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"How lovely to have a website, by mums for mums, which is informative, supportive, fun and best of all its Australian. Well done Guys." " Jacqui " BB member since 04

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Introduction to BellyBelly

Australia’s friendliest and most respected online parenting social network.

By Advertising with BellyBelly (BB) you will reach a growing, active " and largely 'unduplicated' – online social network of mothers and mothers to be, who are highly loyal and engaged with 'their' site. In mid 2008 the first BellyBelly Pregnancy Centre will open in Canterbury in Melbourne " providing a supportive environment, expert advice and information on conception, pregnancy and motherhood. Advertisers can reach BellyBelly members through opportunities such as integrated content, emailed newsletters, display ads and unique member sampling opportunities.

BellyBelly was launched in 2003 and is one of the largest independently owned and operated Australian parenting sites. BellyBelly is known as Australia’s friendliest and most respected online parenting social network.

BB has approx 15,864 members and adds approx _ members each week. Unlike other parenting sites, BB 'cleans' its' member data base on a regular basis.

BellyBelly's membership are:

  • 99% Australian women
  • 90% aged 25+
  • 96% are the main grocery shopper for their households
  • 15% are trying to conceive
  • 36% are pregnant
  • 38% have a child aged 0-12 months
  • 75% have 1 or more children
  • 63% are planning to have another child
  • 17% are 'undecided'
  • 73% use the internet more than once daily
    Source: BellyBelly Member Survey February 2008

BellyBelly in the News

BellyBelly receives regular press and media mentions. Click here to see some recent examples.

Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Features

Advertisers can reach the BellyBelly audience through a range of options:

Home Page, Forums & ROS:

  • Integrated Advertorial " graphic + text
  • Banner (leaderboard/standard)
  • Island Ad (medium rectangle)
    Target your product or service to a contextually relevant environment
  • BB Articles & Sections
  • Monthly Advertising Feature
  • BB Forums
  • BB Members Newsletter – Sent weekly to approx 11,000 members
  • EDM Data Base – Two email sends available to an exclusive advertiser, per month
  • Online Surveys " get qual and quant results for your products and services from BellyBelly members
  • Competitions, product launches and special offers " build your data base and generate direct response
  • Directory Listing – free & paid listings available
  • BellyBelly Pregnancy Centre – a 'bricks and mortar' centre which opened in early June 2008, based in Canterbury in Melbourne's Baby Belt " UNIQUE viral opportunity.

Advertising Features List

Each month on BellyBelly editorial features appear on a key parenting topic where advertising is available:

July – Baby & Child Safety
July – Buying for Baby
Aug – Parenting and the Environment
Sept – Nutrition and Feeding Your Baby
Oct – Online Maternity Shopping
Oct – Planning Your Family Holiday
Nov – XMAS Gift Guide
Nov – Home Computers and Technology
Dec – Holiday to do Guide

To submit editorial and/or advertise please email Liz for further details.

BellyBelly Sampling Opportunity – Special Offer

96% of BellyBelly members rank 'word or mouth' as 'important' or 'very important' in influencing their purchase decisions.
Generate 'word of mouth' within BellyBelly’s 'on and offline' social network – email us for further information.

Products & Services Directory

Businesses can reach the BellyBelly audience by placing their listings within over 60 categories.

Advertising Material Specifications and Deadlines

Banner (standard) " 468×60 pixels + url link
Banner (leaderboard) – 728×90 pixels + url link
Medium Rectangle – 300×250 pixels + url link
Tiles – 180×150 pixels + url link
Graphic + text (BB competitions)

BellyBelly accepts all forms of third party ad serving.

Advertising Formats

.gif " max file size 20k
flash " max file size 30k

Please supply .gif only format for any newsletters. When supplying flash files please supply .gif back-up.

All advertising is scheduled on a calendar month basis, material is due 20th of month prior

Please email all material to Liz Casey.

Advertising Terms and Conditions

All advertising is offered subject to availability at time of booking.

Sound contained within ads must be user generated. Advertising will not be accepted within the following categories:

  • Gambling
  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Tobacco
  • Adult services

BellyBelly does not accept advertising promoting baby/infant formula and dietary supplements.

BellyBelly sites and approves all creative and advertising before going live and reserves the right to reject any creative which it deems inappropriate. BellyBelly will endeavour to place, as scheduled, material not received by the stated material deadline. Where advertising cannot be placed, due to late material delivery, it will be scheduled in the next available position and charged according to the original booking.

Further Advertising Terms and Conditions please click here

BellyBelly Privacy Policy

BellyBelly Site Map

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BellyBelly Online Store

Browse and select from a growing range of maternity, pregnancy and baby products in our Online Store.

Contact BellyBelly

We welcome your comments, feedback and enquiries on BellyBelly. Please contact:

Editorial Enquiries – Liz Casey (email is
Advertising Enquiries " Liz Casey (email is
Media Enquiries – Kelly Zantey (email is

About Us

Link to BellyBelly from your site!

Do you have your own site? Offer your audience an informative and highly respected resource by linking them to BellyBelly.

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Title: Pregnancy, Birth & Baby ~ BellyBelly

Description: Prepare for pregnancy, birth and baby online at BellyBelly! Feel reassured, educated and informed with the best support and information available at your fingertips. is Australia’s friendliest and most respected online parenting social network, where we explain everything in black and white, without the jargon, so you can make your own informed decisions on all things conception, pregnancy, birth and baby. No fluff. Real stuff.

BellyBelly Logo

BellyBelly Pregnancy Centre

"Your Centre so rightly reclaims pregnancy and birth as a healthy, empowering stage of life, that provides a wonderful transition to parenthood. I am so looking forward to seeing BellyBelly Pregnancy Centres in all cities and towns across Australia!" " David Vernon, Childbirth Author & Writer

"What a truly great idea! Kelly’s plan to provide a warm and welcoming space dedicated to supporting women as they explore their choices in maternity care is long overdue. It’ll be a healthful, happy place full of positive energy to nurture all childbearing women. GO BELLYBELLY!" " Brenda Manning, Midwife

BellyBelly Centre for Natural Fertility, Pregnancy, Labour & Post-Natal Care

Opened in June 2008.