10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

In 2013 (and prior to) I discovered some amazing Facebook pages, and have been returning to them many, many times!

When you’re walking the conception, pregnancy, birth and babies journey, its so much more than just getting pregnant and having babies. We often do some of our biggest learning and self development as a result of the struggles, victories, highs and lows that we’ll ever experience.

These pages I have thoroughly enjoyed for various reasons, most have resulted in a significant shift in my thinking and who I am as a person, or just been a really refreshing and interesting place to visit. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Here are my top 10, most visited and enjoyed Facebook pages for 2013 “ in no particular order.

Favourite Facebook Page #1: Doula Network Australia

While you may not be a doula, I have included it here to highlight the importance of networking, support and advice from likeminded people.

Do you know how you can be really passionate about a particular subject and love talking about it, but when you talk with your family, your partner reaches for the remote, the kids reach for their ipods and even the dog picks up his favourite toy to chew on and walks into another room! It can be deflating and even battering to your self esteem unless you have a great outlet of people who love sharing their stories and advice about the same things that you do.

What networks are you part of? What are your biggest passions, and can you find a group where you can feel alive? Don’t just leave it as an online group too “ join in or start meet-ups “ its so much more fun and fulfilling and as women, its brilliant for an oxytocin top up. I call it ‘group therapy’!

Favourite Facebook Page #2: What Evolved Women Want

10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

This has to be one of the biggest ever Facebook finds for me which has resulted in profound growth and lightbulb moments as a woman.

Run by Graham White, this community is growing in a big way, with many member requests for a book or two to be published. I’d have to agree, I would definitely buy his books!

So what is it about? Graham believes that a huge shift is occurring “ and Australia will be a major leader in the movement of the evolved woman. A woman who doesn’t settle, and has that WOW factor “ but its has nothing to do with how you look.

Favourite Facebook Page #3: Becoming Dad

10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

Run by Darren Mattock, Becoming Dad is the best place on Facebook for expectant dads, new dads, step dads and gay dads. It’s also open to mums, birth professionals, and people supporting expectant dads. For a bit of privacy for the blokes, there is also a dads only private group available “ get those fathers joining in!

On the Becoming Dad Facebook page, expectant and new fathers can become engaged, educated, mentored and supported. This can be a huge help during pregnancy, as they prepare to be present at birth, preparing for the role of fatherhood and for the transformational changes that they will experience in their lives as men, partners and fathers.

Darren’s vision is that the men who are touched by the work of Becoming Dad will experience fatherhood as empowering and be positively transformed as men. At the heart of this vision is for women, children, families and communities on the planet to benefit from the gifts of healthier, happier and more loving men.

Favourite Facebook Page #4: Wake The F*** Up

10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

Wake The F*** Up is a great page for not only inspirational quotes and stories, but facts and information about what goes on in the world that we may not know about, or mainstream media does not report on.

WTFU posts about health, education, politics, environmental issues “ and while I am not a huge fan of current affairs, I do find this page very interesting.

A great page for those who like to be aware of real life, global issues and like make a difference. If you like ‘fluff’ this page is not for you.

Favourite Facebook Page #5: A Peaceful Warrior

10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

I call myself a Peaceful Warrior because the battles we fight are on the inside “ Peaceful Warrior

A Peaceful Warrior is a huge community with so many great quotes and stories “ I often share on BellyBelly’s Facebook page.

The quotes always have a way of reminding me to keep grounded and focused on whats important.

On A Peaceful Warrior’s page you’ll find stories, images and quotes of inspiration, beautiful acts of kindness, relationship information and personal development. I always feel so warm and fuzzy after reading through what’s been posted!

A really great page that I often stop scrolling my newsfeed for.

Favourite Facebook Page #6: Birth Without Fear

10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

Birth is not a competition. A Birth Without Fear is different for each mother. How one woman births doesn’t make her better than another. How one woman births doesn’t make her less than another. It is HER birth and hers alone. It’s not to be judged, ridiculed or mocked. It’s not to be compared to. Each woman’s birth belongs to her. Each woman’s story is valid. Each woman’s choice is to be respected. Everyone woman deserves support. Birth is sacred and leaves an imprint that settles deep within a woman’s soul and that is marvellous. “ January

Isn’t that just so beautifully said? A great page for those who love birth information, stories and more.

Favourite Facebook Page #7: KellyMom

10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

Some of you may know KellyMom (no relation!) from the website itself, but here’s their Facebook page that I enjoy reading.

KellyMom provides evidence-based baby feeding and parenting information to both professionals and parents.

Their parenting community supports gentle, empathic parenting practices.

Kellymom aim to provide a supportive, caring place for parents to come and interact as well as research based parenting and breastfeeding advice.

Favourite Facebook Page #8: Jonathon Aslay

10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

A great deal of Jonathon’s page is to do with dating and relationships but there’s so much more.

About the dating part “ unfortunately many of us will experience a separation or divorce in our lives. Especially after being in a relationship for a long time, you can get a little lost in the new dating game. Dating isn’t what it used to be, so Jonathon is a great help with advice for navigating your way and finding that right person.

He’s also written some awesome pieces on relationships in general as well as parenting, for example this one for boys: 9 Gems of Advice “ A Father To Son Talk About Women and Sex. Check it out!

Favourite Facebook Page #9: Lose Baby Weight / The Healthy Mummy

10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

When I first heard about LBW some years ago, without any investigation, I incorrectly assumed it was a site for those who were super focused on getting slim as soon as they had their babies. After giving it a look in after having my third bub, I now believe that Lose Baby Weight is THE place to go for mammas who want to get healthy.

With a stack of great recipe ideas being posted daily and a huge database of recipes on their site (free to access), as well as inspirational messages, motivation and loads of support from the team and community, if you’re wanting to either lose weight, maintain your weight or get healthy, give this page a big like.

Its not just for those who are super self concious “ its for any mother who wants to focus on reclaiming lost energy and being healthy. Because a healthy mummy can make a massive difference to their children’s lives.

Favourite Facebook Page #10: Peaceful Parenting

10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

Peaceful Parenting is the Facebook page for the DrMomma website, and advocates on behalf of babies’ and children’s health and well-being with an empirical research foundation.

Peaceful Parenting addresses issues like circumcision, breastfeeding, parenting, baby sleep issues and more.

I have been reading articles from the Peaceful Parenting blog for years and they are a great read. Highly recommended if you’re seeking great parenting information backed by good science.

But My Most Favourite Page Is.

10 Of My Favourite Facebook Pages In 2013

The BellyBelly Facebook page of course!

Its a mishmash of all these great thoughts, ideas and quotes “ for the thinking woman (and man!) who want the be informed, educated and involved.

If you’ve not stopped in yet, please do! Become a fan at https://www.facebook.com/BellyBellyBaby




Kelly Winder is the creator of BellyBelly.com.au, a writer, doula (trained in 2005), and a mother of three awesome children. She's passionate about informing and educating fellow thinking parents and parents-to-be, especially about all the things she wishes she knew before she had her firstborn. Kelly is also passionate about travel, tea, travel, and animal rights and welfare. And travel.

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