 laps for cuddles in 4 hrs, and she was outside for at least 2 hours!! Go figure!

    Thanks for the comments re the house Deb. It is lovely, and we are very lucky to have this place. But then again, Shane is 42, so one can only hope we all have lovely things when we get to his age. I'm just the lucky young bird that gets to come along for the ride. Man - you did eat well yesterday.... I wonder if you are awake with heartburn too!!

    My cold isn't getting any better, but not any worse either, so I"ll just sit on it for a coupleof days, and hopefully not develop a cough. As for all these photos flying around, I've misplaced my digital camera!! I'm gutted!!!!! It better turn up before the big day is all I can say. I'm not happy about no photos.

    Right - hopefully the gaviscon has kicked in, so back to bed...... Oooh - I wonder if Trish is delivering a bundle as I write! Labour vibes coming out to you Trish!!

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