7 Tips To Avoid Being An Exhausted Hot Mess At Christmas Time

7 Tips To Avoid Being An Exhausted Hot Mess At Christmas Time

With Christmas and New Year upon us, our energy levels are going into hyper-drive. But wouldn’t you like to avoid being an exhausted hot mess at Christmas?

Functioning on adrenaline, and the belief that “I must get this done so I can carry on”, doesn’t help the situation.

Just in case you need to be reminded, taking the Wonder Woman (or Superman) approach is completely unrealistic.

And in doing so, your health and mindset are being affected.

If you don’t believe me, look at the way your family and friends are behaving around you.

For example, are they tippy-toeing around you, like they’re walking on eggshells?

At Christmas time, we all love a clean house.

It’s great to have the cutlery polished, the presents delicately wrapped, Christmas lunch or dinner cooked to perfection, the children happy and not grumpy… you know the pattern.

In reality, though, as you bust yourself to achieve all this, you should know that most of the people around you won’t have the same ideas and thoughts.

Therefore they won’t step up to your level. They’ll leave you believing you’re alone and feeling you have to do things your way.

Totally unrealistic.

7 Powerful Tips For A Calmer You This Christmas

Here are my top 7 tips to help you avoid being an exhausted hot mess at Christmas

#1: Ask yourself: “Is this really important, or can it wait?”

#2: Say NO to people who want your time – unless you have plenty of it.

#3: What are you displaying to others? Will they value a cranky person? Or do they value someone who laughs and achieves half of what’s on the list, rather than the entire list? And remember: they don’t even know what’s on your list!

#4: Who can do this to the standard I can accept? Delegate. Let others do it their way – as long as it gets done. Remember to give them a time frame.

#5: It’s great to receive Christmas Cards in the post. But what about New Years cards? Maybe they might be more special, especially if you can write each one from the heart, and in a relaxed space?

#6: Let the small stuff go. That includes getting the dog to the groomer.

#7: LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH. No, not at people! But put a smile on your face and laugh; it keeps you youthful. Life isn’t as bad as you think.

Which tip will help you the most this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

Deborah Cooper is a Global Stressologist and Performance Strategist. For more tips on managing stress, visit Deb’s website, www.DebzCooper.com.

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Deborah Cooper CONTRIBUTOR

Deborah is a mother of two. An 18 year old girl who has finally finished high school and is pursuing a career in the NZ Defence Force as a Medic. She's also a mother of Ben, a 5 year old Shih Tzu. Both keep her entertained on different levels!

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