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Thread: Heavy periods after baby

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    wow mine. wow have been so weird and heavy like in my thread i posted, my first real period lasted 21 days YUP 21 days. and im still havng problems. but it was so heavy i was soaking a pad every hour. i saw drs gynos and had unltrasounds. all came back fine. its just my body bein weird after my 3rd baby and being a c section. i was told its common for c section womens body take 2/3 periods to ajust and your very first period is meant to be very yucky...

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    Just thought I would update things on this thread. I got so over it that I went back to see my doctor. I brought up the D&C thing, which he thought was overkill, but I went away and thought about it for a while. Then I got speaking to Divvy one night chatting about things and something unrelated she said twigged with me, I decided I would go back to the doctor and ask to go onto the pill for a short time. I hate the pill, but I hate heavy, irregular periods more. I would sometimes get them a week early etc which was not fun, especially a week early on the day we arrived in Vanuatu, for our January holiday I was so upset as I wanted to swim heaps.

    Anyway, I have been on the pill for one cycle and I am really, really wrapped. Using super tampons (and/or super pads) is overkill... I don't need them anymore. It's been heaps more managable and this cycle also co-incided with the arrival of some bamboo velour pads I ordered so I was able to try them out in case I had probs with my cycle still. So yeah, about to start my second cycle and really happy with the outcome. I just hope when I stop the pill everything will be fixed!!! Don't like taking things like the pill, prefer to be au naturale
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    I had a baby 10 months ago and breast fed for 7 it took about 2 months for me to get my peroids back, my first one was normal but now i have them every 2 weeks sometimes only a few days inbetween bleeds and they are heavy. Im quite worries or is this also 'normal'


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