Innovative Charity Campaigns Turns Unborn Babies Into Artists

Innovative Charity Campaigns Turns Unborn Babies Into Artists

You’re never too young to realise your fundraising potential, or at least that’s the view of international campaigning charity SOS Children’s Villages.

The charity is raising awareness of the need for proper medical care for mothers in Africa.

Access to prenatal medical care is limited in Africa, leaving many women without support during pregnancy and birth.

Innovative Charity Campaigns Turns Unborn Babies Into Artists

There are 2.6 million stillbirths each year, and the overwhelming majority of these take place in Africa.

Access to prenatal care, prenatal testing and qualified birth attendants could help to drastically reduce this figure.

SOS Children’s Villages launched the Unborn Artists campaign to raise awareness of the need for better access to prenatal care and birth support in Africa.

The innovative campaign is calling on pregnant women across the world to get involved with the campaign and help raise awareness of the plight of unborn babies in Africa.

Unborn Nursery Decorators?

If you’re trying to decide how to decorate the nursery, Unborn Artists may be the inspiration you’ve been waiting for.

In a short video produced by the charity, six Belgian mothers create artwork using only their bumps, and the results are pretty cute.


The participants ranged from 32 to 39 weeks pregnant, and all agreed to be filmed for the charity’s awareness raising film.

With paintbrushes attached to their bumps via surgical tape, the mamas sat next to blank canvasses, the brushes poised close to the canvas, and waited for their unborn artists to spring into action.

Some mamas gently patted and rubbed their bellies to encourage movement, and others simply sat and waited for the artistic process to begin. The video shows the mamas smiling as their unborn babies start creating their very first masterpieces.

Each nudge and kick from their bump created a mark on the canvass. The finished artwork is simple, beautiful and acts as an important reminder we can do more to protect unborn babies and their mothers around the world.

Unborn Artists Goes Viral

The Unborn Artists project was launched several years ago, but thanks to social media, it has recently gone viral.

All funds raised by the campaign were donated to SOS Children’s Villages who help children across the world and campaign for improved maternity care. To make a donation to their work visit their website.

To discover more charities doing amazing work to help people across the world, check out the emotional video in our article Just In Time: Mother Gives Birth Aboard Rescue Ship In The Mediterranean



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