Kelly (BellyBelly)

When did you become a BellyBelly Moderator?

On the 22nd Feb, 2003 when the Forums opened. BellyBelly was the first account to be set up in the Forums!

What forums do you moderate?

As an Administrator, all.

What is your favourite forum?

I like three particularly…

  • The Moderators Forum, because I am always in awe of how well the Moderating Team works so well together and how we make group decisions
  • Labour & Birth, because it’s where my passion lies, especially since starting my birth course
  • Adults Only. It’s always guaranteed to have you in stitches, even after the worst of days. It’s just like therapy LOL! I also enjoy AO because those who chat there are responsible and mature. Issues are discussed with respect and open-mindness – far from being sleezy or tacky.

What do you love about being a Moderator:

I love so many things about running the Forums which is probably a good thing because so many things drive me crazy too LOL! As mentioned I love seeing the Moderators working so well together, I love the amazing words of support and encouragement from members and the deeply heart-felt thanks I receive from so many of you. It really does keep me going and encourages me to make so much more of BellyBelly. I do not love shared servers and dealing with tech support.

Real name and date of birth?

Kelly, 18th April 1979 (26)



Where do you live?


What family do you live with?

John, Marisa, Elijah and Simba the fearless cat. And little tropical fishies 🙂

What are your hobbies?

I have no time for hobbies! I like shopping, especially when I know I have money that I can spend (and not pay bills with!). I love going out to dinner, doing the friends and family thing, going to Gold Class Cinemas… after going Gold Class once, there is just no going back, luckily I don’t go often!!!

Current occupation?

Running BellyBelly, Toys4Tikes and come November 2005 I will have completed my Birth Attendant training. I hope to attend one or two births a month.

Who are your support people?

My hubby John, the BellyBelly Moderators and BellyBelly in general. I also have some very special friends I couldn’t live without. They know who they are 🙂

Your favourite music groups?

I’m a dance/club chick from way back, but I also love Silverchair in a huge way!

Your favourite movies?

Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Pirates of the Carribean, Troy. I can also closely relate to The Wog Boy and My Big Fat Greek Wedding so I watch that for a laugh every now and again. Oh and The Castle – a brilliant Aussie comedy that!

Your favourite books/magazines?

Haven’t read much for leisure in ages, but I have several piles of pregnancy and birth books to get through for my course and for interest. My favourite I have read so far would have to be ‘Active Birth’ by Janet Balaskas. A real eye opener and a must read for pregnant women. Also, aside from my course I have read ‘Things Mothers Do – Especially When it Looks Like Nothing’ by Naomi Stadlen. It provides such peace of mind for mums.

Your favourite foods?

Roasts, Greek food… as long as it isn’t spicy I will probably eat it!

Your favourite alcoholic drink?

Vodka and orange although I have been waiting to try vanilla vodka. Cailin tells me that when mixed with lemonade, it tastes like fairy floss… YUM!

Your favourite holiday destination(s)?

I am so fussy with holidays! We honeymooned in the Maldives which was heaven on earth, so if I could choose anything it would probably be somewhere else similar that was secluded and exotic. I hate going to the same place twice – too much to see in such a short time! I would be very picky as to when I went too, as I don’t like humid or hot climates. I also want to travel to New Zealand, the UK (my family is English but never been there!) and also Europe. I’ve done quite a bit of travel around south east Asia and I don’t want to head back there again. End of novel!

Are you a morning or a night person?

Mid morning!

If you had three wishes for yourself, to use only for you, what would you wish for?

1) To have a happy and healthy life
2) Enough money to be comfortable and secure, so I don’t have to worry about paying bills and so I can splurge every now and again. I would love to take a regular holiday or go on a big clothes shop! Sick of mummy clothes!
3) To have a fit and healthy body that stays that way even when I splurge on naughty foods!

How many children do you think you would like?


Do you have a goal/dream for yourself in life?

I have very big dreams, which I will work towards endlessly none the less! I want to continue promoting the significance of instinct during pregnancy, birth and baby, to hopefully facilitate change in current society.

Do you have a favourite motto or saying in life?

Follow your heart. Trust your body, trust your baby and most of all trust your instincts.