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Does Swaddling Increase The Risk Of SIDS? [Study]

The media has been ablaze with claims that swaddling could increase the risk of SIDS. Find out all the details of the study, plus our thoughts on it, here. Read More

35 Week Old Baby | Your Baby Week By Week

Your 35 week old baby is approaching 9 months of age. You'll start to see more changing and evolving. He'll also be more confident with mobility too. Read More

When Can You Get An Epidural During Labour? Understanding Epidurals Part 3

When can you get an epidural during labour? If you're considering an epidural, it's important to know when to avoid or to have an epidural. Read More

Artificial Placenta – Could It Save Premature Babies?

Preterm birth is a leading cause of neonatal death. Researchers have begun working on an artificial placenta, to reduce the incidence of neonatal death. Read More

Amazing Mamas Donate Breast Milk After Mother’s Death

Catherine Twete was tragically killed in a car accident when her son was just a few months old. Mamas rallied together to supply him with breastmilk. Read More

Are We Guilty Of Normalising C-Section Birth?

C-section rates are soaring - some hospitals in Brazil have rates of up to 80%. As c-sections increase, are we normalising major surgery for childbirth? Read More

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms – 4 You Need To Know

Do you know what gestational diabetes symptoms you need to look out for? Cases of GD are increasing significantly - here are 4 symptoms to be aware of. Read More

How Long Does An Epidural Last? Understanding Epidurals Part 2

How Long Does An Epidural Last? An epidural is a regional anaesthesia given to women during labour, to block the pain of contractions. Around 50% of women… Read More

Where Does An Epidural Go? Understanding Epidurals Part 1

If you're considering having an epidural during childbirth, you might be wondering, where does an epidural go? Find out the answer, here. Read More

Why Formula Shouldn’t Be Donated During Times Of Crisis

Seems innocent enough that during times of crisis, formula should be donated to help mothers and babies. But there are three big problems. Find out here. Read More

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