In-Liven Dosage Guide

Below is the recommended dosage plan put together by BellyBelly’s health expert, Tracey Habron.

Getting Started With In-Liven

The below dosage plan provides a gradual build-up to the full dose, rather than what is on the bottle, as this way, its easier to get used to the taste, and if you have any detox side effects (which are minimal e.g. headaches) you will be on a lower dose anyway. If you are having trouble taking the In-Liven, cut right back to a quarter of a teaspoon and then start the dosage plan below and/or try different drinks to mix it in.

Dosage Plan

0.5 t, once a day for 2 days

0.5 t, twice a day for 2 days

1.0 t, twice a day for 3 days

1.5 t, twice a day for 14 days

1.0 t, twice a day for 3 days

1.0 t, once a day, ongoing (take more if you want — some people take 4 spoons a day, some people take 2 spoons a day)

t = teaspoon

Toddlers & Children

For toddlers and children, you can build up just the same, but only up to a quarter of a teaspoon.

What to Take It In?

You can take the powder in fruit juice, veggie juice, drinking yoghurt or even water – anything except citrus juices. Some find Jalna drinking yoghurt good, nudie juices (I can personally recommend! Try the mango & passionfruit or the darker berry ones) and smoothies are yummy. In-liven is best taken 30 minutes before you eat if you can — but not essential, just optimal. Take 50ml of your chosen liquid and add the powder and down like a shot – no worse in taste than wheatgrass. Make sure the powder is well dispersed through the liquid. I used a milk frother that I purchased from Coles in the coffee aisle for $5 although you can buy upmarket milk frothers form homeware stores for $10 to $15. A very worthwhile investment as it mixes it in really well.

Some Tips

1. Please use real measuring spoons – not any old teaspoon that is in the kitchen drawer, so you know you are taking the right dose.

2. Follow the program closely as even though it is a natural food product, it is an excellent detoxifier and some people may react to too much too quickly.

3. If at any stage you experience headaches, nausea or detox symptoms then drop back to the previous dose for 2 days and then try an increased dose again.

4. Once you have completed the above program, just take a spoon a day — if you want to take more, you can. I take it twice a day and a friend takes it 4 times a day.

Every three to four months, increase the dosage to 1.5t a day for 14 days. This will boost your body. Always good to do as the seasons change.

If you have any further questions, please let me know. Don't forget to let me know what you are currently taking or about to take, so I can help you get the best out of your products. You can also jump into the forum discussion on the BellyBelly website if you haven't already, where lots of us are chatting about everything In-Liven and Fast-Tract! It's a good way to support each other through the process! Enjoy!

To chat with others taking In-Liven, there are In-Liven and Mi-Essence forums here.

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