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Waters Breaking – What To Do When Your Waters Break

Waters breaking – what happens and when?! You might imagine it like the movies would have you believe – a heavily pregnant woman goes out shopping in a glamourous outfit and then at the most inappropriate moment, her water breaks all over the floor and she goes into spontaneous labour that very minute! Rest assured it’s not often like that at all. Here’s some helpful information about waters breaking and what happens next, as well as some real life stories. Read More

Gender Dilemmas – Wanting a Boy – or a Girl

Its common to hear men hoping for sons and women hoping for daughters… but could there be an unconscious reason behind how comfortable (or uncomfortable) we feel about each gender? Read More

Tinned Food – Shortening Your Pet's Life Span…

“Kelly, thank you for saying those 3 little words to me… Raw Food Diet. Both my dogs are on a raw food diet now and I strongly urge anyone with a dog or cat to look into it. The more I read about it, the more sense it made. I know my Chelsea will still die of lymphoma, but, she is doing so much better then she was just 2 weeks ago. She is a different dog.” Find out more about the raw foods diet to help your pet lead a longer, healthy life – and best of all, it’s so cheap! Includes a week’s example of a cat raw foods diet. Read More

Could Your Toddler’s Diet Be Keeping You Awake At Night?

Do you have a wakeful baby or toddler at bedtime? The foods your little one is eating could be preventing him – and you – from getting a good nights sleep. Read More

Artificial Feeding – Nothing To Do With Breastfeeding

In this thought provoking article, Yvette O’Dowd asks why there such a divide between women who breastfeed and those who resort to artificial baby milk. What led to the divide and who is to blame? A must read for all mothers, no matter how you feed your baby. Read More

“But You’re Doing It All Wrong…”

Do other people’s comments have you thinking that you are ‘doing it wrong’ raising your baby? Pinky McKay offers some wise advice if you feel like you’re ‘doing it all wrong’. Read More

10 Things Those Trying To Conceive Don’t Want To Hear – Part 2

Here’s part two of the 5 top voted, most challenging/annoying/frustrating comments couples trying to conceive DONT want to hear. Read More

Birth As A Bowel Movement

‘Birth As A Bowel Movement’ is a humourous analogy of the medicalisation birth. See how a normal bodily function can easily become a medical one. Read More

13 Natural Pain Relief Options For Labour

Here are 13 natural pain relief options for labour! Learn some useful tools that may help you cope much better and avoid medications during birth. Read More

Surviving The Arsenic Hour

The arsenic hour… it conjures up images of evil forces and supernatural powers let loose. During this time we may become out of control, lose our senses and succumb to our dark side. Sound familiar? Read on for some fantastic tips on how you can survive the arsenic hour in your household! Read More

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