I Surveyed More Than 200 Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate – See The Results

I Surveyed More Than 200 Parents Who Don't Vaccinate - See The Results

Over the 14 years I’ve been running BellyBelly, I’ve connected with a huge number of parents and parents-to-be.

I’ve read their countless stories and opinions – both for and against a range of topics.

And, no matter whether I agree or disagree, I always listen – with curiosity and without judgement.

There’s so much we can all learn, simply by listening.

Vaccination is one of those topics.

The Anti-vaccination Movement

The ‘anti-vaccination movement’ is really nothing new; it’s been around for almost as long as vaccines.

In the 1800s, there was public criticism of the smallpox vaccine. People objected for the same reasons as they do today, on the basis of scientific, religious, political and sanitary concerns.

In Victorian England, in 1853, The Vaccination Act introduced mandatory vaccination of infants. There was immediate resistance. Parents demanded the right to control their bodies and those of their children. Anti-vaccination organisations were formed and anti-vaccination journals made an appearance.

Today, there are many parents who have serious concerns about vaccination.

Some might become involved in raging debates on social media, just like those who are pro-vaccination. But plenty of people behave very differently on social media than they do in real life.

Introverts become extroverts, and those with social phobias feel safe and ‘let it all out’. A small percentage with hardline beliefs take extremist positions, at both ends of the spectrum. Many have poor communication skills, and because they are so outspoken, they become representative of their communities – even though they only represent a small percent.

Most members of the community go about their lives peacefully, and quietly hold on to their beliefs. They prefer to remain private and not get involved in heated issues.

Many parents who choose not to vaccinate don’t identify themselves as ‘anti-vaxxers’ (you’ll find out why a little further down the article).  Either way, these parents are often misunderstood, misrepresented, and judged with a level of criticism unlike any other group of parents.

They feel no-one will listen to their real concerns.

They feel as if the whole situation is a dead end for them.

All the while, the media portrays them as “dodgers” and “crackpots” rather than concerned parents.

What would you do in the below parent’s sitution?

Would you class them as a “dodger?”

I Surveyed More Than 200 Parents Who Don't Vaccinate - See The Results

Even the World Health Organization has a statement about adverse events with vaccines.

“Adverse event following immunization is any untoward medical occurrence which follows immunization and which does not necessarily have a causal relationship with the usage of the vaccine. If not rapidly and effectively dealt with, can undermine confidence in a vaccine and ultimately have dramatic consequences for immunization coverage and disease incidence.

Alternatively, vaccine-associated adverse events may affect healthy individuals and should be promptly identified to allow additional research and appropriate action to take place.”


“There is no such thing as a “perfect” vaccine which protects everyone who receives it AND is entirely safe for everyone.”

So, why would I want to provide a voice for a group the media, the politicians and medical associations would rather keep quiet?

Here’s why.

Those Who Don’t Vaccinate Don’t Have A Chance To Have Their Say

I know plenty of genuine, loving people who do not vaccinate. They have legitimate concerns, but they are attacked and ridiculed simply because of their questions or doubts.

The way most of the government and media respond to some of the gut wrenching stories is simply disgusting. They try to shut people down with hideous name-calling and aggressive behaviour and bullying.

Those tactics never win any battles. Instead they turn concerned or fearful people into angry people who will fight for their beliefs. Nothing will ever change until they decide to listen. Maybe the reason they don’t listen is because once they do, they might realise they will have to do something about it.

Recently, a mother shared her story after bumping into Australian Health Minister, Greg Hunt, who was speaking at an event.

“As I left the venue there were six or so passionate, courageous mums standing outside with a multitude of signs, including some vaccine injured. When Greg Hunt exited the building he was greeted and asked a multitude of questions. One of the mums told Greg Hunt her daughter had been damaged by vaccines. His response was to get a medical exemption. He looked surprised when he was told she was unable to and the only exemption is anaphylaxis. Does the Health Minister NOT know his own policies?”

I Surveyed More Than 200 Parents Who Don't Vaccinate - See The Results

As a quick side note, if your child has issues with anaphylaxis or other vaccine reactions, an article explains:

“While many people, including medical professionals, have been led to believe that reasons for medical contraindication to vaccination must be consistent with the very strict guidelines set out in the Immunisation Handbook, the Handbook’s disclaimer in fact, expressly states that exemptions are “subject to clinician’s judgment in each individual case”.”


“This confirms that a clinician is not to treat any said guidance as superior to their own judgment, especially considering “The Australian Government Department of Health does not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance on the information” contained in the handbook.”

The Way Non-Vaccination Is Presented In The Media

In the media, and in politics, only one side of the vaccine debate is represented. Journalists and politicians deny requests to facilitate a balanced debate. They refuse to meet parents – even if there is proof of vaccine injury by a doctor or hospital.

Recently, an Australian politician called for the ABC to report on both sides of the vaccine debate.

Sky News asked Senator Burston whether media organisations should air both sides of the vaccination debate, to which he replied, “Absolutely”.

“I think any debate deserves equal weighting, irrespective of the topic, within reason, I guess”.

“I think they are entitled to their view and perspective as well, and what they see as perhaps some immunisation of children not being appropriate”, he said.

“I don’t share that view but I think they’re entitled to express that view”.

The importance of hearing both sides was echoed by ABC News Breakfast presenter, Virginia Trioli, when discussing the flu vaccine.

The media does a great job at creating division. They know it generates clicks, comments and views. The official media outlets have to find a way to stand out from the free media content we create every day, when we use our various devices to stream news stories and events.

Their advertising dollars, funding and jobs are at risk. To survive in the avalanche of free media, they must present whatever is most melodramatic.

In an article from the Sydney Morning Herald, titled, ‘Intense Targeting Of Antivaxxers Misguided: Most Undervaccinated Australians Are Adults, Experts Say’, an expert in communicable disease from UNSW’s School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Dr Menzies, was quoted as saying, “People love talking about vaccine-hesitant parents. The media and politicians love targeting them, but at the end of the day the numbers are not going to make much difference”.

The heat is well and truly on right now, especially since some of the team from Vaxxed have just completed their tour of Australia.

We Need The Whole Picture

Sometimes governments survey the public about their vaccination beliefs. Usually, however, we don’t see the full results. Parents also complain that the questions don’t allow for an accurate representation of their position, or are not flexible enough to allow them to explain the reasons for their decisions and actions.

Non-Vaccinating Parents – Survey Results

I decided to survey parents who no longer vaccinate their children – or never have done – so you can see the trends among non-vaccinating parents, and how they think.

I surveyed 217 parents, in Australia only.

  • 32% were in NSW
  • 31% were in Victoria
  • 19.5% were from South Australia
  • 12% were from Queensland.

Highest Level of Education

For a long time, we’ve been told those who resisted vaccination were the uneducated and poorer populations in society.

According to the research, nothing could be further from the truth.

Just recently, Channel 9 News ran a story that mirrored many other findings around the world: the biggest growth group for those who choose not to vaccinate are wealthier, university qualified professionals – even those in scientific fields.

Vaccination rates in some of our wealthiest inner city suburbs of Melbourne are not improving – they’ve actually dropped to a level of 85%.

Doctor Margie Danchin from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute recently spoke with Channel 9 about the challenges of “educating the educated”.

In case you don’t want to watch the video below, the key quote from Dr. Danchin is, “… Parents in these areas with higher levels of education actually have more concerns about the safety and the necessity of vaccines than parents with lower levels of education. So what we’re seeing, I think, is this cognitive dissonance between parents who are highly educated and many of whom actually have a background in science who are questioning the safety of vaccines.”

Of the parents I surveyed, how many had scientific or medical university qualifications?

  • Almost 15% had a university-based science qualification: one was currently studying science.
  • Just over 10% had a medical qualification; for example, as a doctor, nurse or midwife. A further three respondents were currently studying medicine.

That adds up to a quarter of respondents.

Research from 2009 found vaccination rates in higher-risk groups to be even lower than in the general population. Almost 60 per cent of professionals in medical or childcare roles opted out of their annual flu vaccine.

Are The Parents Themselves Vaccinated?

The latest research from the Medical Journal of Australia shows around 50% of Australian adults are unvaccinated. This figure is similar in the United States.

In my survey, 85% responded with, “I was vaccinated in the past, but I stopped vaccinating and am no longer up to date”. A further 12% were partially vaccinated and almost 3% were fully vaccinated due to work requirements, but wouldn’t vaccinate otherwise. Only 3.7% had never been vaccinated.

The ‘Doctor Andrew Wakefield’ Factor

In nearly every vaccination debate, someone will play the Doctor Andrew Wakefield card. You’ve probably heard what the mainstream media have said, so if you are interested in hearing about all the major allegations, in his own words, you can see the clip here.

So, did Doctor Andrew Wakefield influence the parents I surveyed? Is he the reason they stopped vaccinating?

The leading response (69.3%) was, “No, I made the decision to stop, based on other sources”.

A further 29.3% of respondents answered, “No, I made my own decision to stop based on a vaccine reaction in my family”.

Parents are quite clearly not basing their decisions on Doctor Andrew Wakefield.

Alternative News Websites

The Natural News website has attracted a lot of negative media, and is often cited as one of the websites where ‘anti-vaxxers’ get their information. So, what did the survey respondents think of the Natural News website?

Almost 50% of parents avoid it because they think it’s inaccurate and unreliable, or they just don’t like it; 39% said, “It’s okay”.

Evidently, most parents do not rely on Natural News for all their vaccination research and information.

Do They Think Vaccines Can Cause Autism?

This is the age-old debate. Do non-vaccinating parents think vaccines can cause autism?

According to my survey:

  • Yes, without a doubt – 40.5%
  • I’m pretty convinced – 38.7%
  • I’m unsure – 18.8%
  • No – 1.8%

Another train of thought parents have as to what may cause autism is the body struggling to detoxify itself, which may be from vaccination or other sources. The MTHFR gene mutation has several variants and is quite common. There are thousands of peer reviewed studies about MTHFR and how it impacts important functions and processes in the body.

BellyBelly has an article on the MTHFR gene mutation, written by Dr Benjamin Lynch, about how MTHFR gene mutations may impact 1 in 4 pregnancies.

The graphic below from Dr. Amy Myers is an approximate representation of what is believed to happen with each mutation.

I Surveyed More Than 200 Parents Who Don't Vaccinate - See The Results

What Do They Think About Aluminium In Vaccines?

A more recent concern about vaccines is the inclusion of aluminium as an adjuvant. An adjuvant is a component of the vaccine designed to stimulate the immune system to respond with antibodies.

The reason for concern is this ingredient is a neurotoxin. It’s become so topical, a documentary called Injecting Aluminium has been produced.

Are the parents I surveyed worried about aluminium in vaccines?

Aluminium in vaccines “concerns me a lot” was the response chosen by 86.6% of respondents; 11.5% said, “concerns me quite a bit”.

The most recent study about aluminium in the body can be found here. It states:

“Aluminium has no known beneficial physiological action in the human body and some genetic polymorphisms predispose to a greater susceptibility to its adverse effects. Therefore, a strong case can be made for avoiding unnecessary exposure to environmental sources of aluminium salts, especially on the part of children, pregnant mothers and women of child-bearing age who may become pregnant.”

Specifically regarding vaccines, the study concludes, “The use of aluminium salts in medical products is a more contentious issue. While antacids are available which do not contain aluminium salts, the avoidance of immunisations which do not contain aluminium salts as adjuvants has wider political and financial implications. It would seem prudent to try to find an alternative to aluminium adjuvants as soon as possible and phase out their use.

Another study helps to clear up the debate about injected aluminium compared to what babies naturally consume in breastmilk.

“Exclusively, breastfed infants (in Brazil) receiving a full recommended schedule of immunizations showed an exceedingly high exposure of Al (225 to 1750 μg per dose) when compared with estimated levels absorbed from breast milk (2.0 μg). This study does not dispute the safety of vaccines but reinforces the need to study long-term effects of early exposure to neuro-toxic substances on the developing brain.”

What Do They Think About Mercury In Vaccines?

This is another big topic of debate, especially in Australia.

In the past, thimerosol (from mercury) was used as an adjuvant. While it’s still in some vaccines in the United States, Australian authorities are adamant that vaccines in this country do not contain thimerosol. However, some argue that trace amounts can be found in some vaccines, and this is enough to cause damage.

Parents’ responses:

  • It concerns me a lot – 68.5%
  • It concerns me – 20.8%
  • Unsure – 3.2%
  • No, I don’t think Australian vaccines contain thimerosol – 6.9%

How Long Have They Been Researching Vaccines?

I asked the parents how much time they had spent researching vaccines.

The top results were: eight years or longer (39.6%); 2-3 years (12.9%); 3-4 years (12.9%); and 4-5 years (11%).

How Strongly Do They Feel About Not Vaccinating?

It’s been said that it’s very difficult to change an anti-vaxxer’s mind. So, how hard is it?

I asked them how strongly they feel about vaccination.

  • 60.8% said they felt so strongly, nothing would change their minds
  • 34.5% said they felt very strongly, but would be open to research that proved them wrong

Are They Worried About Their Kids Getting Diseases?

I asked the parents whether they were worried that their child(ren) would get diseases that are covered by the vaccination schedule.

  • 47.9% answered, “No, because I feel I can manage the symptoms with the help of a supportive doctor”
  • 26.7% said, “I’m worried about being judged by medical professionals if I needed help”
  • 19.8% answered, “No, because I feel I can manage the symptoms on my own”
  • Only 5.5% had concerns about their children getting seriously ill

Do They Have Supportive Doctors?

When asked, “Do you have a supportive or non-judgemental doctor you trust to help, if needed?”

  • 50.2% said they had a supportive doctor who wouldn’t judge them
  • 24.8% said they did not have a doctor
  • 20.7% said no, their doctor was not supportive
  • 4% said no, their doctor was aggressively pro-vaccination

What Is The Worst Criticism They Have Received For Their Beliefs?

Those who choose not to vaccinate tend to cop a lot of criticism – some of it serious. I asked them what they considered to be the worst criticism they had received.

Around 39% found people to be judgemental sometimes; 38% had experienced strong criticism from friends and family; 13.4% had received abusive messages; and 4% had been threatened.

How Do They Identify Themselves?

Everyone calls them “anti-vaxxers”, but is that how they see themselves?

  • Almost 70% identified themselves as pro-choice
  • Almost 15% identified themselves as ex-vaxxers
  • 12% indentified themselves as anti-vaxxers

Which Vaccine Concerns Them The Most, And Why?

There is extensive media coverage about the MMR vaccine and autism, but is the MMR vaccine the most worrisome for parents?

  •  45.7% named HPV vaccines, such as Gardasil
  • 30% said MMR
  • 4.7% said DTaP
  • 15% said “other”, which mostly consisted of all the vaccines, followed by any combined vaccines.

“All multi vaccines concern me greatly as I don’t have confidence that research has adequately explored the cumulative effects in sensitive/reaction-prone individuals”.

“The terrible side effects being blatantly ignored and not linked to this vaccine [HPV vaccine] and the lack of research on the impact on people’s reproductive system. MMR is a very close 2nd because of the dramatic change that most parents have experienced in their children after having this. DTaP is 3rd because of the way in which pertussis [whooping cough] can still be passed on”.

An article written by Doctor Neville Wilson contains many concerns about the HPV vaccine which are held by these parents.

Parents Are Trying To Be Heard

I want to finish this article with a story a mother shared about her frustrations.

“Years ago I was invited to do a radio debate on ABC radio – with Doctor Michael Wooldridge as the speaker for vaccines. He was the federal health minister at the time. I waited on the line for a long time, and eventually the producer came on and told me, “Doctor Wooldridge is refusing to debate you”. I said, “Please ask him what he is afraid of?”

She informed me they had been trying to convince him for 20 minutes, and what he agreed to was to allow me to speak for five minutes, and then he would come on. I had to agree, as it was that or nothing.

So I used my full five minutes, was able to answer all the questions, and was grilled by a very pro-vax presenter.

Then Doctor Wooldridge came on and said I was the most dangerous person, and needed to have my children removed from my care. He then presented a lot of fear mongering that was not backed up by anything.

At the end of the segment, the pro-vax presenter asked, “If Mrs. X is so dangerous, why doesn’t the government just give all the parents all the information themselves, and then people like this will go away?”

Doctor Wooldridge replied, “Our research shows that when we give parents too much information, they will not immunise”.

I Surveyed More Than 200 Parents Who Don't Vaccinate - See The Results

Finally, a MUST watch video, which would be the most important for our politicians to see, in order to hear a highly educated opinion on human rights.

Professor Mary Holland was educated at educated at both Harvard and Columbia Universities (graduated with honours), and is now a Director of a legal skills program at the New York University School of Law.

Speaking in front of the United Nations, she raises some very important questions which we should all be asking.

Data/Proof: Those who are asking for proof and data, you can download the PDF here (minus the open-ended answers). I have not made any claims about the survey being strictly scientific. After being shown various government and university based vaccination surveys, I am also of the belief that even those who have a scientific education can possibly manipulate questions asked to get a desired result, or not know the right questions to ask, as mentioned in my article.
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Kelly Winder is the creator of BellyBelly.com.au, a writer, doula (trained in 2005), and a mother of three awesome children. She's passionate about informing and educating fellow thinking parents and parents-to-be, especially about all the things she wishes she knew before she had her firstborn. Kelly is also passionate about travel, tea, travel, and animal rights and welfare. And travel.


  1. What a fantastic article! Thank you for providing some good perspective and giving parents-who-don’t-vaccinate a voice!

  2. Thank you for your sense of balance. The world is feeling so unsteady at present. We need minds that are open and non-judgemental. Is it OK with you to use this article to prompt discussion at my work place?

  3. Be interested where you got the ethical governance from for this. Also how much training and background you have in scientific methodology? Scientific methodology is only taught at postgraduate level and only to certain groups of students.

      1. Kelly, I was trained in the scientific method from my first year of a behavioural sciences honours degree – see here for a basics https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/science-fair/steps-of-the-scientific-method – it’s not that onerous a concept to master, and super unprofessional to attempt to invalidate your content by questioning your processes without making an enquiry re the processes you used (however, apparent to me you used a fairly simple and easy to complete questionnaire – perfectly acceptable scientific data gathering tool). Usually the raw data can be made available and also the questionnaire for those more curious in the scientific process. However, the real relevance here is actually that you did not set out or claim to be conducting a scientific experiment, although in my opinion you followed some of the key steps, yet you and the results you obtained have been slandered by attempting to label both as unethical and unscientific – serious? That’s like me saying you are not a [fill in the blank with any noun] so therefore your data and approach are invalid – now that is unscientific and unethical!!

        Ps. Vera schribner is long known in her work on the data re the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccinations and in invited to lecture to medicos on this topic. https://www.vaccination.inoz.com/speakerprofiles.html

    1. Hmmm. Not sure is you are trolling or can’t remember a standard science education from high school… As a matter of fact, the scientific method is taught in year 8 in Australia. At least in Victoria anyway, where kids are taught to observe, and to report upon their findings (through observation). The scientific method has characterised natural sciences since the the 17th century (the 1600’s), which consisted of systematic observation, measurement, experimentation, formulation, testing and modification of hypotheses. Experiments need to be designed to test hypotheses. Experiments are an important tool of the scientific method… so even by that definition (Oxford Dictionary btw) it doesn’t require having a post doctoral degree.

      Conducting a survey does not fall in the category of having to be conducted using the scientific method, because it lacks the attributes of needing to be undertaken as such. It is really a means of data acquisition. The OECD definition of the survey method is as follows; “A survey is an investigation about the characteristics of a given population by means of collecting data from a sample of that population and estimating their characteristics through the systematic use of statistical methodology”. Even further to this is that the questionnaire construction and methods are usually orientated towards improving the number and accuracy of responses. Typically, the survey methodology includes instruments or procedures that ask one or more questions that may, or may not, be answered. Specifically, the type of survey highlighted in this article is a a survey of human subjects (human research), which is a survey of a list of questions aimed at extracting specific data from a particular group of people. Surveys may be conducted by phone, mail, via the internet, and sometimes face-to-face on busy street corners or in malls. Surveys are used to increase knowledge in fields such as social research and demography. The key word here is sample. This is important, but obviously I’m not going to lecture in statistics tonight, there’s 1st year university for that. I still don’t see the need of having a post doctoral degree… still :/

      Seriously, ethical governance is a really huge field. So big that people need to sit down and cry. Where to begin… Most governments don’t usually put the two words together because it creates a really big word called a “contradiction” between statements and actions. What they do have are Governance attributes where ethics are a part of the principals. They need to be principals because ethics are even more subjective than principals themselves.
      In essence, ethical governance is the right and the justified conduct of activities of an organization (or government) to serve the larger public interest. This is;
      * Impartiality
      * Accountability
      * Transparency
      * Honesty
      * Integrity
      * Probity
      * Perseverance
      * Truthfulness
      * Citizen centricity
      * Patriotism
      … and others values which are a must, for the attainment of ethical governance… can you see the “contradiction” already? Why (in-case you can’t)? Because ethical governance is a panacea for corruption.

    2. I’m not sure where you were educated as a child but in America we begin learning the scientific method from grade school on through high school and use it even in basic science courses at any liberal arts university. You don’t have to be in a post graduate program to learn the scientific method. That’s absurd.

    3. This is the funniest comment I have read in a long time. Simce when does one need “ethical governance” to ask people questions and report their answers? Perhaps that’s why the media refuses to speak to pro-choice ex-vaxxers, they don’t have post-graduate training in the scientific method or “ethical governance” to ask them questions.

      You MIGHT have an argument if this “mommy blogger” had made any claim that she was reporting scientific results, but as she didn’t your pomposity is beyond ridiculous here.

  4. What a great initiative by Kelly, especially when there is not a single scientific study comparing the vaccinated to then un-vaccinated. And interesting to see that those who are the most concerned are highly educated and from higher income areas.

  5. This was such a refreshing article to read. Those who don’t vaccinate just want to be heard istead of being ridiculed and the more we are silenced the more I know I definatley made the right choice not to vaccinate. It scares me that the government wants to control the decisions of parents who only want nothing but the best for their children. I have worked in the education system for 25yrs and the ratio of children on the spectrum in the classroom has raised dramatically, why do they NOT want to find out why this is.? Our future relies on our children and grandchildren and if nothing is done what a very sad place our planet will be.
    Thank you for being open to both sides of this debate and non judgemental

      1. Yes, and diagnostic measures are set to improve even further!

        In 1990, around 1 in 10000 children were on the spectrum. We’re currently at 1 in 63 & it is estimated that will increase to 1 in 2 by 2032. Think of the thousands of poor children who missed out on a diagnosis in 1990.

  6. Did anyone listen to Tamara Oudyn on ABC drive today? She discussed the investigation into the three doctors helping families get vaccine exemptions and listeners rang in with responses. She gave every provacc caller all the time in the world to voice their thoughts but when a highly articulate, rational, normal (possibly a doctor) rang in to talk about his grandson’s adverse reaction and subsequent six months of illness in response to a triple antigen vaccine and comment “would single vaccines not be better?” she shut him down immediately and went to the traffic report. It was a blatant gagging of the guy who was just trying to share his experience. Is the ABC allowed to be so biased? Listening to this “journalist/broadcaster made my blood boil

  7. Thank you for such a balanced article. I cannot tell whether you vaccinate your own children or not from this and that is how it should be. Well done.

  8. Thank you so much for this wonderful article!

    So, parents who are vaccine-hesitant are supposed to talk with their doctor to help them alleviate their concerns? So what exactly is a doctor expected to do to change these well-educated and well-informed parents minds? Lie to them that vaccines are safe?

    Once one realises that vaccination is a medical fraud and child abuse there is no going back to believing the lies we are being told. As far as I am concerned, vaccination rates of over 90 percent are appalling, and even vaccination rates of 85 percent are still way too high. Zero vaccine uptake would in my opinion be far better, especially as it would cause the vaccine industry to go belly up, something which is way overdue.

    Vaccination in my estimation needs to be abolished as a matter of urgency to once and for all put an end to this organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

  9. The famous quote by Gandhi “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” is apt for the situation we have here regarding vaccination. We are at the third stage and will be heading into the fourth stage, “You win” , soon. You cannot hide the truth from the people forever. I have been educating people about the lack of safety and the ineffectiveness of vaccines for over 30 years and at first I was ignored and my son’s death from vaccines fobbed off as a coincidence, even though the vaccinating doctor who witnessed the reactions on the day of vaccinating, told me they were ‘normal’. No, they were not normal, they were common…big difference! I have been laughed at by many over the years – to my face and behind my back, and even the government propaganda has painted non-vaccinating parents akin to the ‘hippies from Nimbin.” Now we are in the fight stage, where the media and government are calling those who question this medical procedure, irresponsible, misinformed and dangerous; and where people have been hit in the hip pocket by draconian legislation. So now more people are prepared to have their say about the injustice of it all. And soon, we win. We will win because we have truth on our side, and the truth always wins out in the end. The revolution has started and everyone needs to do their part by sharing information – especially to pregnant women who have now become the new frontier for the drug companies. Vaccine damage can be hidden much easier when the baby is injured in the womb. The medical fraternity will simply tell the parents that the baby was ‘born with this issue’, and thereby escaping responsibility. The baby arrives already toxin-laden and is topped up with more poisons on the day of birth with Hepatitis B and vitamin K injections. It actually amazes me that babies are surviving at all. For a free information pack to be sent in the post go to http://www.naturematters.info

    1. Love your message Stephanie and am feeling empowered by your quote.

      I went to your website (linked) and read your story knowing I would bawl my eyes out. My heart broke for the journey you went through with you son and it is absolutely devastating you are not alone in your experience. You are right. We cannot be complacent. We must make a stand and fight for our fundamental rights.

      We will win for our future generations ahead of us.

    2. Oh Stephanie – I just read your story and I want to thank you and your first born from the bottom of my heart. I have a 12 week old and I was pretty sure of my decision not to vaccinate but when you become pregnant suddenly everyone has an opinion and those opinions get louder when the baby arrives.
      The last shred of doubt about my choice has left my being after reading your story. Thank you for continuing to educate people 30 years on!

  10. Thanks bellybelly for taking time to do this survey and the research aling side it. Definitely a topic that needs more research. Particularly on the cumulative effects of multiple doses of vaccines and also on the long term health outcomes of vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations

  11. Thank you for standing up! What you’Ve done by sharing this article is a truly courageous act in this day and age, considering how biased on corrupt the media is. Keep up the good work!

  12. Truly appreciate the time, thought and effort made in piecing this article together. It really is a breath of fresh air to know there are people out there who are willing to take the time to look past this misrepresentation of who we truly are and see the big picture. Thank you for shining a more honest light.

  13. Here’s another Ghandi quote: Vaccination is one of the greatest delusions of our time.

    This is such a fine article, but anyone who’s devoted time to sober study of vaccines recognizes that there really is no debate. There’s a string of outrageous falsehoods from the establishment – the most prominent being, vaccines are safe, when in reality any vaccine can permanently disable, even kill a child, with no way known to accurately predict the probability – which are forwarded unquestioningly by the mainstream media; and a large, expanding group of concerned parents, doctors and other medical professionals, investigative journalists, researchers and scientists who ultimately realize not only the falsity, but its depth.

    Vaccination is the injection of disease antigens, known neurotoxins – which are by definition poisonous – carcinogens, blood-brain barrier disruptors and other noxious ingredients, none of which belong in the bloodstream, and the reason such a procedure doesn’t sound like a rational approach to disease prevention, or better health in any fashion, is because it isn’t.

  14. Very well written piece. My mind was made up years ago but nice to see some factually based articles that aren’t just preaching to the converted.

  15. Bravo! This was a really well written article especially in its ability to remain neutral and let the facts do the talking. The mainstream media are no longer writing balanced articles like this re vaccination and many other subjects. It’s also ironic that Bellybelly had to do their own survey! This type of survey should have been done by government and or the flagship media…but of course they are hesitent of doing a survey like this because they are scared of the results! They want to control the conversation and not the other way around!

  16. Excellent article, well balanced, factual and highlights very important aspects of this debate. In particular the focus on listening, parents wanting to be heard, how “anti vaxxers” are unfairly presented in the mainstream media and how their concerns are not being appropriately dealt with. Thank you

  17. Great article, very balanced, brave and informative. I find this debate very disturbing but education or lack thereof and unbiased information seems to be a big part of it. I am pro-choice and fully vaccinated my first child but after discovering my husband and I both have homozygous Mthfr we have done a tremendous amount of research and will not be vaccinating our second child, the negative health implications are just not worth it. We’re definitely not uneducated hippies as the current anti-vax stereotype would suggest! Thanks again.

  18. Our affluent western society has extraordinarily low levels of infant mortality, compared to any other society now or in the past, and vaccines (along with sanitation) are one of the main reasons for that.
    Adverse reactions, and in particular serious ones, are very rare. In unvaccinated populations, diseases such as polio and whooping cough are far less rare, and cause permanent damage and death.
    Parents who choose not to vaccinate are benefitting from the still-high rate of vaccination in our society, which makes the chances of infection remain low. With every child that goes unvaccinated, every child’s chance of infection by a deadly disease goes up.

    1. the most affluent western society, usa, has the highest infant mortality rates of first world countries, thats 6 per thousand, thats three times worse than some countires,… and the correlation to mandatory vax? worth looking into,…

  19. Thank you for writing this. It accurately reflects what parents of vaccine injured children have had to deal with. I love the comment where the parent explained her child couldn’t get a medical exemption despite a previous serious adverse event and she said “if anyone thinks this is a fair and safe system, think again”.

    That is the situation with my child too. He nearly died from seizures that began after the DTaP vaccine (seizures that have been associated with pertussis containing vaccines for decades now), and he still takes medication to control seizures, but he only qualified for an exemption to the DTaP, not to any other vaccines. I’m supposed to further risk his neurological health by experimenting and giving him more vaccines.

    So many people lament that vaccine rates could lower if we start talking about the serious adverse events caused by vaccines honestly and transparently. That may very well be the case. But right now we are trading potential complications and death from illnesses for complications and death from vaccines, and that is not a fair trade off – certainly not for the thousands of parents whose children’s lives have been derailed and who never agreed to be the “sacrificial lambs” for the rest of society.

    At the very least, there should be a huge focus on doing quality research that includes as many of the vaccine injured as possible, to determine what factors this group has in common, with the goal to pre-screen in the future and prevent these tragedies. As was mentioned in the article, the MTHFR gene mutations seem to come up quite a bit in vaccine injured circles, so perhaps that should be a research focus.

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