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    Signature Guidelines for M & L and LTTC

    The Moderation team here at Belly Belly have compiled some signature guidelines for use in the Miscarriage and Loss and Long Term Trying To Conceive Forums. These guidelines are in an effort to be as sensitive as possible to those in these forums.
    These guidelines are in effect immediately and are for all threads in the said forums with the exception of the Pregnancy and Parenting threads of these forums.

    In the Miscarriage & Loss threads links to your child(ren) website that fall within our guidelines listed HERE are permitted.
    * In the LT TTC forums links to your child(ren)'s website are not permitted.
    * The following tickers are allowed - TTC Tickers without photos of babies, weight loss, christmas countdown tickers are the only tickers admissable in the said forums} - with the exception being the parenting and pregnancy threads of the above forums.

    If you have another ticker or a signature that does not comply with the above guidelines you will be required to turn it off prior to posting.

    To disable your signature simply untick the box "show your signature" - you will find this if you scroll down below the text box you post in.

    For members who find all signatures/avatars confronting you can disable them across the board via the User profile page and under Edit Options you can tick if you want to see avatars/images/signatures etc.

    We understand this can be difficult to remember at times but we ask that you get in the habit of doing this so we can be sensitive to posters in these forums. If you do not remove your ticker it will be edited out. Repeatedly dismissing these guidelines will incur an infraction. For more on infractions see HERE .

    Most "older" members are aware that we have had similar policies for a long time now on Belly Belly - however with many new members we feel it's important to set guidelines.

    Please be mindful of this when replying to all posts in the Miscarriage & Loss & in the Long Term Trying to Conceive forums.

    As with all decisions made by the Administration and Moderating team - this is a united decision. We ask that members gracefully accept this as a rule of our community. Debating with regard to this on the boards will be infracted & posts removed - we ask that members step outside their circle and accept that many find pregnancy and baby tickers upsetting after loss. Those that disagree are by far in the minority.

    Thankyou for your consideration & understanding.
    The Belly Belly Moderation Team.
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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    I am feeling frustrated that some of our community are not following these guidelines. It is very time consuming editing out your signatures when you do not disable them as per the guidelines.

    Please think about how this could feel - to be confronted by a newborn ticker when your baby should be that age - or rolling baby icons etc etc.

    Okay if it doesn't bother you but it bothers many and we aim to keep our site comfortable for the majority.

    Please take the few nano seconds it takes to disable your ticker if it falls outside of guidelines when you post in these areas...

    Your co-operation is appreciated.

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    I would just like to add that if you are not following these guidelines, which although local to this forum, they must be adhered to at all times just as the main forum guidelines are. If anyone does not have enough courtesy and respect to do somthing as simple as turn off a signature, then you will be infracted for it.