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Birth Recommendations from the World Health Organisation

These recommendations are taken from a report on Appropriate Technology for Birth published by the World Health Organization in April 1985 and are known as the ‘Fortelesa Declaration’. Read More

Caesarean Section Birth – What Happens in a Caesarean

A caesarean section is an operation that enables your baby to be born through an incision made on your pregnant belly. You may plan an elective caesarean for medical or social reasons or you may experience an emergency caesarean when labour does not go as planned. This article includes lots of information on caesareans as well as some caesarean birth stories. Read More

10 Ways To Help Him to Help YOU With A New Baby

Mammas – here are 10 great tips on how you can help your partner help you after your baby has been born. Read More

Making Motherhood Look Easy – 24 Simple Tips!

We all know that being a mother is darn hard work. It’s not about coffee, cake, strolling through shopping centres and giggling with girlfriends while letting the kids loose at playcentres. Or is it?! Check out these hilarious tips compiled by BellyBelly’s Forum Moderating Team in order to help mothers out there to make motherhood look easy! Read More

Baby Boy Names – Names For Boys

A list of baby boy names. If you are looking for boys names, be sure to check out our baby name list! Read More

Baby Girl Names – Names For Girls

A list of baby girl names. If you are looking for girls names, be sure to check out our baby name list! Read More

How Dads Can Help New Mothers After Baby’s Birth

Dads – not sure how to best help your partner after the birth of your baby? Here's a starting point for dads who want some ideas on how they can help. Read More

Questions to Ask A Doula Before Hiring One

Looking to hire a doula for a better birth experience? Here are a list of questions to ask a doula, to help you find your perfect doula! Read More

Caesarean Section – What to Expect After A Caesarean

Find out how you might feel after having a caesarean section, from emotional feelings to physical ones. This article covers pain relief, breastfeeding, resting, sex and tips to help yourself to recover. Some personal post-caesarean stories from our members are included. Read More

Water Birth – Preparing For Birth in Water

Having seen many water births as a doula, I can say that they are amongst the most beautiful births I have ever seen. There’s something so soothing about birth in water. The babies are often so calm at birth, you may think that they aren’t breathing – but they just aren’t crying. Of course, the baby still gets its oxygen from the placenta while under water, so its a very safe and beautiful way to give birth. Read More

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