thread: What's a socket like post extraction (grossness warning) any dentists around?

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    What's a socket like post extraction (grossness warning) any dentists around?

    I had the very back molar on bottom pulled out last Thursday. I've had teeth out in the past and not had a problem but they were on the top. This is the gross bit - being on the bottom and given it was a pretty huge tooth, there is a massively deep hole and food keeps sitting in it. I am chewing on the other side, but food still makes it's way over there. I was told to rinse with salt water, but it still doesn't seem to move some of the bits, been looking with a heals from the bottom though right? It's not going to heal over the food right (sorry that's really yuck!).

    Just to clarify, I have no pain, I have had no pain at all post extraction, not even when the local wore off so I don't think there's a clotting issue. When I look at it with a torch, it's quite black though, around the edges of the hole, but he did have to do a fair bit of wiggling and poking so I assume that's just bruising. It did also have a rather large abscess under it which I had 2 courses of AB for prior and he cleaned it out at extraction as well.

    Anyway, so if I've turned anyone's stomach! Any advice though. I can ring the dentist, but he's not there till Tuesday.

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    Maybe try using a syringe to squirt the salt water into the hole to clear out the food?

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    Yeah, i got given a bulb type syringe with a curved end to place in near the socket to get it out. I am sure you would be able to pick one up from the pharmacy, or your dentist. It's gross. And the tissue they put in there looks foul after a few days, mine took a whle to come away on it's own.

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    I'm sure you're not meant to do this but I had the same problem after having my wisdom tooth pulled (bottom right) & the only way I could remove the food was rinse with salt water then with teeth together I would "suck" the water through my teeth & it seemed to suck the food out. If that makes sense?

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    I had a very nasty decaying socket situation after I had a big tooth removed. I was given a syringe with a bendy end to help rinse the hole out (using salty water). If you're having problems with keeping it clean, definitely go back to the dentist who might be able to clean it out and pack something in there to help while it heals over.

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    What's a socket like post extraction (grossness warning) any dentists around?

    Yeah go back to dentist so he can clean it out for you. Mine got infected from food stuck in there. Also, you don't want to muck around with poking and sucking yourself too much in case of dry socket. ( not sure how long after extraction the risk of that diminishes, but I wouldn't risk it)

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    I was going to mention dry socket. Be careful about swishing water about in there and dislodging the blood clot. Haven't had it but know someone that has and he was in agony!