A More Confident Birth Experience... Guaranteed.

What would that be worth to you, your partner and your baby?

Level Up Your Birth Skills

Do you want to feel informed, confident and prepared for birth and early parenthood, rather than anxious, doubtful or fearful, wondering if you truly have what it takes?

Want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've been taught by some of the very best educators Australia has to offer?

Partners: how would you like some effective, ninja-level tools you can use during the birth and after, so you can be the best birth support person possible? (If you master some specific skills we'll be teaching, you'll both feel more connected and proud of your efforts).

Want it fast (and at an amazing bargain)?! 

Then this is for you.

You probably know of some friends or family who decided to 'go with the flow' during childbirth and ended up with a tonne of intervention. It's really common.

With the maternity system in its current state, if you want the best birth possible, you can't afford NOT to get yourself properly educated and informed about giving birth. You, your partner and your baby will depend on it. Hospital birth classes are NOT enough.


Here's what you're getting by investing in the BellyBelly Birth & Early Parenting Immersion, and how it can help you NOW.

  • Big Benefit #1: Significantly Increase Your Chances Of A Positive Experience - Including A Healthy Mama and Baby

    Ask any parent-to-be about the biggest fear they have about giving birth, and 99.9% of the time, the answer is about something happening to their baby. 

    No-one can guarantee any outcomes. There's no formula for a perfect birth, and some women and babies will simply need assistance to be born.



    • The skill of the people supporting a labouring woman (while the doctors and midwives are out the room, which is most of the time) and;
    • The education given to pregnant couples 


    ... plays a significant role in the outcome of birth. Not only in the way of having a positive experience, but having a healthy baby and mother too.

    Our Maternity System Is In CRISIS


    Which is why you MUST sit up and take an active role in your own education... especially if it's important to you to have a normal birth as possible.


    Not only are maternity hospitals completely over-worked and under-staffed, but 1 in 3 babies are being born by c-section. There's nothing wrong with a c-section if you need it.


    However 1 in 3 women's bodies are not broken. The maternity system is. 


    In some hospitals, around 50% of first time mothers-to-be are having their labours induced, which increases their chances of c-section, due to fetal distress.


    These rates are well in excess of World Health Organization recommendations, meaning more interventions are being performed than are needed to save lives. 

    Around 20% of women will need interventions to save theirs or their baby's life. Thank goodness for the life-saving technology we have.


    However, that leaves a huge percent of women who may be having unnecessary interventions, adding risk to what could have been a normal birth, leaving women feeling broken and disappointed, rather than accomplished and proud.

    In addition, 1 in 7 new mothers are diagnosed with post-natal depression.


    A disappointing or traumatic birth experience can infiltrate into your parenting journey too. In fact, it's recently been featured in the media that PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is being seen in an increasing number of new mothers.


    This is insane... birth should not be this way.

    This is why you MUST get your birth eduction and preparation from those who know the system inside and out (but are not bound to it), and are highly skilled at helping women and their partners achieve the outcomes they hope for, despite the challenges. 

  • Big Benefit #2: Unlimited, Front Seat Access To The Event... From Your Sofa

    Some may see this as the biggest benefit yet... 

    Since you'll have access to a video recording, you'll get to learn loads of awesome information from the superstar speakers at BellyBelly Birth and Early Parenting Immersion... from the comfort of your very own home.  

    You can watch the Immersion snuggled up with your partner, in your favourite pyjamas, while eating peanut butter and caramel ice-cream. Or while telling your partner to go and get that specific chocolate bar from some obscure little milk bar a few suburbs away. 

    Annnnd... you can pause the videos to pee as many times as you like. 


    Best of all, you can watch the videos over and over again, soaking up more of the great information with each viewing... 'cos... pregnancy brain...

  • Big Benefit #3: Create An Experience You'll Remember Forever

    Most pregnant couples spend a great deal of time researching the very best for their baby.


    The very best prams, cots, baby seats, baby carriers etc... and they spend a fortune on them too.

    However, few couples spend time thinking about investing in the very best birth education, not realising what they're heading into. Even though you won't remember what baby car seat you chose, you will remember what happened at your birth. Lots of emotion will be attached to it too... birth stories get passed on for generations.

    Many couples leave birth up to chance, waiting to see what happens and going with the flow, because they think you can't plan or control the birth outcome.


    You could wait and see... but you might not like what you find. 

    With GREAT information, you can be in control of the birth process, instead of it being in control of you. No matter what course your birth takes, you can have an experience where you know you did the very best you could. 

    Everyone speaking at the BellyBelly Birth and Early Parenting Immersion believes in your ability to have an amazing birth experience.


    All you need is the right information to help make that happen.


    Please hear me well when I say this: hospital birth classes alone are NOT enough to give you the best chance at that birth you want.


    A recent study found regular hospital based classes resulted in more c-sections, interventions and even newborn resuscitations compared to a class which offered drug-free tools for coping with pain.

    We'll give you lots of tools, tips and tricks to work with labour pain, which especially gives partners a huge confidence boost.


    They'll have more confidence because they know they can really help, in ways other than offering the option of drugs. 

You're not only getting a huge bargain, hearing from all of these amazing educators in the one room for the very first time, but I'm also going to throw in some bonuses for you.


I love giving people fantastic information, because I know how life changing it can be... especially when it comes to birth and early parenting. 

But what I'm really passionate about is setting birthing women (and their partners!) up to succeed.

I'm not going to leave you stranded... I want to give you all the support I can to help you have the best birth and early parenting journey possible.


So in addition to 11 amazing, birth-changing videos, this is what I'm including:

  • Bonus #1: Get Access To Our Exclusive Attendee Only Support Group

    When you place your order, you'll get access to BellyBelly's exclusive, private group for attendees only. You can start asking questions, sharing experiences and getting to know people just like you - people who care about the birth experience and want the very best outcome possible.  

  • Bonus #2: Facebook Live Sessions/Bonus Video Content

    The support and information doesn't end after you've finished watching all the powerful talks from the BellyBelly Immersion. We KNOW you'll probably have questions, and some very big shifts in your thinking. Rest assured, we'll keep providing you with the same fabulous information and Q&A sessions, so you won't be left scratching your head. We'll keep filling you up with the good stuff! 

  • Bonus #3: A Copy of "6 Secrets To A Better Birth Experience"

    You'll be getting a FREE copy of Kelly's new eBook, 6 Secrets To A Better Birth Experience: Six Simple Steps That Can Change Everything.

    You're definitely going to get your money's worth, with all this great information.

So, you're getting the video recordings of some of our most game-changing birth and early parenting speakers, access to our exclusive support group, an eBook giving you 6 secrets to a better birth experience, and lifetime access to all of this to watch over and over, all for a bargain price! 


The cost to get all these amazing people in a beautiful location to speak a day's worth of their best content doesn't come cheap... but I want to make it as accessible for you as possible.

Your baby will kick your bladder if you miss this awesome opportunity to level up your skills, tools and knowledge for birth and early parenthood. Click the button below, and LET'S DO THIS!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this important information. I hope it's the start of an exciting new journey for you! Either way, my sincere hope is that you have an amazing birth experience.


Love and support,


Kelly Winder
Creator, BellyBelly xx

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