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thread: Belly Buddies Due in March 2005 #2

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    Sep 2004
    Sunshine coast, QLD

    Congratulations Trish, have been following your progress so great to see a happy ending
    Pics look great

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    Feb 2004

    If Maryann has already had her bub then I am next! YIKES!

    What did you think we were going to do Trish - kick ya out???? Of course you're allowed! That's no good about the midwife's scales being out. I hope Miss Tehya sleeps a bit better for you tonight & that she gets better at feeding soon.

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    Feb 2004

    Hey Trish - congrats again and well done for doing it all naturally - I admire you for that!! She is just gorgeous and I love her name. Have you joined us in the newborn forum yet? I am also sorry to hear about your mums girlfriend.

    Well - best of luck to everyone else... hope that it all goes easy for you all.

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    Jul 2004

    Trish, Tehya is absolutely gorgeous! You did a great job, well done!

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    She is gorgeous Trish. Congratulations, photos are wonderful


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Phew... back from the movies! Fi and I had a good time. We saw Million Dollar Baby. It was a great movie... but a bit if a tear-jerker. I can see why it won so many awards! Thanks for the great arvo out, Fi (and for paying for lunch ).

    Kelli - LOL @ you dreaming about me! How bizarre! If it is an omen, I will take it after the weekend if that's ok?? Not ready for Little Nobba to come this week (though I may not have a choice after tomorrow!).

    Ooooo Sarah!!! If you get induced on the 18th, you will be having Munchkin on my due date! But I don't mind Like you said, an end is in sight! How cool.

    Trish - dear me @ the midwife getting all the measurements wrong. Lucky you checked! Sorry to hear that Tehya is having difficulty feeding and sleeping. I guess it's all a bit stressful the first few days being out of that comfy tummy, hey?? Hope you enjoyed your lunch. Are the boys all doting on her like crazy already?? How is Noah coping with a new bubba in the house?

    Tanya - you poor chook! It sounds like those contractions are driving you batty!! I hope you got some rest today to make up for it.

    Well, I feel like I have run a marathon not sitting at the movies and walking around Target, LOL. I still have to go and order Neil some fish and chips then take them down to Torquay. I insisted having dinner with him tonight. He said he would just grab something out of the fridge to eat but, trust me, there's nothing appetising in there! I think it will be an early night for me tonight!

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    I hope this is 4th time lucky to stay logged on in here, 3 times the computer has decided to shut down on me - have no idea why and once I turned it off due to a dry thunder storm.

    Deb - sounds like you and Fi had a great time today, I`m not up with the movies so have no idea what Million Dollar Baby is about I gather a baby????

    Trish - little Tehya is absolutely beautiful but you already know that, glad ypou got her weight/measurements checked out and I hope she starts feeding well for you soon. Of course your allowed to be in here, look at me I`m suppose to be in April posting.

    Tanya - Ooh I hope those contractions start to become proper ones for you

    Sarah - Time is ticking away now, to think if you don`t have bubs before 18th you could be holding him within 10 days, how exciting but nerve wracking at the same time

    Something strange is going on with Marks and my link bank account, went down to PO to pay Child Support and bills from pathology (GCT and strep B) and it came up that we have exceeded our limit today, considering neither of us have use it today it can`t be possible so the X doesn`t get her money - sure we will hear about it shortly, she`s been complaining of not haveing any money so we`ve had to pay for school photos pluys trips away for the boys - really could do without that added expense.

    Take Care


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    Jul 2004
    Werribee Melbourne

    Congratulations Trish on the birth of your beautiful baby girl Tehya!
    I love the laundry basket idea...what a great inexpensive alternative to a bassinett!

    Hang in there girls, not long for you at all!

    I have followed all of your pregnancies in here as most of you were in first tri when i joined!! So i feel excited being part of your experiences....your posts are all so educational not to mention funny and the best possible resource for someone planning a pregnancy.

    Thanks ladies!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Dee - the movie is about a chick that wants to box and hassles this really good trainer into taking her on. It's pretty good. Fi and I both agreed that we don't really like boxing but, MAN, when the fight scenes were on, she could really pack a punch! Take that biatch!!! LOL Worth watching, for sure!
    Hope you get your bank account sorted. I hate it when stuff like that happens! Once our credit card was frozen just because i had taken 2 cash withdrawals out on one day. They thought it looked suss! They didn't let us know for a couple of weeks later. Meanwhile I kept getting embarrassed when my card didn't work! Fricken banks!!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Get pics trish and an amazingly gorgeous girl. Don't worry, the midwife measured Jess and said 50cm and at 1 wk she was 49cms so now I don't really know her length at birth, which sort of annoys me.

    Hope the milk comes in hard and fast and that you get some rest.

    Goodluck Sarah and Deb, hopefully Maryann is all done. It's really jumping around here at the moment.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Just popping in to say Trish that she is beautiful, and well done =D>

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    Feb 2004

    Morning all I'm still hanging round, I think my little munchkin is quite content to stay where he is at the moment. I have no signs whatsoever of anything happening soon, but that's ok. I'm not sick of being pregnant just yet, just getting impatient cos I really really want to see what this little guy looks like. I figure after waiting 2yrs to finally get pregnant I can wait a few more days to meet my bub.

    Deb, hope your appointment goes well & that BP of yours has come down a bit from the weekend.

    Hope all the mums & bubs are doing really well

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    LOL Colleen I remember saying the same thing with offically being more pregnant with Lachlan than Kameron Kam too was born at 37wks 6days and Lachlan was born at 38wks 2 days. So had 3 more days of being pregnant


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    May 2004

    Morning Girls!

    Good luck at the hospital to day Deb... I'll be thinking of you.

    Sarah, just when you think you'll be preggers forever the baby decides to come. Each time I have gone into labour I have had no real signs before hand. BTW... why will you be induced only 6days after your EDD? Usually they wait for around 10days? Well here's hoping that your don't have to wait that long neway.

    Deb and Fi, you are lucky ducks!! Sounds like you had fun at the movies. I haven't been to the movies in months! I can't see me going in months either!

    Colleen... lets hope that your bub comes early!! Pregnancy is enough for anyone, even when they don't have anything like you to put up with.

    Gunna ring the midwives today... after another sleepless night, I wouldn't mind a midwives perspective. Not gunna go on about it, you guys must be sick of hearing about it!!

    Had lots of weird dreams last night... including one about Chamba.


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    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    OOooohhhh Colleen!!

    I reckon you must be close to "going"!!!

    Certainly sounds like it to me!!

    Best of luck!

    Tanya - sounds like you are tooo!!!!!

    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! So many babies soooooo ready to come out!

    Lots of birth announcements coming up I reckon!

    Best wishes to you all!

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    Aug 2004

    Afternoon girls.

    I am not very happy (whats new huh)

    I have spent the whole night scratching myself silly. Dh was scared I was going to rip all my skin off. inside my thighs behind my knees and inner arms are the worse spots. I just wanna scream.

    I really am ready for Nixee to come out now. Had enough, totally over it.

    Last night our next door neighbour popped round after returning from england with a huge bottle of bourbon and no crap I was literally drooling lmao. Dh was a sweety and put it out of sight for now. He has not had a drop since I got pregnant so we are going to be one cheap couple of ****heads when we do divulge.

    Nixee has stopped moving as much which makes me panic but a quick check with the doppler puts my mind at ease a little.

    Sarah one minute I think yeah come on out little one ad the next minute I'm thinking nah im too tired today lol.

    Tanya let us know what the midwife says please or I will worry about you.

    Colleen you really have had it hard, I think things are sounding close for you though.

    Fi and Deb I also had a huge giggle at the thought of you both waddling in to a cinema and seeing the staff sh*t themselves when seeing those big bellies lol.

    I made curry last night and kept a bowl for lunch so I am going to go heat that up as I am starving. Mind you after I have eaten that I will be starving again in an hour as this appetite is ravenous lately.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Tanya! We are soooo not getting sick of you! Don't say that. I don't mind how much you whinge! You are so supportive with all of us and you always offer constructive advise (always very handy to hear from ladies that have btdt!). So complain away my dear!!

    Shannon and Kayla - I didn't even think that the staff at the movies would even notice we were preggers but, yeah, I guess it would have been a little disconcerting for them!! LOL It was good to go but I think I am in agreeance with Fi (who was very uncomfortable in the seats) that I won't be going again during this pregnancy. It's hard to sit still for so long!

    Kayla - ouchies on the itching! Have you called the hospital and told them about it? I hope it's nothing too serious. Good on your DH for not drinking along with you!! I just had a bit of a "discussion" with Neil because he wants to get on the grog on Friday night. It is his brother's last day of work. I was really hoping that in the last couple of weeks of this pregnancy that he would lay off the beer on the weekends just in case. I mean he is going to be useless to me in any kind of drunk state - let alone in a hung over state! Yet he makes me feel like I am depriving him by suggesting that he stay sober. Urrgh!!

    Sarah - I feel the same way that you do. Bubs isn't quite ready yet. I am not sick of being pregnant yet either. I figure a bit of extra cooking ain't gonna hurt them!

    My appointment went well. I didn't get the nasty sonographer again! WOO HOO! This time I got a lady and she was lovely. She explained everything she was doing (looking at blood flow in the cord, fluid around the baby etc. etc.) and all the bits she was looking at. Little Nobba isn't engaged and she said she found that interesting seeing as it is my first. She said they are normally engaged by now! Trust my baby to be out of the ordinary!! She said bubs looks pretty damn happy in there. She got an estimate of the weight and she said that I am looking at having a pretty big baby - it is measuring 8lbs 13oz!!!! OMG!! So much for my dream of having a 7lbs baby!! Grrr! Considering it could still be in there for another couple of weeks and do even more growing, I am not impressed!!! LOL She said that the estimate is give or take 15% but, either way, it is going to be 8lbs or over. Geeeeeeez! I just didn't feel as though I was that big!
    I had my pregnancy care appointment at the antenatal clinic straight afterwards and I had the same Dr. that saw me at the MDAU on Monday which was good (nothing like a bit of continuity, hey??). My BP is back down to a normal range (still on the high side) and she was happy that my headaches have gotten a little better. She still wants to get a thorough eye on everything though so I am booked into the MDAU again on Tuesday and have another ANC appointment on Thursday. Either way, she said bubs is doing really well and my BP is not affecting it one iota! She was a little concerned with my wee sample. Apparently I have a high white cell count in it or something. She was concerned that i might have an infection. So i had to do yet another wee sample this arvo. I tell ya, when you fall pregnant they should just give you a bucket to store all your wee in and hand it over. I feel like hardly any of it goes in the loo anymore!! LOL
    Neil was not impressed that bubs is probably going to go over. He wants everything to happen in a certain period of time to suit him. Frankly, I am a little over him atm. Last night he just about bit my head off just because his work pants weren't dry. I told him to put them in the dryer when he has his shower in the morning. "I don't have time!!" he snapped. I told him I am sick of him being grumpy and that I don't care if we are poor, he just can't keep doing this 2 job crap. If he thinks he is doing it again next week, he has another thing coming!!! Grrrr!

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    Aug 2004

    Hi all,
    Yes movies was great - although the seats were hideously uncomfy! Well they are normally comfy, but yesterday - not in the slightest. My pleasure on the lunch Deb since you shouted the tickets and bought me a pressy too! I presume you kept the slouch socks hidden from Neil then?
    Great to hear the appt went well today, and there is nothing wrong with baby waiting a little longer. As Tanya says though - anything could happen!
    I'm happy to wait for at least 2 weekends cause I think every team in shane's cricket club has made the semi finals. It wouldn't be good for me to go on the next two weekends...... Apparently it happens every year, and as soon as we found out I was preggers we did the count up and figured I was pretty much due on grand final weekend. You can guess which one Shane would be going to if it did happen!! And it wouldn't be with me!
    Kayla - You sound like you are in the dumps with the itching and scratching! How much time do you spend in bed these days? Not much longer, and it will all be over! Big Phew for you! And i so know how you feel about the bourbon - although I have to say I feel it with a good bottle of chardy.
    Tanya - I had one of those nights too - really restless and filled with silly dreams. Let me know if the midwives make any suggestions?
    Sarah - I'm with you.... Whats the rush of a few more days when you have waited this long huh? At least you have a final date if you dont go in the meantime.

    Well I realised last night when I phoned my brother and his wife I dont really need to talk to them. Specially after they told me how horrid immunisations are, and how they wont be doing them, and how clothes in Oz are designed for disposable nappies, so all the clothes that fit on the bum with cloth are too big on shoulders, and then the clincher - Once I have the baby I might be happy to be pregnant again.
    What does he bloody know..... Why is it big brothers have to tell little sisters that they know everything? How come I can't figure out the baby stuff myself, and why does he not think we thought about this baby before falling pg?? Does he think I'm stupid? And I made a snarky comment along the lines of "Oh you're so right, I have no idea what I'm in for and neither does Shane who's had 3 children...."
    After that he said goodbye and we hung up on each other.
    Grrr - and Shane has called me up every couple of hours today saying he's bored and he misses me at work. Like that helps!!! At least he's trying to be sweet!
    Belly rubs to all,

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