thread: Lip tie diagnosis in Perth

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    Lip tie diagnosis in Perth

    I suspect DS (6.5 months) has a lip tie. Just wondering if anyone in Perth can recommend someone who is qualified to check him? Would prefer a recommendation rather than a stab in the dark with a paediatric dentist.

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    Dr Timothy Johnston Pediatric Dentist, North Fremantle, 9433 6082 (no referral needed)
    Dr Ian Gollow, Pediatric Surgeon, Subiaco, 9382 2627 (need a referral from GP)
    Dr Liz Whan, Pediatric Surgeon, subiaco, 9382 2627 (need a referral from GP)

    ETA - many Lactation consultants would also be able to diagnose and refer you on. You can check out the LCANZ website for someone in Perth.

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    Oct 2012

    Sorry I can't recommend anyone in Perth, but wanted to add my DD's tongue tie was diagnosed by a lactation consultant. It was snipped at 4 weeks old at the GP.

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    Thanks MadB - I actually rang and booked with Dr Johnston before I saw your reply! Appointment isn't til end October. It's a shame this wasn't picked up by the paed when we were still in hospital (I asked him to check DS for a tongue tie, he had a brief look but I didn't know about lip ties so didn't think to ask).

    Our breastfeeding journey has been a rough one and he is now almost weaned. I do think it could have been different if I knew about the lip tie six months ago.