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Thread: Changing Dentist ??? .. Can you obtain dental records to take to a 'new' dentist ?

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    Hi all,

    Apologies it's a long post, hope someone can help me

    I have been going to the same Dentist for nearly twenty years (I was about 24 at the time, I'm now 42) !!

    ... He was a young Dentist at the time setting up his own Dental Practise, I'm guessing he is about late 40's now BUT I have noticed the past 5 years or so it's as though the success has gone to his head

    He has a lovely Dental Hygienist that sees me the main bulk of my visit, ... she cleans & scales, etc ... and then "HE" wizzes in & out to check up on things & truely leaves the room that quickly that I don't get any time to ask him questions

    The Dental Hygienist (whom he never had before until about 8years ago, as he did all the work years ago) always looks a little embarrassed after he leaves the room so quickly.

    His personality use to be warm & friendly, & he had time to explain things to you BUT NOW he has become so arrogant & is always in a mad rush.

    He has at least a couple of other Dentists working on his premises for the past several years, that's how successful he has become.

    I do understand dental fees are high but one time my DP was waiting in the waiting room for me to hear my Dentist's receptionist of all these years answering the phone telling someone new that "Yes, our fees are higher than most". He was truely shocked to hear her admit it

    Anyway, since I moved to the country of Ballarat & I no longer live near this Dental Surgery in Melbourne, I am wanting to find a new dentist here in Ballarat but I don't know how it works ... Can I obtain my dental records from this Dentist in Melbourne ?

    And if so, do I ask my old Dentist or his receptionist (I honestly don't want to be in the position to ask him) or a future new Dentist to organise it ?

    I have an appointment for my annual check up with my old Dentist next month & I am wondering what to do

    I just don't want to go to a new Dentist without my almost 20years of Dental records with this one Dentist

    ... Huge " THANKS " inadvance to anyone that can help me with any information (& anyone that can recommend a great Dentist in Ballarat)
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    Sorry don't know a good dentist in Ballarat. If you are stuck i could ask around, i used to live in Ballan and have friends in the rat.

    Yes you certainly can get your records. The receptionist should be able to organise it. If you don't want to ring, you could find a new dentist in the rat, and then ask them to get your records sent before your appointment.......

    Good luck.

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    You cannot have the originals sent to your new dentist as the records belong to the building so to speak, but you can have copies made and sent to the new one.

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    I just wanted to add that you will need to sign paperwork to say that you authorise the old dentist to forward your records -

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    wow sounds just like the practise i worked at when i first started out!!

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    Hi all,

    Thanks so very much for being kind enough to try to help with my question

    ... Well, I found a more direct answer as I discovered a Website ADAVB > ADA Victorian Branch Inc.

    (Australian Dental Association Victoria Branch Inc.)

    There was a contact number ' if you have any questions '

    So, I rang the contact number which is (03) 9826 8318

    ... Oh, they were so friendly & extremely helpful

    You CANNOT have original dental records (which I expected) but you are LEGALLY ENTITLED to copies of your dental records !!

    Yes, it turns out there are TWO OPTIONS,

    1. You can ask your existing OLD Dentist (&/or receptionist) to organise photo copies of your records & have them sent to your new Dentist. (You MAY possibly be asked to pay a fee$$ for the photo-coping of the records & copies of any X.rays which are done elsewhere which may cost about $12 each !! ... BUT YOU MUST SIGN FOR THIS TO BE AUTHORISED !!!!!!!

    2. OR you can ask your NEW Dentist (&/or receptionist) to organise the above for you by they contacting my OLD dentist (I think the OLD dentist sends ' you ' a bill for the photocoping, etc... ) !! ... BUT ONCE AGAIN YOU MUST SIGN FOR THIS TO BE AUTHORISED THAT YOUR NEW DENTIST CAN OBTAIN THEM !!!!!!!

    ANYWAY, I plucked up the courage & just got it over with & rang my OLD dentist last Friday & spoke with the receptionist & of course was not going to state the obvious BUT instead one of my truths that it was proving to be far too hard to travel 1hr & 30mins to get the Melb dental clinic from where I now live in the country.

    Well, it turned out to be so easy. :woman:The receptionist was more than HAPPY to organise the copies of my records & copies of X.rays ' once ' I find myself a NEW dentist in my home town & I ask that NEW dentist to contact them for my records ... Infact she even emailed my OLD dentist if he could recommend a NEW dentist for me in my town. (Though I haven't yet received any email ... and kinda not holding my breath for either).

    ADDED BONUS, the receptionist at my OLD dentist clearly stated I WILL NOT be charged any fees$$ for copies, etc of my records ... Oh, I was so wrapt

    I so hope that doesn't sound confusing, LOL ... If so, just ring the above contact phone number in Melb.

    *** A sad yet happy day it was last Friday finally DIVORCING my Dentist of almost 18years ... Fingers crossed I find a great NEW dentist here in my new home town

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    P.S - Apologies for the above LONG message ...... Hopefully it might HELP someone out there with this information
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