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Thread: BF and dental work??

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    Question BF and dental work??

    Hi all,
    What's the go with dental work and BF? What can you have done?

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    Sorry I didn't see your post earlier and hopefully you've already had an answer elsewhere... I had a tooth pulled whilst BF. I told the dentist I was BF, he said best thing to do is BF bub before getting work done then if you're really worried about it you can express and toss next feed (have some EBM ready to use though) and then feed as normal. I didn't express and toss, just fed as normal and it was all ok. Just talk to your dentist

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    Sorry i didnt see this earlier too!
    Asa dental assistant for the past 13 years and someone who had a HEAP of dental work done while pregnant and while BF I just wanted to say that you will be fine to feed, the anaesthetics used in dental work are really fast acting and also fast to wear off these days (heaps easier for the body to metabolise) but as was just said, if you are really worried about it try to feed/express before the treatment and then again afterwards and had some EBM to bottle feed with.

    Good luck1!

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