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When I first started running BellyBelly, I moderated the forums on my own. It wasn’t long and the forums had become relatively busy. I was soon approached by two lovely ladies who became BellyBelly’s first Moderators.

Deciding to make them Moderators was a very difficult decision at the time and had caught me off guard, because I hadn’t really thought about the prospect of more Moderators yet! I knew that the Moderators I chose would guide the way the site would grow, so it was a very important decision to make. It could mean the success or failure of BellyBelly’s Forums.

Today, there are a team of 17 fabulous Moderators and Administrators working behind the scenes. One being the website developer who gets paid, the rest of them doing what they do from their own kindness and passion for BellyBelly and what it stands for. Moderators operate from their homes in their own free time, which they could easily choose to dedicate time to themselves. But instead, they choose to spend it moderating BellyBelly. For this, I am extremely grateful and proud of the awesome women (and three men!) who make up the BellyBelly Moderating Team.

We all share the same visions and dreams for our children, similar parenting preferences yet we respect one another for what we choose. This is what I believe sets the pace on BellyBelly and is a great example to all those who are a members of the Forums.

It’s impossible to explain in a few words how much work Moderators put into BellyBelly on a daily basis, one Moderator said this only days after becoming a Moderator:

_“As a member of BellyBelly, you realise how much the Moderators do and respect them for that. _

As a Moderator, you realise you have no idea how much work the Moderators do and respect them all the more for that.

As a Junior Moderator, you strive to be like your fellow Moderators!”

So I think this sums it up! Therefore I am very proud to be able to give you more of an insight into our Moderators lives and what they look like! We really are human I promise 😉

Please enjoy reading our Moderator Profiles – just click the links in the right column, and I am sure you’ll find it as warm and fuzzy as I do, getting to know more about those special people that help make BellyBelly’s Forums the great place that they are.

BellyBelly Moderators @ the 2005 Event
From left: Shannon, Ambah, Kelly & Marisa, Nell, Lucy, Christy, Sammi, Angel & Kynan, Sarah