Increase Your Chances Of A Safe & Natural Birth And Avoid Interventions And Major Surgery
You have a choice. There is a better way to give birth
 with the right knowledge. 
Today, around half of first time pregnant mamas-to-be will be induced into labour with synthetic hormones and injected with harmful drugs, dramatically increasing the risk of unnecessary cesarean section, episiotomy surgery, and postnatal anxiety and depression. 

The BellyBelly Immersion brings you the leading birth experts and medical professionals to empower you to have a choice how your birth goes and what is right for your baby. 
  • Be armed with the right information and your rights as a woman and mother in the current hospital birthing system.
  •  Understand the safe and natural alternatives to synthetic hormones, and the standard surgical approach to birth.
  •  Learn practical strategies and exercises for you and your partner to be confident and have peace of mind in the lead up to your big day. 
  •  Easy to understand video format, no overwhelm with endless books to read and no medical knowledge needed. 

Dear Mama to be, 

Did you know most expecting mothers are completely underprepared when it comes time to head to the hospital on the big day? 

I did what many women do, which is to go-with-the-flow and not do much preparation, trusting that the doctor and hospital would take care of everything, and it would all be OK. But the reality was I had a traumatic first birth experience that affected me for long after that day, and I don’t want that to happen to you.
Why ‘Going With The Flow’ During Your Pregnancy & Birth Can Derail You From The Birth You Really Want
The problem is, the ‘flow’ in the United States, Australia, and many other developed western countries, is an under resourced hospital system that is forced to push through patients as fast as possible and minimise insurance liability. 
Sadly this results in an emphasis on using drugs and artificial intervention for your birth whether it’s appropriate for you or not. 
Despite this, you can have a birth that is according to your body’s natural rhythm, avoid harmful pharmaceuticals with unknown side effects, and stop unnecessary major surgical procedures from happening to you - without any medical training or having to read countless books. 
You just need to have the right information and know what to say and ask of health professionals, know how to prepare yourself and your partner, and who to turn to if things don’t go to plan. 

This is why we sought out the best independent specialists, midwives, therapists, and health professionals, and created the BellyBelly Immersion, a 5 part online program for pregnant mothers like you who want the best chance of a natural birth with no complications that endanger you or your baby. 
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Why I Created The BellyBelly Immersion
About the Author / Creator 
Kelly Winder, Founder Of The Immersion & 
It’s taken me 16 years and having three children, becoming a registered doula, birth writer, and founding one of the biggest pregnancy blogs on the internet to know what I know now, and to be able to bring this program to you. 
But not only just that, I’ve been through a hospitalised, drug induced birth and postnatal depression after my first baby. It was after that, that I woke up to what the synthetic hormones and drugs were doing to my body.
 I then had two subsequent births that were drug free. The difference I felt in my self esteem, confidence as a mother, and connection to my children was nothing short of a revelation. 
You don’t have to have one or two births to have this realisation or to go through depression or unnecessary surgery, you can have it now, before your baby is born.

Even if you genuinely need a c-section, an induction or other type of assisted birth, being equipped with this information, you’ll know you gave it the very best chance you could for a natural, joyful birth experience. 

For the first time, we are making the full Immersion Program available for only $19 (usually $97)
The BellyBelly Immersion will take you through the crucial steps to ensure you have a smooth, complication-free, and natural birth in 5 primary video modules. 
  •  Module 1: Know Your Rights And Choices Around Birth
  • The state of birth today in hospitals in the USA, Australia, and other western cultures.
  • How to navigate the system to maximise your choices get what you want from your pregnancy and birth. 
  • Module 2: Prepare Your Family & Partner: 
  • Truly set your partner up for success to empower you and your baby
  • Recognise the difference between support and sympathy
  •  Ways to communicate better before, during, and after the birth
  •  Module 3: Choosing Your Birth Environment, Hospital Or Home:
  •  How to avoid major interventions ay hospital
  •  What to look out for when choosing your hospital 
  •  A look at the benefits of having your birth at home 
  • Module 4: Prepare Your Body For Labour & Birth. 
  •  Natural and easy to follow exercises to naturally facilitate birth
  •  Different birth positions for more comfort and ease
  •  Natural pain relief strategies
  •  Module 5: Prepare For The Hours and Days After Birth 
  •  Understand what you and your baby will go through 
  •  Recognise what's normal as your baby develops
  •  Strategies for you to cope and thrive as a new mama
Learn from some of the MOST RECOGNISED authorities ON PREGNANCY & BIRTH
Module1: Know Your Rights And Choices Around Birth:
Featured Presenter RHEA DEMPSEY
Rhea Dempsey is the foremost expert on natural births in Australia and has trained as a childbirth educator, counsellor, and author and she’s attended more than 1,000 births in hospitals and at home as a birth attendant and midwife. 

In the BellyBelly Immersion, Rhea explains what you need to know to be fully prepared to give birth, what to expect when entering a mainstream public or private hospital, and how to overcome barriers to a natural and safe birth that is right for you and your baby. 

Rhea debunks the common misconceptions around birth and dealing with labour pain. 
She explains in detail the essential role of your body’s natural oxytocin hormone and natural pain relief endorphins. 

Module 2: Prepare Your Partner & Family
Featured Therapist JARED OSBORNE
Men’s Coach and Transformative Psychotherapist Jared Osborne, has been featured on ABC television on multiple occasions teaching men about sex, relationships, and being grounded in themselves as men and fathers. 

In the BellyBelly Immersion, Jared shares practical strategies for men in the birthing room, how they can be present and truly support you through labor to set you both up for success. 

You’ll also learn: 
Three of the biggest issues that affect relationships (particularly men) during pregnancy and after the birth. 

Find out about some of the biggest changes and challenges that most couples don’t expect, and how to stay connected and kick butt as new parents.

Module 3. Choosing Your Birth Environment 
Featured Obstetrician Dr. RAVI KASHYAP
Pro-Choice and Woman-Friendly Doctor: Dr. Ravi Kashyap is an obstetrician and gynaecologist working in a private practice in Melbourne. 
His philosophy supports natural labour as much as possible, while having the skills and experience to cope with any emergency or complication that may arise. 
Dr. Kashyap supports VBAC (vaginal birth after previous caesarean) and vaginal birth of twins. 

In the BellyBelly Immersion, Dr. Kashyap shares how to have a more empowering birth in a hospital setting. 

You'll also learn: 
What you need to know about giving birth in a hospital and how to choose the RIGHT hospital and the right team to be around you. 

Learn various ways you can have a positive birth experience.

Module 3. Choosing Your Birth Environment 
Featured Midwife BELINDA HENKEL
Belinda “Catcher Of Babies” Henkel has been a Midwife Since 1986, Belinda has worked as a midwife in hospitals and birth centres (both private and public) and now supports women to birth at home. 
With many raving fans as well as requests to speak at birth events, Belinda is a much loved Melbourne midwife. 

In the BellyBelly Immersion, Belinda shares tips and insights from an experienced and wise midwife. 
Belinda also de-bunks myths and misconceptions about giving birth at home. 

Module 4. Prepare Your Body For Labour & Birth 
Featured Birth Speaker & Trainer: 
Ginny Phang-Davey has 15 years experience as a doula and has helped deliver more than 1200 babies. She is also a Spinning Babies approved trainer since 2015.

In the BellyBelly Immersion, Ginny shares how you can have an easier, shorter, more relaxed and comfortable birth through body balancing techniques, maternal rest-smart positions and other daily pregnancy essentials. 

Ginny also demonstrates techniques which you can practice at home to be in touch with your body and better facilitate your baby’s starting position in the womb for labour. 

Module 4. Prepare Your Body For Labour & Birth 
Featured Chinese Medicine Doctor 
More than 10 years ago, Chris began working with (a lot of!) pregnant women at the BellyBelly Pregnancy Centre.

Due to the skill and expertise he developed in this area, midwives and pregnant women now flock to see him whenever they want to get labour moving, have breech babies or other issues. 

Chris comes highly recommended in pregnancy and birth circles, as a ‘birthy’ go-to Doctor of Chinese Medicine.
Module 5: Prepare For The Hours and Days After Birth
Featured Birth Educator Dr. LAEL STONE 
Every New Mama’s Best Friend: Lael Stone, Birth Educator, Aware Parenting Instructor 

In the BellyBelly Immersion, Lael shares what new mamas need to thrive in their role coping with crying and reduced sleep. 

You'll also learn why self-care is critical to your mental health as a new mother – and how to do it with a newborn Forming a new tribe and integrating your new mother identity. 

"What my first birth was like.. and what you can learn from it."
When I arrived to the birth ward at hospital for my first child, I was anxious about the midwives I was about to meet. I had begun labour, and things started to take time. 
Too much time according to the obstetrician on duty. 
“I’m going to break your waters” he said, then he also started the synthetic hormone IV drip they had me connected to. 
This was not what I wanted. But I felt he was the expert and I should just go with it. Like most pregnant women, I was full of fear about losing my baby - so best to stay quiet, right?
Not long after the drip started, my contractions accelerated into a constant pounding that felt like one huge continuous contraction. I ended up yelling,“OMG I’m going to die,” with my palms clenched and my eyes tightly shut.
I tried gas for pain relief. It was awful. I vomited. 
It felt like my head was blowing up like a balloon and all fuzzy, but I could still feel all the pain, everything exactly the same. 
I felt like I had no control over the situation at all. 

I felt like there was nothing else for me to do but yell for the epidural, and that’s what I did. My dreams of a natural birth were dashed and I felt like a failure. 
After the birth, I had a healthy baby boy but my confidence in my abilities as a mother, my instincts for what’s right for my body and baby, even who I am as a person were deeply shaken. 
I fell into a deep postnatal depression and was prescribed yet more drugs, antidepressants, which didn’t really help. 

It wasn’t until I realised that it was this whole artificial hurried process, synthetic oxytocin, and lack of a proper support structure, that had undermined my self esteem and natural body processes, and I started a journey to really understand how to do this birth thing right with evidence based information and practical advice from people who have been there and done it, countless times. 

This is why I want to help you to reduce your chances of becoming a statistic in the system, of having a disappointing experience and wondering what the heck happened. 
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The BellyBelly Immersion Program
Get immediate access to over 5 hours of birth education from leading health professionals, therapists, and authors.
Part 1: Know What You’re Getting Into : The State Of Birth Today - and know your Rights And Choices Around Birth 

Part 2: Prepare Your Family & Partner: Truly set them up for success to empower you and your baby

Part 3: Choosing Your Birth Environment, Hospital Or Home: And How To Navigate Modern Hospitals & Avoid Major Interventions 

Part 4: Prepare Your Body For Labour & Birth. 
Use natural methods to Feel Comfortable With Your Body, and have the best chance of a straightforward birth free of complications.  

Part 5: Prepare For The Hours and Days After Birth - Understand What You and your baby Will Go Through, understand what’s normal. 
We give you 30 days to login to the program and see the materials and if you're not 100% satisfied with the knowledge presented we'll refund your money, no problem
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