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Thread: Good dentist in Melb eastern suburbs? urgent pls

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    Default Good dentist in Melb eastern suburbs? urgent pls

    I need to visit a dentist quite soon and so I am looking for a well experienced dentist in or around Burwood\Box Hill\Camberwell. Could anyone suggest some good doctors from their experience? Thanks very much in advance.


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    Funny you should ask! I had to ring around to get my DH an appointment for today, and it was next to impossible. As soon as you say the words "new patients" they don't seem to have any appointments free. I booked him into Unity Dental at Burwood East shopping centre (where Coles/KMart is) and he is there as we speak! Will let you know how he went!

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    Hi Tanstar

    Please do post how he went. If it is positive experience, could you give the name of the doctor?


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    I went to a dentist in Fairfield for a filling repair a few months ago... got an appointment quickly and the treatment was good. I've only been the once though so don't have a great deal of feedback for you. If it helps it was Fairfield Dental Clinic on Station Street.

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    Well DH went to Unity Dental up at Burwood East and he was really happy with the dnetist that he got. There are 2 there and he saw Dr Henry Ngyuen. He said he was informative, gentle and down to earth and that the clinic is very "high tech" (Important to a tech savvy guy!) When I off hand said, oh I need to go for a check up I might go too, he was all - yeah go you will like it, normally my DH is the type of guy that would just say - oh yeah whatever! HtH! Good luck!

    BTW They also give you a schedule of future treatment you need, with costs, and for eg. DH needs fillings, they are quoted at $85, x-rays are $30, and a scale and clean is $95 for a first visit.
    He had a wisdom tooth pulled, plus x-rays (first time patient) and it was $230!

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