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Thread: good oral surgeon in melbourne?

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    Unhappy good oral surgeon in melbourne?

    ok, i have two wisdom teeth that need to be removed, maybe 3 if i go with the 'it doesnt contribute to your bite' idea of removing the 3rd.

    top left (tooth 28) which is currently growing out towards my cheek, and the one on the bottom under it which is almost entirely still encased in bone.

    i tried to get the top one taken out today but left the surgeons in tears mostly of fear (and from having the injections done without any gel whatsoever, the ones into my gum/jaw hurt, but the one into the roof of my mouth HURT) ... and other reasons for not wanting to go back too (it felt like a production line to be honest, inject one patient and do someone else's extraction during the 10 minutes the first one is waiting for the local to work during).

    so. i'm really hoping someone has a good recommendation for an oral surgeon in melbourne. this time i'm going to get iv sedation, as i just don't think i can overcome the fear enough to do an extraction with a local, let alone the impacted one which the surgeon was going to take out with a local too... bone removal under local, i don't think so :-)

    i know the sedation and hospital bit will cost more (although maybe there are some surgeons who do sedation extractions in the chair?) than each extraction would cost if done under local but ... i just am so scared of the whole thing that i would rather save up and do it that way.

    gods bless clove oil.
    and the magic ibuprofen & paracetamol trick for that matter. :-)

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    Yup. Stephen Hookey. He has taken 2 of my teeth out and done XDH's wisdom teeth. 2 girls at work also went to him for wisdom teeth. He has rooms on Collins St (right near Parliament Station) as well as other spots. I have a very big phobia of dentists and feel comfortable with him. He will do it under a GA or in the chair. The first tooth he did of mine, he sedated me in the chair as I was that scared. He really is lovely. The second tooth I was pregnant so couldn't be sedated in the chair and refused to have a GA and I was fine. Highly recomend him.

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    i seen Dr Alan Mansour out in Dandenong - he was really good. i had a major cyst in my jaw, and he took care of it (under GA) and was fantastic with follow up afterwards
    i had my wisdom teeth taken out by Alf Nastri - he's down in Melbourne somewhere (just can't recall where!) - i had a consult down there but he works locally one day a week so did the surgery at the local hospital. i had minimal bruising even though i had four impacted wisdom teeth removed

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    Sorry, just saw this. In case you're still looking, Stephen Hookey is good, as are Andrew Heggie, Tim Probert, Tom Sunderland and Stuart Newland. Any of those will do an excellent job for you. There are others too, but I think that's a good list to start with .

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