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    hi i have been feeling abit run down now for many years.but since i was yung anyway id always been a little run down.
    but over the past 7yrs my health has become a nightmare.
    i cant eat much as im always feeling sick ive told every doc ive seen this and yet thay are not doing anything to help me.
    thay should be as this could leed to worse things.
    i dont wanna feel sick all the time its not nice.
    i cook a full meal but then cant eat it.
    i only eat little or sometimes i dont even bother as i feel like ive already eaten.
    but i cant see why im telling my doc this and hes not bothered.
    all they keep doing is giving me blood tests for the same thing when it could be something else.i dont know what to do and its made me feel like im just worth nothing and ive give up on myself.
    wonder if anyone has had this same prob?
    think ive posted on wrong part

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    It is a pity your doctor doesn't take you seriously but sometimes that happens. I have been there and eventually found my own way to the right people.

    You may need to see a good naturopath. The sad thing it that this is going to cost you money that the government won't give back to you in medicare rebates.

    The best thing I can recommend is that you take control of your health and buy a book called detoxify or die by Dr Sherry Rogers form Health Books

    She is a medical doctor who suffered ill health and then dicovered that orthodox medicine couldn't fix her problems. So she investigated herself and the book is all she discovered about health. It will cost you about $50 but believe me, it will be the best $50 you ever invested in your health. It is written in simple everyday language so we all understand it. I have all my clients read it before they come and see me these days.

    Take responsibility for your health - no one else will and you live in your body - you know how crap it feels living in it and witht he right knowledge, you can help yourself.

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