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Summer Sanity – Keeping Baby Cool in Summer

In most areas of Australia, we face periods of hot weather. This can be exhausting for everyone. Babies and mothers need special attention in extremes of temperature to ensure that they are comfortable and well hydrated. Find out answers to questions like ‘Does My Baby Need Extra Fluids?’, ‘How Do I Tell if My Baby is Getting Enough Milk?’ and more… Read More

Will Your Baby Be Born in a Baby Friendly Hospital?

If you plan to birth your baby in a hospital, then choosing a Baby Friendly accredited hospital means that you have a better chance of establishing breastfeeding successfully and going on to exclusively breastfeed your baby for a longer period of time. Read More

Buying for Baby – What Do You REALLY Need?

Another baby sales catalogue has arrived in our letterbox. The range of baby gear is overwhelming to me, let alone new or prospective parents: what is necessary? What could we do without? What might be really helpful? What will it turn out to be a waste of money? So how do you know what you REALLY do need? Read More

Feeding the Chooks…

We regularly feed the chooks at our house – do you?! We feed the chooks for many surprising reasons we’ve found to be helpful… find out how keeping chooks can be a huge benefit for your family and for the the environment. Read More

Potty Training – 5 Steps for Potty Training Success

Steps and tips for successful potty training. How can you tell when your toddler is ready for potty training? How can you help them? Read on! Read More

Doesn’t Feel Right? Speaking Up and How To Do It

From the time you discover you are pregnant, you can find yourself the target of 'helpful' advice and you may at times have to assert yourself with family, friends and health professionals to get support for your choices around birth and parenting. Find out how you can get the outcome you really need with these great tips from Pinky McKay. Read More

Father’s Day – What Dad REALLY Wants This Father’s Day

Father’s day gift ideas (and not so good gift ideas!) from the point of view of a father, Peter Loupelis. A short, light-hearted piece designed to help you get dad a present he’s really going to like this father’s day! Read More

Caesarean Section or Vaginal Birth – What Difference Does It Make?

Caesarean section or vaginal birth? Why bother going through the process of giving birth vaginally when you can have a planned caesarean section? What does the tried and tested, ‘old-fashioned’ vaginal birth process have to offer by comparison? Read More

Do It MY Way! When Daddy Does It Differently…

Fathers can bear the brunt when they don't do things just right! Here’s how to down ‘Super Mummy’ and let go of the control freak when you have a baby! Read More

9 Ways Independent Birth Classes Can Help You Get Better Results

Childbirth education is so important, but choosing the right classes are key. Here are 9 important reasons why private classes get MUCH better results. Read More

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