Apple Introduces Breastfeeding Emoji (And 5 Other Emojis We Want To See)

Apple Introduces Breastfeeding Emoji (And 5 Other Emojis We Want To See)

As part of the World Emoji Day celebrations, Apple announced the new emojis that will be introduced with the launch of iOS 11 later this year.

Breastfeeding mamas will be pleased to hear a breastfeeding emoji will be included in the new batch of emojis.

Apple Introduces Breastfeeding Emoji (And 5 Other Emojis We Want To See)

Late night communication will now be even easier as mamas can send the breastfeeding emoji to their mama friends to see if anyone else up awake in the early hours.

The cute emoji shows a happy looking mother holding her baby to her breast.

It might not seem like a huge deal, but the breastfeeding emoji could play a role in normalising breastfeeding.

Images of breastfeeding women help to destigmatise breastfeeding and encourage mamas to feel supported as they breastfeed their babies.

The new emojis will also feature a zombie emoji which is perfect for mamas who have been up all night feeding their nocturnal newborns.

Here are a few other emojis we think Apple should introduce to make parent-related communication easier. After all, it’s hard to form sentences when you’re existing on three hours sleep.

#1: Poonami Emoji

A cute little nappy emoji with brown liquid flying out of it all directions would come in useful.

Running late to meet your friends thanks to a nappy explosion? You could save time by simply sending the poonami emoji.

Need a little help during the nappy change? Send your partner the poonami emoji to prompt him to bring some extra wipes upstairs.

Having an emoji for the situation might stop your oversharing mama friend from sending you actual photos of her kid’s poonamis. Nobody needs to see that.

#2: Cold Tea Emoji

There’s already a coffee mug emoji, but it has a little swirl of steam escaping from the cup. That’s not how mamas drink their once-warm drinks. By the time you sit down to drink it, your tea or coffee has gone cold.

Introducing a cold tea emoji would let mamas show the world exactly the sort of day they’re having. So busy wiping butts, feeding and soothing their baby that they haven’t managed to drink a warm drink all day.

#3: Crying Baby Emoji

The baby emoji is too sweet. It’s an innocent-faced smiling baby with an adorable curl of hair. That’s what babies look like for about twenty minutes a day.

The rest of the time, they’re covered in snot, red-faced crying and have milk dribbling down their chin.

It’s time we had a realistic baby emoji (this would save time so we wouldn’t have to use the baby emoji and the devil emoji together) to convey what parenthood is actually like.

Plus it would be really fun to send to your newly pregnant friends as a jokey warning. Not really, just send them the video of your actual crying baby, that’ll scare them.

#4: Snot Snucker Emoji

There is no greater parenting feat than trying to remove the snot from your baby’s nose. A baby with a cold is probably the most miserable thing in the world. She can’t feed properly, she can’t sleep and she keeps accidentally gluing her eyelids together with snot. It is terrible.

As her parent, it’s your job to get that snot out of her nose. Good luck with that, by the way. It’s basically impossible. That’s why this parenting milestone deserves an emoji, because when you do eventually to successfully use a snot sucker, you’ll want to tell the world.

#5: Beyonce Emoji

You know those days where everything goes well? The days where you get up, shower, apply makeup and look half decent in your clothes. The days when you manage to keep the house in order, get some work done and tick everything off your to-do list. The days when you manage all of that whilst entertaining a happy, contented baby who naps exactly when you want her to.

There should be a word to describe those days. There isn’t. But the closest I’ve come is Beyonce. When you feel like you have everything under control, you’re having a Beyonce day. There needs to be an emoji for that. Because we need to celebrate those few and far between days!

What parenting emojis would you like to see Apple introduce?

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.

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