Hi all, I've been researching this and I can't seem to find a scenario that's the same as what I'm going through. Now I apologise for the TMI in here, but needs to be done to explain my situation.

On the 18th of Feb while out at night, I wiped while out and had a streak of red - finally AF was started after 45 days of nothing, just out of nowhere. (There were no ways that I was pg too seeing we haven't DTD for a long time). The next day and the day after I was in tremendous pain as well as lots and lots of bleeding, clots galore etc etc. Pretty much how my AF used to be. The next day it had died down, and when it came to the 5th day, it was very light and just as quickly and 'out of nowhere' it came, it was gone just like that (23rd)

Fast forward to last night (25th) when I was in the loo and I wiped and I had a streak of brown again. I had a shower and investigated and I've got the brown spotting again and it's like AF is starting all over again!
I know it's a long shot but is there ANY reasons why this is happening? I've got the AF cramps back and everything that usually associates with my now more than usual 7-9 day AF (2 days of spotting, 4 days of bleeding and 1-2 days of spotting)