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This Video Will Make You Think Twice About How You Talk To Your Kids

In the humourous clip, "If Moms Talked To Each Other The Way They Talk To Their Kids," you'll question how you really talk to your kids. Read More

6 Reasons Why Women Can Be In Labour For Days

A long labour is one of the most common concerns first time pregnant women have. Labour takes a lot of energy and mental stamina. No one… Read More

Amazing Newborn Baby Saves Her Mama’s Life

What should have been a special time turned into disaster, when Shelly Cawley fell into a coma during childbirth. Find out how her newborn saved her life. Read More

Does Vaginal Birth Damage The Pelvic Floor?

A big fear women have about giving birth is the damage it may do to the pelvic floor. Does vaginal birth damage the pelvic floor? Get all the facts, here. Read More

Whooping Cough – Why Are We Really Having Outbreaks?

Whooping cough is such a distressing disease for babies. In the midst of an extended outbreak, we have to wonder why the situation isn't improving. Read More

Cluster Feeding – 3 Reasons Your Baby Needs To Feed So Often

Cluster feeding can be very challenging for mothers. It can be really helpful to understand why your baby needs to feed so often. Find out here. Read More

Can Sex Bring On Labour?

Trying to get labour going naturally? You've probably been checking out your options. One of the most popular is sex. Can sex bring on labour? Find out! Read More

Nipple Shield Use – Can It Hinder Breastfeeding?

There has been much controversy about nipple shield use when breastfeeding. Many mothers love them, but can they impact the amount of milk her baby gets? Read More

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