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Thread: Menstruation, Your Period and Ovulation After Baby

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    Default Menstruation, Your Period and Ovulation After Baby

    Menstruation, Your Period and Ovulation After Baby

    Menstruation (or your period) and ovulation after baby happens at a unique time for your own body. From blood loss after birth to your period returning to normal, here?s what you might expect from your body post-birth.
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    Hi ladies just wanted some advice on an icky subject.... My baby is 6 weeks old now, i bleed after having a Cesarean for about 4 weeks and now im bleeding again??? its very bright red which is concerning me and when i googled the topic most ppl dont get their period for months after so i guess im just worried there might be something wrong as isn't it too early for my period (im not breastfeeding but did for the first 2 weeks). Any help would be very much appreciated x

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    Hi hun, I bled for approx. 8-10 days after having my c/s, then I got my AF roughly 6 weeks after that. I also mostly b/f for around 2 weeks. Once I got my AF it went back to regular 28-29 day cycle (and then a year and a half later my AF is just all over the place ranging from 26 days to 31 days). Maybe it's your AF?? Did you have any complications after your c/s? If there is no pain with the bleeding, I'd leave it, but if it continues for more than your normal AF and/or you have some pain maybe you can call your hossy or doc. GL hun

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