3 Steps For A Man To Get More Sex Than He Can Handle

3 Steps For A Man To Get More Sex Than He Can Handle

How can it be possible that men constantly complain about their partners not wanting to have as much sex, when women complain that they are chronically UNDERsatisfied?

Simple, it’s not that women don’t want as much sex as men do, it’s that women don’t want to be approached for sex the same way men typically attempt – you know, a few minutes before hand, right when the impulse hits.

If a man makes the right kind of connection with his woman, he will find that she is perpetually in the mood, and he is the one urging a sense of restraint due to his flagging energy levels and need for time to recuperate.

Yes you read right! A woman’s capacity for sexual expression far exceeds a mans. But for a woman, sex is an expression of everything else she feels about the relationship, whereas for most men, the opportunity to have sex is the reason to do all the other things she appreciates.

It is a myth that men are the ones with the high sex drive and women somehow need to be convinced. What a woman requires is a relationship with a man who has his life in order and therefore has the ability to focus on her, instead of his needs and issues.

A woman experiences desire in relation to how adored she feels. Because her desire takes time to connect, a man’s attempt to rev her up at the last minute generally fails.

A man who has figured out how to keep a constant flow of energy from himself to his woman will find she has a constant desire for him. There is no ‘warm-up’ time because his connection to her constantly keeps the fire going.

For the guys reading this – that means she aches for you all the time, your touch is like magic. Check out the way women respond to the hero in romance novels – that’s how hot she is for you, just you, all the time. I could put it more bluntly, but women appreciate a slightly more elegant type of language – suffice it to say every woman has the capacity for unbridled desire, she’s just waiting for the kind of man to make it safe for her to open up with that level of desire.

If she’s had a baby recently, I also would highly recommend reading this article on the reasons why and how low libido can effect new mothers, as well as what can be done about it.

Three Steps For A Man To Get More Sex Than He Can Handle

Step 1 For More Sex: Figure Yourself Out

Do the work you need to do in order to get past your issues, your ex, your financial problems, your confusion about who you are and what you’re here to contribute – and show up as a man knowing who he is, who he’s here to share his gifts with and how he’s going to make that happen.

Step 2 For More Sex: Find A Woman Who’s Done The Same

Sure, just like most men, many women have work to do on themselves and distract themselves in co-dependent relationships with men who have issues of their own to figure out. Most men and women would rather adopt the belief that two drowning individuals stand a better chance of survival if they’re next to each rather than alone, so co-drowning appears normal to us.

Step 3 For More Sex: Do The Things That She Appreciates

If you’ve done your work and connect with a woman who has done hers, it becomes natural to do the things that she appreciates and for her to acknowledge what you do. The What Evolved Women Want Facebook page is filled with couples who have responded that they’ve found this in each other, and although they’re too discreet to go into details about the sexual aspect of their relationship, these are the couples that are getting it on, noon night and at dawn.

How It Looks In Real Life

You know that really happy, put together couple with three kids who are always holding hands, sharing hello and goodbye kisses, giving each other a pat on the backside and a wink across a crowded room?

THAT’S the couple that in 10 years is still racing for a ‘afternooner’, leaving the kids with mum once a month so that they can spend a day without getting out of bed. They have their hands and lips all over each other so much during the day, that every night with everything else taken care of, they can’t wait to be all over each other again.

Even after all this time “that phase” hasn’t ended, and it won’t. They’ll be leaning a chair up against the door in the nursing home to get a little uninterrupted alone time. There’s no limit to a woman’s sexual connection when there’s no end to her man’s respect, support and appreciation. The result is both having so much of what they both want that they pinch themselves wondering how they got so lucky.




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