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    I have been told I need braces to correct an overbite and crowding. Orthodontist has also said I need jaw surgery to fully repair the overbite I have, as braces will only partially fix the problem. Jaw surgery sounds scary! Has anyone had jaw surgery? Was it painful? Would you consider jaw surgery or just go with braces?

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    Never had surgery but had a massive overbite when I was young. Four teeth were removed due to crowding, four years of braces and 3 of a plate improved it but I refused to surgery for the final "fix". I think I look fine as I am now.

    I would get a second opinion as well. Even a third. Surgery is expensive and I have heard recovery can be difficult .

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    I had orthodontic surgery to correct my bite about 20 years ago. I had already had braces as a teenagers, but my jaw was underdeveloped, so they didn't do much good.

    I had 3 lots of surgery. One surgery involved cutting through my lower jaw bones, bringing my jaw forward and bolting it in place. A second (or first - I cant remember the order) surgery involved cutting through my upper jaw between my 2 front teeth and widening the upper jaw. I had a thingy in my mouth that needed daily widening - excruciating pain. They started it in surgery and then I had to do it myself. Eventually I could fit my index finger between my 2 front teeth. I then had braces to close the gap.

    The 3rd surgery was to remove the bolts and remove my wisdom teeth. This was my preference as I found the bolts painful.

    I can't remember how long the process took. It was over a couple of years I think. It made a big difference to the pain I had in my jaw when eating. It also made a big difference aesthetically. For me, it was worth it. I had a huge overbite though.

    It's worth getting a second opinion for things like this. I imagine techniques have changed over the years, so you may not need all that surgery.

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