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thread: Belly Buddies Due in March 2005 #2

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    May 2004

    Firstly Congrats Trish!! Now we are all hanging to here more... But I am sure you will be getting plenty of rest now.

    I had quite a good night sleep... no waking up at 1am because of silly contractions. I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep, but I slept pretty well considering... Yippeee!!

    Maryann... how did you go at the Drs?


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    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    Just wanted to pop in and say



    To Trish and family on the safe arrival of Tehya!!!!

    I guess this will be the start of many happy arrivals in the near future!

    Cant wait to hear all the news!

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    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic


    Sorry I haven't been around in the last couple of days. Been having a bit of a stressful time dealing with my 14 year old son whose personality seems to have done a major flip out.
    On the pregnancy front, everything still the same here. I'll pop in and do a proper update later when I'm feeling more sane.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    WOO HOO!

    (Did Trish hear that in QLD?)

    I bet she is over the monn to be finally holding her princess, Welcome to Tehya, 8lb 7 is ok, not too big (says she who didn't just give birth to the babyLOL)

    I am so happy for Trish and Mark and the boys, well done Trish, can't wait to hear more.

    You'e next Sarah, unless Nobba and Deb beat you to it that is!

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Aug 2004

    Yay Trish,
    Congrats to you, and yay for it all finally happening! I hope everything went well, and the name you have chosen is gorgeous.

    So now we are waiting for Maryann, Sarah, and I think Tanya might be ready to pop too! But Deb could sneak in with an induction ebfore all of you if this BP carries on, and well Colleen is knocking on the door too!

    I think you are safe in that Nat, Kayla and I will give you guys the labour vibes.

    Whats with the son Nat - personality transplant??


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    May 2004

    Nat, I hope your 14yo calms down soon.... don't you just love tenage hormones!! Nearly as bad a preggy women hormones!!

    Fi, I am not so sure I am ready to pop... I thought i may have been a few days ago, she was really quiet, I was restless, plenty of soft BM... But now I feel 'back to normal'... she has been kicking up a storm in the passed 24 hours, hardly any soft BM, and I have been able ot rest (well not 100%, but pretty good).

    Where is Deb!! I hope you are ok Deb.


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I'm here!!! Sorry.... had a big sleep-in. I actually had the first night without a headache last night. The pandadeine either kicked in or my BP has subsided for a while. Either way, it was great to have a decent night's sleep. Mind you, I still woke up a couple of times with MAJOR indigestion - there's no way that is going away until bubby decides to drop a little (or get out, hehehe).

    YAY to Trish and Mark on the birth of little Tehya! What a beautiful name! I hope she gets to meet Trish's Mum's GF on time. A nice size too! Hope you are doing well, Trish! Can't wait to hear all about it

    Fi - hey... no apologies necessary about the SMS thing. All is good so far. Like I said to the Dr. - so long as bubs is happy and healthy, I don't care what I have to go through. Thanks for the offer of coming to get me if I need you. I will keep that in mind What a good idea reading to Shane! Not only does he reap the benefits but so does Spuddy!! hehehe I don't think I could do that with Neil. He would tell me to shut up so he could get some sleep, LOL. He is hanging for the baby to get here so that he can take some time off work. Hmmm... priorities!

    Nat - oh I don't envy you with a teenage boy on your hands!! They definitely have an attitude when they are 14. I would have no idea how to get on his level to try and sort things out. Best of luck!!

    Tanya - good to hear that you are getting some rest in. The calm before the storm perhaps?? Fingers crossed!

    Tegan - thanks for your "motherly" advice I will definitely head for the hospital if things start looking worse. I have been watching out for any extra fluid and blurry vision but so far so good! On Thursday I will quiz the Dr more about all of it and why I wasn't put on BP medication. Like you said, it's probably because I only have a couple of weeks to go. Honestly, I am glad Little Nobba isn't coming this week. I just don't feel like it is ready. Next week is good for me though

    Sarah - thanks for letting us know about Trish! The SMS list has definitely come in handy already, hey?

    Hmmm... am feeling a little queasy but I can't work out if it is because I am hungry or not. Don't you hate that??

    Well, I have to get out to kmart to buy a locking clip for my car seat. The friend who sold me the seat is coming over to put it in my car properly (since she used it for 3 kids, she is pretty much an expert!!). Her kids are terrified of dogs so everytime they come over here, I try to give them a little bit of "therapy" and slowly they are warming up to Lucy.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Yay Trish and Mark at last your little princess is here Tehya, what a beautiful name - can`t wait to hear more and see photos of your little darling :happy4u:

    Deb - I really hope your not going to overdo it today. Rest, rest, rest is all you should be doing. So sorry to hear the hospita;l sent you home with panadeine, if you feel off you must promise us you`ll go straight back in.

    Colleen - hope your backache eases, coming from me who`s been suffering for weeks

    Tanya - I really hope you find Chamba, nothing worse then not knowing what happened.

    Girls - I`m so glad you feel the same about your pets as I do, Mark said I was a big softie but then he`s been brought up on a farm all his life where animals go to the works every week and he`s also male but then Dad`s male and he keeps saying to me IF I did this, If I did that he`d still be here - why do we always torture ourselves. Could hear Cassie whining this morning, poor darling Thunder has kept her alive if we didn`t get him 4 years ago I`m sure she wouldn`t be around today, Dad said yesterday morning they were both so happy that it was a cooler morning but bounding around together. Always thought Cassie would go next, as I said she`s 15 and has bad arthritis it`s only a matter of time really.

    Okay who`s next Sarah - sending you truck loads of labour vibes sweetie

    Take Care


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    Mar 2004

    Hooray for Trish and Mark. Congratulations, I hope it all went well.

    I went to the ob yesterday and he gave me an internal and I am 2cms dilated. The head is well down but I am not ready yet. So we decided to get induced which was a hard decision to make because I wanted to go naturally, I suppose that I am going to have to get used to making these decisions for someone else. So, if nothing happens before I will have the gel on Wednesday night. The doctor said that I would have a show from his examination which I did but it must have done something else because I think my waters have broken this morrning. I haven't had any contractions but I was leaking all over the place. I had to have some tests done this morning to look at the fluid and see if the baby is still moving about. The fluid is on the low side of normal and skirrel seems to be mmoving around happily.

    Sarah, I had a panic attack last night. I was thinking that whatever happens the baby will be here in a day or two and my life will be completely different. It is a lot to take in.

    Oh Deb, you look after yourself and make sure that you get to the hospital if you are feeling unwell.

    Dee, I am so sorry about your dog.

    Fi, a massage will be wonderful, it should relax you a lot.

    Colleen, I loved your photos.


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    Aug 2004

    Yay Trish Your princess is here!!!!

    What an adorable name and she is a nice size too. I cant wait to see pics and hear about your home birth.

    Dee i am so sorry to hear about Thunder :hugs: to you

    Hope you are feeling better today Deb I was really worried about you. Please dont hesitate to call them or go back if you feel you have not been looked after properly.

    Nat Sending you stay sane vibes, teenage boys are a handful at the best of times.

    Fi are you feeling more ready for your bubba now? You let me know when you want thoses labour vibes sent your way.

    I also think Maryann Sarah and Tanya are ready to pop next. :contract:

    I got dh back for all the stress he has caused me without even meaning to. I went to our water cooler this morning to get a drink and it wouldnt come out. So half asleep i sent him a sms saying "waters broken what do i do? ROFLMAO that dh of mine was home from work quicker than a flash. He threw the door open and I just stood there flabbergasted at what the hell as wrong. When he said to me where did they break I realised what I had written and how he had taken it. OOOPS. Revenge is really sweet when you honestly dont mean to do it :whistle:

    Hugs to all of my preggy buddies and everyone else.

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    maryann goodluck with everything. Sounds like things might be on the move for you if your leaking fluids etc.

    Kayla LMAO at the Waters Broken SMS and your DH !!! What a classic.


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    Feb 2004

    Kayla that is a classic!! Poor DH must've freaked out.

    Maryann, how exciting that you'll get to meet your bub very very soon. Fingers crossed that you waters have broken & you can go naturally before Wednesday

    If you're a big softie Dee, that makes all of us softies too

    Yay Deb at feeling better today. I hope I didn't wake you up too early this morning 8-[

    Glad you've been able to get some rest in Tanya. I'm sure in the coming weeks you'll be grateful for whatever you can get.

    Michelle, you didn't have to yell quite so loud - Trish is in Sydney not Qld

    Yuck at the crazy teenage boy hormones Nat, I think Trish has been havingthe same problems lately.

    As for me, thank you all for the well wishes. Hopefully it won't be long & the little munchkin will be with us I had my pampering done this morning, OMG does leg waxing hurt!!!! But I feel great now & ready to go.

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    Jan 2005

    Congratulations Trish

    Welcome to the world little Tehya!!

    Wishing you all the best

    Take care Leah

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Maryane - that your waters have already broken and you`ll go naturally otherwise looks like you`ll be holding your little one by the end of the week. Good Luck and I`m sending lots of labour vibes your way.

    Sarah - Sounds like your ready for your big day, do you think your body is close to birthing?

    Kayla - that is just so funny, but will he believe you when your waters DO break

    Tanya - I forgot to tell you that Mark seems to like your dream about coming 3 weeks early, he has mentioned end of March for a number of weeks now, if thats the case I`m not prepared.

    Take Care


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Kayla - that is soooo funny! :smt043 Well done on getting DH back. I hope he can giggle about it too. It reminds me of a time when Mum rang my Dad because she was having a bad day. Us kids were being brats, she was sick and then the dog chewed up the Barbie. Dad thought she meant the BBQ and was spewing because it was just brand new. Now.... the dog was a German Shephard but I still don't know how he figured it would chew up an entire BBQ!! LOL

    Maryann - ooo sounds like you might end up going on your own without getting induced! Fingers crossed hey! Still, it must be good to finally know that you are gonna have a bub with you some time this week. I know it is a bit of a freak-out but you have waited long enough!!

    Sarah - nup.. you didn't wake me up. I slept through the SMS alarm on my mobile, hehehe. That's why I messaged you back so late. Yay at the pampering. I have never had a leg wax but I imagine it would hurt a bit!! Still, it would be nice to have fresh legs for the event. They are just gonna have to put up with this hairy galoopf! Atm, all I can be bothered with is shaving my arm pits because that's all I can see and reach, LOL.

    Dee - I hope that poor Cassie isn't too affected by Thunder suddenly disappearing. It's so hard to console animals when they are frightened and don't know what is going on. It's gotta be so hard at her age. Poor old thing. We want to get another English Pointer when Charlie decides that his time is up (he is 12 now... I still think he has another 5 years in him) so Lucy will be the old goat when that happens. It's a horrible thought to know that eventually they won't be in our lives. If only our pets lived as long as us, hey??

    Well, my friend put the car seat in properly. She showed me how it is easier to get it in really tight if you shove your knee right into the seat and use all your weight. I tell ya, you have to be rough with bubby stuff sometimes!! LOL Anyway, the seat in the Falcon is slightly tilted backwards so the car seat doesn't sit properly. I have been told that a towel or bunny rug rolled up underneath it helps it to stay more stable and sit at the right angle. I will leave that up to Neil I think!! It's nice to know that the seat is secure for bubs now. It's so cool driving around with the bubby seat all set up, hehehe.

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    LMAO @ a german shepard chewing a BBQ debbie. That image cracked me up big time !!!


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    Aug 2004

    Oooh Maryann - sounds promising. Heres hoping we dont hear from you for a few days!! Good luck going naturally, and if not, well bubs will be here soon!
    Sarah - I'm pleased you are all pampered up! Now you need to get Aaron to give your legs a massage to feel all the silky smoothness. I shaved mine yesterday - thats as good as they are getting. All I can say is thank god for our shower over the spa! Otherwise I'm not sure how I'd reach!!
    Kayla - LMAO with your water breaking story. Probably good to get in a practise run huh?? He does realise it might not happen immediately after the waters break doesn't he?
    Deb - pleased the seat is in. Thats going to be shane's job tomorrow afternoon. We have almost decided it wont fit, and we are going to have to hire a capsule. Well it will fit - but the seat will be right forward, and that aint very comfy!
    I went shopping this morning, and for 3 hrs, all I cam home with was 2 nappy buckets, and a little gift pack of smelly stuff for hossy. I am losing my touch - or maybe I'm realising money doesn't grow on trees anymore?? I even found a couple of old Lotto tickets that I'm trying to get checked - they are that old, the machines at the shop wont take them anymore! Here's hoping they are winners!
    Right - better start getting ready to face those girls again... Netball practise!! Help?

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Happy to provide a giggle, Kathryn

    Fi - have fun at netball practise tonight! By the sounds of things, you definitely have your work cut out for you! I hope Shane can get the car seat in and still leave enough room in the passenger seat. They don't stay reversed for long so maybe it won't be too much of a hassle? Will give you a call tomorrow morning!

    I wonder how Trish is doing? No doubt she's spending her time staring into her little girl's eyes and going all mushy! I can't wait!!!

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