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Thread: ARRRGGGG..Help with wisdom tooth please.

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    Default ARRRGGGG..Help with wisdom tooth please.

    Ok, so I have an inpacted wisdom tooth on the bottom RHS that is absolutely killing me. My whole right side is swollen and I can barely talk, eat etc. I went to the dentist today and she just said what I already knew, it needs to be removed surgically and gave me AB in the meantime. I am taking Panandol Rapid every 4hrs as well as putting sm-33 on it and doing salt water rinses. I had to sleep with an ice pack last night (not that I slept much). I was wondering what you took for pain relief, can I take something stronger while BF and any other remedies that helped please, i'm getting desperate!


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    Not sure there is much you can take while BF... Maybe send someone up to the pharmasist or phone your GP??/ Sorry... I know what your going through... I suffer terribly... Mine muck up when i'm preggas.

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    You poor thing! I had this last year, and eventually had all teeth pulled out. I found a numbing mouth rinse quite helpful, along with neurofen plus - I can't remember what it was called, but I basically just held some in my mouth where the pain was until it went completely numb, and that helped a lot. Your chemist should be able to help. If you aren't into pharmaceuticals, apparently pure clove essential oil has a numbing effect too. Good luck!

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    Clove oil is supposed to help numb things, but I'm not sure if it only works when you have a hole and exposed nerves.
    Try dabbing a cotton bud with some on it on the sore area if you can get hold of some?

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