Exhausted? Get Excited – Researchers Have Found A New Way To Get More Energy

Exhausted? Get Excited - Researchers Have Found A New Way To Get More Energy

If you’re a parent, I’d be willing to bet, at some point, you’ve said something along the lines of: “My kids have so much energy; if only I could bottle it, and sell it, I’d be rich!”

Babies and toddlers equal lots of broken sleep, and as for older kids, well, they always seem to have an endless supply of energy – especially at bedtime when you’re hitting the wall.

Days of tiredness turn into weeks and months, as you drag yourself out of bed to face yet another day.

But don’t lose hope – a new discovery has come to the rescue.

What I’m about to tell you is based on science – and lots of it.

As with all my health-related articles, I’ll include study references for those who want to fact check.

Firstly I’ll explain how this article came about. Then I’ll summarise the science, and tell you how you can get some energy too – and fast.

My Energy: MIA


You remember – the stuff that makes you function like a normal member of society.

I remember a distinct feeling of wanting to feel alive again, not aimlessly wandering around in life like I was in a dream.

Then, at long last, my luck changed.

About 12 months ago, I had to fly to Sydney, after an extraordinarily long day in my home town of Melbourne.

My second-born daughter had just turned four. She’d had so many wakeful nights in a row that I’d lost count. I wasn’t sure whether it was one or two years worth… maybe all four.

By 4pm, the time at which I had to dash to the airport, I was already exhausted.  My 14 year old daughter was supposed to be home from high school – but she was late. She was going with me, so I couldn’t leave without her.

Eventually, I was on my way, fighting peak traffic to get to the airport. My eardrums were being assaulted non-stop, as my daughter complained about her day, her teachers, her homework and the kitchen sink, the whole way to the airport. 

The whole situation gave me a huge headache. And we almost missed our flight.

We were picked up at Sydney airport, by a friend, who needed our assistance at a big event. The venue would be packed with thousands of people, and there were four very long 12 to 15-hour days ahead of us.

Had I even thought this idea through properly?

These days I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 8pm.

As we were driving, I eventually admitted to my friend that I felt as though my head were caving in. I just needed to fall into a bed asap and sleep this off. He smiled and told me not to worry: he had something that would not only fix my headache, but give me a heap of energy. He was a wee bit excited about it.

As you can imagine, given his level of enthusiasm, I had to ask. “Is it actually legal?” Which, of course, it was.

OK, I was in! I needed to do something.

The Energy Solution

My friend dropped us off at our hotel room, and gave me a strip of greyish tablets. He told my daughter and I to put one tablet in a bottle of water, wait for 20 minutes to give it time to react, then drink it.

Naturally, I was hopeful (while also having scary visions of my teen being wide awake all night), but still quite skeptical. My friend always seemed to be ‘in the know’ about great health products that actually worked.

But more energy? It would take a miracle to fix up my ridiculously empty and rusted energy tank.

I don’t even get an energy burst from the caffeine in my tea – no matter how many cups I drank – but then I might have built up a high tolerance since toddlerhood, haha.

By the time we reached our room, my daughter and I were curious (OK, I was highly desperate at this point) to try this new and exciting ‘energy’ tablet.

So what was it exactly?

It was molecular hydrogen (H2) – not to be confused with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which is completely different.

The dissolvable tablets consists of a proprietary hydrogen matrix, which also contains magnesium to facilitate the necessary reaction. In case you don’t know already, magnesium is super important for so many functions in the human body, and is especially important during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For all the science fans out there, the tablets create hydrogen gas as the magnesium reacts with water, as follows: Mg + 2H2O => H2 + Mg(OH)2.

In other words, they turn regular water into hydrogen saturated water.

Doesn’t sound that impressive yet, right?

Wait until you find out what molecular hydrogen can do for you.

I’ll try not to make it sound like a boring high school chemistry lesson! Because once you hear what I’m about to tell you, you won’t think about that little H element in the same way ever again.

The Exciting Science Behind Molecular Hydrogen

Firstly, to reassure you that this isn’t a fad, you should know this:

There are currently 1,600 scientists worldwide studying molecular hydrogen, with more than 600 published studies and reviews – and the number is growing.

Scientists have suggested that molecular hydrogen might be beneficial in more than 170 diseases and for every organ in the human body.

Here are just a few examples of studies, in completely different areas, where molecular hydrogen is showing promise:

A study on body weight and obesity in middle-aged women was published in 2017.

It concluded: “It appears that orally administered H2 as a blend of hydrogen-generating minerals might be a beneficial agent in the management of body composition and insulin resistance in obesity”.

This study also said: “PGC-1α also functions as the organizer of mitochondrial biogenesis. Recently, it was reported that H2 enhances mitochondrial membrane potential in damaged sperm. Multiple functions of H2 may be elucidated at least partly through the multiple functions of PGC-1α”.

Another study from 2016 concluded: “…our experiments suggest that HRW [hydrogen rich water] may have great potential in the treatment of MS“.

There’s a great paper here from the ScienceDirect website, which references many studies. It concludes:

“H2 is easily applicable because it has no adverse effects and great efficacy on nearly all pathogenic states involved in oxidative stress and inflammation. Indeed, the clinical effects of H2 were positive in patients with more than 10 various diseases. Since most pharmacological drugs specifically act on their targets, H2 seems to differ from conventional drugs because of its extensive and various effects. H2 has great potential for preventive and therapeutic applications in many diseases owing to its great efficacy and its novel concept.”

Who doesn’t want a bit of that?

But back to the topic.

One thing you might remember from high school science lessons is that hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table.

And it’s the very first element in the table because it’s the smallest and lightest molecule in the universe.

Why does that even matter?

It means molecular hydrogen can go anywhere it wants to in the human body.

Molecular hydrogen can readily cross the blood-brain barrier and can enter all of our cells – including all the organelles and the nucleus. And it has the highest diffusion rate of any molecule or antioxidant, so it acts fast!

Molecular hydrogen is known as a medical gas, which means its administration has the potential to have biological and therapeutic benefits for our bodies.

According to research, molecular hydrogen:

  • Has been reported to exhibit anti-oxidant, anti-apoptotic (preventing cell death), anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-cancer effects
  • Neutralises or reduces the most harmful free radical (the hydroxyl radical), converting it to water
  • Does not neutralise other free radicals that are required by the body for normal function
  • Acts as a selective anti-oxidant, and helps your body naturally produce (upregulate) other antioxidants, such as glutathione, catalase, and superoxide dismutase
  • Helps athletes recover faster from workouts
  • Is non-toxic and easily administered
  • Rapidly diffuses into tissues and cells
  • Is mild enough neither to disturb metabolic redox reactions nor to affect signaling reactive oxygen species; therefore, there should be no or little adverse effects of H2

One of the biggest therapeutic benefits of H2 is its ability to reduce oxidative stress.

And the most exciting thing: research indicates that H2 doesn’t just deal with symptoms, but also tackles the cause of the problems, including those due to gene expression.

At this point, you might be considering shoving a whole bucketload of molecular hydrogen down your throat, to gain all these wonderful, healing, and energy-giving benefits.

And, just in case you were wondering, you can’t overdose on H2.

There’s no evidence to suggest you can take too much H2, unlike some other antioxidants. Even so, I wouldn’t suggest having a bucketful all at once.

But How Does It Help Your Energy Level?

Scientists currently know five main ways in which molecular hydrogen can provide our bodies with more energy – and there are probably more ways waiting to be discovered.

One way H2 helps provide us with more energy is via a molecule called ATP, which is known as the ‘energy currency’ of a cell. When ATP is broken down into ADP, energy is released. This energy drives many cellular activities.

Remember, H2 can enter all parts of a cell. Therefore it can work its magic on our cells responsible for energy production.

Molecular hydrogen has been shown to reduce oxidative stress in cells and in the mitochondria (a cell’s power producer). It also helps the mitochondria perform more efficiently; it can increase or maintain normal ATP (energy) production.

It can also increase cell metabolism, and has even shown promise in damaged and compromised mitochondria.

How Can You Get Molecular Hydrogen Into Your Cells?

Easy. You put molecular hydrogen in your water, like we did. You can buy it here.

Simply fill a water bottle (250 ml to 1 litre) right up to the very top lip, then drop in a tablet, seal the bottle, and wait for 20 minutes before drinking the water.

Don’t shake the bottle. And if it’s glass, don’t fill it right to the brim. I’ve seen bottles explode, due to the gas created.

The concentration of H2 in your water increases over time, so you can leave your bottle for 90 minutes, or even overnight if you want to, provided it’s stored properly.

You can take H2 twice per day, and if you need an extra boost, you can double up the dosage, as I did.

You can either purchase a pack of molecular hydrogen tablets (they come in a pack of 60, which lasts a month), or purchase a filter, or product that adds H2 to your water. Different methods can achieve different concentration levels of H2.

A pack of molecular hydrogen is much cheaper than your daily cup(s) of coffee, and it may even have significant benefits for your health – something you truly can’t put a price on.

So, How Did We Feel After Taking Molecular Hydrogen?

An hour after taking the molecular hydrogen, I felt compelled to contact my friend to tell him I couldn’t believe the result. I felt so much clarity and focus that I decided to stay up and work until I felt sleepy!

My headache was gone, and my daughter was bouncing off the walls.

The four-day, 12-hours-per-day event we attended was the perfect opportunity to test it out. Not only did I last the whole four days (I doubled up my dose to be sure!), but in helping my friend sell water products at his stand, I met so many people who kept coming back. After trialling a tablet of H2, they wanted more. Some even bought cartons of it.

My friend shared stories of paramedics and nurses, who bought it to lift their energy levels during night shifts, and elderly patients who had speedier recoveries from illness and surgery after taking it…. It all sounded very exciting.

I’m looking forward to the discoveries which lie ahead, but meanwhile I’m absolutely loving the reactions from my family when they take molecular hydrogen for the first time! They report more focus, and say the afternoon slump either isn’t there, or is nowhere near as bad.

Molecular hydrogen won’t make you ping off the wall or feel abnormal. You’ll simply feel like you’re functioning at your best. You still might be a bit tired – especially if you’re chronically sleep deprived – but if it works as it did for me, the fog will lift, and you’ll be able to get on with life.

Oh, and how does it taste? Hydrogen water has a slight taste to it, but nothing that will stop you from drinking it.

Find out more about molecular hydrogen here.

More Effective Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels

There are other important aspects that will help you with your journey towards more energy which I must mention, because they do work. The more areas you address, the more energy you’ll get to enjoy.

Exercise in the morning, even a brisk 30 minute walk, will unlock energy. It will help get your cells moving and your blood pumping. When you move, your cells move.

Starting the day with a healthy, filling breakfast is important too.

If you start the day with foods high in carbs or sugar,  you will go on a blood sugar level rollercoaster, which will leave you craving more carbs and sugar throughout the day. You’ll feel hungrier sooner too. By eating enough protein and good fats, you will feel full and your energy (and blood sugar) levels will be more stable.

Here are 13 healthy breakfast ideas which will make your mouth water!

Finally, make sure you have good sleep hygiene, so you wake up feeling as rested and refreshed as possible.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. The opinions and experiences, however, are our own. We only suggest and recommend products we think are beneficial and will add value.
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