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Thread: please... your positive stories after second miscarriage

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    Default please... your positive stories after second miscarriage

    hello all, sitting at home, waiting to miscarry, again.
    Could i please have some lovely stories of third or fourth tries?
    I feel so pathetic, knowing that so many have gone through so much worse, in a way i feel very selfish, i have a beautiful little 6 year old girl. She is the most amazing thing ever... but i want so desperately to give her the baby bro or sis that she wants so much. But have lost 2 babies in 12 months - please, does anyone have any sucessful stories? ..... Please?

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    I had a perfect 1st pregnancy! Perfect birth everything.. When Ethan as 18 months old we decided to go for number 2. 9 months later we finally fell pregnant. We lost that pregnancy a few short weeks later at 10 weeks. It was a blighted ovum... We went on to have another baby who is now 4.. it took us another year to fall pregnant but yet again another perfect pregnancy.. When he was 10 months old I fell pregnant again but sadly I lost that pregnancy at 10 weeks. I won't get that image out of my head. The baby had died at 9 weeks and apart from being perfectly still it was a perfect looking baby on the screen

    I fell pregnant with bub 3 2 months later and he was yet another perfect pregnancy.. I am not pregnant with bub number 4 and broke the spell of bub, mc bub mc bub. I really thought I would mc this pregnancy but here I am 22 and a bit days away from welcoming our newest bub to our house

    good luck to you and i hope you are soon pregnant and enjoying all the aches and pains that go along weith it

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    I'm sorry for your losses. *hugs*

    Just before i conceived my son i suffered 2 m/c. First one was a chemical preg at just over 4 weeks and second one was at nearly 6 weeks. I conceived DS 2 months after the 2nd m/c and nearly 2 years later he's a happy and healthy 1yo.

    I wish you all the best for your future pregnancies.

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    I had two m/c's before having my beautiful DD. I know how upsetting and difficult it is to go on to have another pg. Don't feel selfish. You are going through a tough time and you have every right ot be asking questions and to be asking for reassurance.
    I had early spotting and cramping early on in my pg with my dd and asked a very similar question here back then. I got lots of reassurance that you can go on to have another happy and healthy pg and baby. And I did, I now have my little girl as proof of that!
    Be kind to yourself and take things easy.

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    we had been TTC for a year when we got our first magical BFP Oct 2002, sadly 4 short weeks later it was found to be a ectopic I had to make what I thought at the time was the hardest decision of my life, to end that pg with a injection, although I know my little angel had no hope it still devastated me to make the decision we had to wait 3months

    so 3months came and 4 cycles later we got another magical BFP May 2003I was very sick this time round but all was in the right spot etc, went for my 20 week scan to find out my precious little girl suffered from the worst NTD and was neevr destined to be on this earth so I made the heartbreaking decision to induce my beautiful Katy Rose @ 21 weeks gestation(23-9-03) this is and will always be the hardest and most soul breaking thing I have ever had to do

    we began TTC straight away unfortunatly nature wasn't working for us after a year we sought medical help 3 cycle later Feb 05 we were pg but this pg went undiagnosed until we were told I was m/c @ 7 weeks

    we took a small break for testing and began TTC again may 05 I got my beautiful BFP in Aug 05 everything was going great until 10 weeks when I began to spot and like my sister (aussienic) that image of a perfect baby but oh so still will forever be with me

    again we stepped up to the plate to see what would be thrown at us 2 cycles and those beautiful lines appeared again, I was scared I was nervous but also so calm 9 very long and some scary moments later my beautiful dream came true int he shape of a gorgeous little boy, he is now 13.5mths and the light of our lives

    I was ready to give up after each and every loss but some how somewhere I knew my angel was waiting for me, and when I look at him now I know he was worth all the heartache.

    I will never forget my 3 tiny angels nor my beautiful daughter but without them I would never be the mother I am now

    it is hard but Frankly, if the truth be known, I think God meant for me to build a thirst for a child so strong and so deep that when that baby is finally placed in my arms, it will be the longest, coolest, most refreshing drink I've ever known.

    BTW I am not religious but that last part is my favourite saying at the moment


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    thankyou all for your heartbreaking, yet lovely stories!
    i will keep strong, i hope you all can too.

    thankyou again, big hugs

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