Kathryn (Astrolady)

When did you become a BellyBelly Moderator?

June 2003, Administrator June 2005

What forums do you moderate?

Administrator – all.

What is your favourite forum?

The S.A. Local Member Discussion Forum, because we all meet on a regular basis, so I know the girls in real life as well, followed closely by everything else.

What do you love about being a Moderator?

To be able to help people out not matter what their issue be it change usernames etc. I just like helping as Kelly well knows lol.

Real name and age?

Kathryn, 29



Where do you live?

South Australia

What family do you live with?

Husband – Andrew, Kids – Kameron & Lachlan

What are your hobbies?

Geo-Caching, Storm Chasing, Cross-Stiching

Current Occupation?


Who are your support people?

My Mum, and some wonderful friends that I have made on BellyBelly

Your favourite music groups?

The Doors & Queen

Your favourite movies?

Top Gun & Apollo 13

Your favourite books/magazines?

V C Andrews Novels

Your favourite foods?

Corned beef with vegies

Your favourite alcoholic drink?

Kahlua with Milk or Baileys (straight)

Your favourite holiday destination(s)?

Flinders Ranges SA

Are you a morning or a night person?


If you had three wishes for yourself, to use only for you, what would you wish for?

New clothes (sick of my daggy stuff!), an instantly toned body, a personal chef LOL

How many children do you think you would like?

I’d probably like 3 but we are having 2

Do you have a goal/dream for yourself in life?

To be the best wife/mother I possibly can

Do you have a favourite motto or saying in life?

Nothing that comes to mind, but it used to be FIGJAM!!

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