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Baby Girl Names – Names For Girls

A list of baby girl names. If you are looking for girls names, be sure to check out our baby name list! Read More

How Dads Can Help New Mothers After Baby’s Birth

Dads – not sure how to best help your partner after the birth of your baby? Here's a starting point for dads who want some ideas on how they can help. Read More

Men at Birth: Why She May Need More Than Your Support

When you think about what labour and birth might be like, you will probably form a romanticised image – just yourself and your partner managing beautifully without the interference of anyone else and without any medical intervention. But is it really that realistic? Read More

Hiring a Birth Attendant or Doula – Questions to Ask

So you’ve decided you’d like a Birth Attendant or Doula to support you for your upcoming birth – congratulations! It’s a big step for some couples to decide that they need extra support, but rest assured, this kind of support is one you will be very glad you called upon. Read More

Caesarean Section – What to Expect After A Caesarean

Find out how you might feel after having a caesarean section, from emotional feelings to physical ones. This article covers pain relief, breastfeeding, resting, sex and tips to help yourself to recover. Some personal post-caesarean stories from our members are included. Read More

Water Birth – Preparing For Birth in Water

Having seen many water births as a doula, I can say that they are amongst the most beautiful births I have ever seen. There’s something so soothing about birth in water. The babies are often so calm at birth, you may think that they aren’t breathing – but they just aren’t crying. Of course, the baby still gets its oxygen from the placenta while under water, so its a very safe and beautiful way to give birth. Read More

Mammas: Why You Should Chuck a Mummy Sickie

I sent a message to my husband, ’I’m chucking a sickie tomorrow.’ He replied sympathetically as to my bad day, to which I quickly replied, ’I’m deadly serious. I’m taking a sickie tomorrow.’ Read More

Early Labour – 8 Tips For A Low Stress Early Labour At Home

Early labour can be frustrating for some mothers-to-be, waiting for the serious stuff to kick in. Here are 8 tips and ideas for a low-stress early labour. Read More

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