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Thread: Has anyone here got dentures.... whole mouth full???

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    Default Has anyone here got dentures.... whole mouth full???

    Hi everyone, since I fell pregnant with DD I have been a regular at the dentist getting fillings, root canals, tooth extractions etc etc etc The pain continues...

    I've decided I want what teeth are left removed & get a full set of dentures. As it is I'm living on pain killers & as I'm allergic to codeine I'm stuck having 3 heron blues & 2 panadol osteo's (they were recommended to me by the chemist as they have the highest amount of paracetamol before getting into codeine) so I pretty much rattle when I walk

    Who here has got dentures.... please let someone out there have some!!!! I guess I just want to feel a bit normal??? My mum had to get a full set of dentures after being pregnant to my brother, she was only 21yrs old at the time, so in my family it's accepted.

    I'm single & hope to meet someone special in the future, I'm a bit scared when he comes along he may be a bit put off when he see's my teeth in a glass of water next to my bed in the morning lmfao

    Please let there be someone here young with dentures......

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    Its a big decision to make and one not to make lightly especially if your teeth however painful are decent looking and depends on the amount of teeth you have. Removing your teeth causes other problems I thought like your gums cave in unless your denches are in to support them and then denches rub and need to be re-sized. I guess your mum would be a good one to ask for advise if she was in the same position.

    They can do wonders now. I like the sound of the prothesis teeth that screw in (about $5000 each but) you dont want to be on analgesia for ever to tolerate the pain but it would be awful to remove them and regret it.

    What has the dentist told you? Are certain teeth worse then others? Any chance of a partial plate so you have some of your own teeth that are not damaged and the sick ones removed? I think even having a few of your own teeth help shape your mouth and help aid chewing on cetain food that might be eaten with difficulty with full dentchers. Just suggestions. In the end if the pain is that bad I would want them removed also. Ive had teeth removed because I couldnt stand the abcesses I was getting so now I hardly have any teeth. But I have kept the front ones and basically have no molers. Unless I laugh really loud you can see and the majority of the painful ones are gone.

    Goodluck with your decision

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    DONT DO IT!!

    im affraid to say that pregnancy has nothing to do with bad teeth! id go get a second opinion on whats wrong with your teeth and get things sorted so your painfree.

    emmy has made excellent points, its not as easy as it seems! full uppers are easier than full lowers as the upper get suction, the bottom doesnt. your face will cave in and when your older people will be able to tell you have dentures, i honestly think youd find it hard to find someone willing to remove all your teeth at such a young age.
    once there gone there gone!

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