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Thread: Can I get a needle for plaque cleaning?

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    Default Can I get a needle for plaque cleaning?

    So if you think WOOS when you read the title, you are right!

    But I am off to the dentist on Tuesday and I am DREADING it. I haven't been is ages, since before I was pregnant and I know I have some nasty plaque thing and maybe a little bit of gum disease because whenever I touch my bottom teeth near the gum I almost hit the roof.

    But if it hurts when I touch it, its going to KILL when they clean it I allowed to ask for a needle for them to do this?!! Or would they look at my like I am totally insane?

    DH says just to take some nurofen beforehand.

    Ugh, its like this big black cloud on the horizon. Evil teeth.

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    hi jess

    i just had mine all cleaned, and man did it hurt, i was asked if i wanted an injection, but i just put up with it, so im pretty sure you can have one, just tell your concerns to the dentist before hand, the only thing is you will have to pay more

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