So I have two cavities, and I'm one of those people who is beyond scared of Dentists. I did SO well yesterday to actually stay in the chair for half an hour while they cleaned and removed some tartar... so snaps for me there. But I don't have the confidence to sit through two fillings. Apparently they're both fairly minor, one won't even need an anaesthetic the Dentist reckons, but still too much for wuss bag me.

The place I go to does Laser Dentistry, but when I asked about it, the Dentist I was with doesn't do it, and I got the impression he thinks it's a load of bollocks. He kept telling me about the noise and it's so noisy etc - noise doesn't really both me, I can take in my mp3 player heh.

What he couldn't help me with, was if you can actually feel anything. Has anyone here had laser dentistry? Can they give me an idea on what it's actually like to have? Do you feel anything? Is it really super loud?