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Thread: 4 wisdom teeth need to come out :(

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    DoubleK Guest

    Default 4 wisdom teeth need to come out :(

    Hi everyone!

    i have just come home from a checkup at the dentist, she did an x-ray and 4 wisdom teeth need to be removed that have gone bad - 2 are actually broken, 1 cant even come thru the gum as the is bone in the way apparently and the other is just bad on the inside.

    i have to wait to hear from the dental hospital, but im not looking forward to this!
    i dont know anyone whos had wisdom teeth removed, but i can't imagine its a very pleasant procedure.. and the recovery

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    I had mine all out in hospital August 2001.....all i can say is OUCH!

    My face was purple...then went a lovely yellow colour after about 10 days. I had ice packs on my cheeks to bring swelling down, nice strong pain killers....and i was sick of jelly and yoghurt!

    I was back at work 3 weeks later with slight bruising to my face.

    All my teeth were gowing horizontaly (sp?) not vertical so made things bit trickier and they were deep. I can still feel the holes where they were. Oh the other thing that annoyd me were the stitches, although they were disolvables (sp?)!!

    Soz bout the having a shocker of a day!!

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    I had mine out under general anaesthetic when I was in my early twenties.
    I had hardly any swelling, no brusing. but none of mine were impacted into the bone, the were all coming through. I went to st John og God in Geelong.

    I got a 7 day certificate for work but went back after 4. bad idea, stayed at home after that until I had to go back. I was fine after about a week.

    I can still feel abit of a hold/dent in the gum on on side where it healed funny, but no complications.

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    I need to have mine out too. When i was about 10 i had an xray for something else and it showed they were all at a 45 degree angle inwards. i have had a molar removed so now one of my wisdom teeth has had room to come through. It's almost through now but is giving a lot of grief. The other 3 have no room at all and i keep getting headaches and sore mouth/throat from it.

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    Like Rayray I had all mine out (I only had 3, must have been wise enough already LOL) and some bone, under a general (day surgery). It was sore, but not horrendous. My dental surgeon said the best thing you can do to help it heal is to exercise it so I should go home and eat a sandwich. So I did. It hurt heaps and I think it took about an hour to finish one sandwich, but I tell you, my mouth was much better by the morning. So my best advice is have a general and eat a sandwich when you get home!

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    I had mine out when I was in gr 7 (I think) It was cutted out, so I had to be in the hospital for the whole day. Long way back, blocked out the insident
    All I can say is: GOOD by taking them out all four at the same time. You DON'T want to go back and have the same operation twice!
    Hoping it's not to bad for you! Thinking of you!

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    I havent had mine out, but dh did a couple of years ago! he had 2 compacted and 2 normal, so he had to have a full anathestic!
    dh slept sitting for a week and regularly changed ice packs! he had no bruising at all! i cant say you will be fine, cause i know he was in some mega pain!!! sorry!
    so all i can say is good luck and i know it would be super uncomfy but sleep as upright as you can for at least a week!!!!
    good luck!

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    I also need to have mine taken out...
    The best way to have it done is under a GA - better recovery time. I can recomend a FANTASTIC dental surgeon who has rooms in the city as well as Hawthorn. He operates out of a couple of hospitals but the only one I can remember off the top of my head is La Trobe in Bundoora.
    If you get your teeth done under a GA it is usually a day proceedure stay.

    HTH and good luck. Try not to focus on the negatives too much - if you need it done, the pain of the tooth extraction will be much less than the pain that could potentially happen from the teeth.


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    I had all 4 wizdom (also coming up sideways/impacted) & 4 other molars removed when I was getting braces put on. I was 18 & had all 8 out at once under G/A.
    I don't remember bruising etc. pretty sure I was back at work 4 days later.

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    I actually had a suprising getting one of mine out (top left hand one). I was driving to work about 4 months ago now and something felt hard in my mouth like there was a rock in my mouth. When I spat it out it was a piece of rotting tooth. Didnt hurt but I rang and booked into a dentist that morning. Went there and they wouldnt xray cos I am pregnant. Dentist took one look at it and said "yeh that has to come out". I was thinking oh craps another hospital stay cos u only hear about people having them out and terrible horror stories cos its not pleasant at all. Anyway he tells me no I can take it out now. He gave me a needle that didnt hurt at all and just yanked it out. All done in about 7 minutes. I was amazed. Obviously mine wasnt compacted and was pretty straight foward but it was growing towards my cheek not down like normal teeth do hense the reason I had problems brushing it and why it was rotten. My left bottom had to have a filling right after I had Leah cos it had a hole in it the size of my head almost. That dentist hurt but could be cos the hole was soooooo big.

    Sorry if this doesnt relate to your wisdom teeth but I thought Id tell u about a positive story.

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    I was lucky as I only had 3 wisdom teeth. They were all growing at funny angles, but I was lucky enough to be able to have it done in the chair. He was a fantastic dentist & I was able to eat an apple (vey carefully!) the next day.

    I hope you hear from the hospital really soon, and don't have too much pain from your teeth. And the pain killers are great!

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    I had my fully-impacted wisdom teeth taken out under a general when I was 20 and found it was ok - a bit painful but ok (hey, if you've had a kid whether vaginally or by c/s, you can handle anything LOL!)

    My big advice is DON'T TALK AFTER THE OPERATION for at least a day!! They will stick cotton wool in your mouth to absorb the blood and if you talk your wounds will start bleeding again and you will swallow blood. That will make you throw up. Believe me, throwing up blood after a day in surgery is the thing I remember most about that operation!!!

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    1 of mine was taken out years ago .. i remember walking from dh's work (the valley) and walking to the dental hosp in the city .... it started to pour down rain with out warning .....
    i was soaked thru to my knickers .... waited 2 hrs in the waithing room (with aircon) and then layed on the dentist chair shivering ... got my tooth pulled out ...

    and caught the train home to strathpine ..... and walked home ......

    i was sooo i'll for a few days after ......

    i still have 3 more to come out but cant afford $1000 to get em pulled !!!
    get some one to take you !!!! lol .. im sure you will ...

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    Claire Guest


    I've had all mine removed, most were impacted - first 3 together and then the 4th a year or so later. Wasn't that bad at all really. Obviously the local will numb the area, I found having that done the worst bit really. Just remember to breathe in and out when that part is happening.

    Afterwards I healed very quickly, no stitches needed. I just gargles with salty water for a few teas, avoided hot tea and fizzy drinks for a day or so and ate mushy food.

    I remember feeling quite a strong ache in the jaw, probably from the strength needed to actually get the teeth out more than anything but that went after a day or so.

    Painkillers will help If they are causing you pain, you'll feel a whole lot better when they are out!
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    Arent wisdom teeth just lovely!! Ive had mine out and spend most of my time taking other peoples out! Im a specialist dental nurse and can say i have been in theatre more times than i can count, and if anyone really knew what actually happens whilst your having a lovely nap.. you would know exactly why you feel the way you do! lol
    Its much better to pop all 4 out under general and get it over with, but yes very pricey! And unfortunatly for those who have the rotton wisdom teeth and feel gross by it, it is very very common for this to occur, even with people who brush there teeth everyday, there just impossible for the brush to reach so far back!

    As for my own experience.. i wasnt too bad, i was quiet and rested up (highly dosed up on panadine forte!) lol and gargled with salt water every day, brushed my teeth after every meal and did not try to put food in my mouth that was to big for the space i could open.

    You will actually find the people who have wisdom teeth taken out in the chair have less swelling than GA, due to the amount of force you can put on a patient whilst there under! But my choice.. GA!! lol

    If you have ur teeth taken out in the chair - that is if your teeth are suitable for the chair - you will not experience pain! with the amount of local the only thing you will feel is the pressure and alot of pushing and pulling - some people associate this with pain because it is new and unsual, not to mention the invasion of your personal space can be quite daunting for most people... but the biggest complain i have heard people say during any surgical procedure that lasts as long as an extraction.. is the jaw hurting from staying open so long!

    Hope this has helped ur idea of extractions Rachy
    Feel free to ask any questions! I love to help anyone who is unsure about anything!

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    I've only had to have one out and I had it done in the dentists chair. I didn't feel a thing and got no pain or bleeding afterwards. I'd heard all the horror stories and it was less traumatic than having a filling done or my teeth cleaned.

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    I had my two upper taken out about 2 years ago. (they were impacted too) It was done at an oral surgeons, not in a hospital. The dr was fantastic! I think I had to have abt ten needles cos I could still feel the pressure. I dont mind the needle (would prefer that then to feel drilling and stuff).

    Anyway, I nearly passed out as it was quite warm that day.

    You could hear the cracking (I think that was the worst bit), but all in all, it wasn't bad at all. I think I said I could even do it again! ha ha.

    The nurse told me to put tampons to plug up the holes if I started bleeding. Good tip it worked!

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    Oh god, I have an appt with surgeon this arvo bout getting my wisdom teeth out! I am scared now. I was told by dentist they are impacted so i have to have done under GA.
    The cost is also gonna scare me! I do have some health cover but not sure how much it'll cover.

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