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Baby Weight Gain – What Is Normal? 5 Questions Answered

Many parents worry about baby weight gain. Is baby getting enough milk and putting on enough weight? Read an IBCLC's answers to 5 common questions. Read More

Pelvic Exam During Pregnancy – Is It Really Necessary?

Many newly pregnant women dread having a pelvic exam. How do you know if you actually need one? Find out if you need a pelvic exam when you're pregnant. Read More

Help – My Toddler Is Obsessed With My Boobs! 5 Tips To Help

Is your toddler obsessed with your boobs or frequently breastfeeding? You may feel alone, but it's more common than you think. Here are some tips to help. Read More

Could Playing Video Games Relieve Labour Pain?

Many pregnant women research their pain relief options for labour. But what about video games - could they help disctract women from labour pain? Read More

Innovative Charity Campaigns Turns Unborn Babies Into Artists

You’re never too young to realise your fundraising potential, or at least that’s the view of international campaigning charity SOS Children’s Villages. The charity is raising… Read More

Dads and Doulas – 7 Ways Doulas Benefit Dads And Partners

A common concern pregnant couples have about doulas is how a doula will work with the partner. Here are 7 ways doulas benefit dads and partners at birth. Read More

What Happens When You Stop Breastfeeding? 5 Things To Know

When you stop breastfeeding, there can be a number of physical and emotional changes. Find out 5 things you need to know about stopping breastfeeding. Read More

Does A C-Section Affect Breastfeeding? 7 Things To Know

Does a c-section affect breastfeeding? If you're having a c-section, this question might be one of the biggest concerns you have. Find out the facts, here. Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Need To Spend More Time Outside

We know time spent outdoors is important for kids, but we're having more inside time than ever. Here are some big reasons to get your kids outdoors. Read More

10 Things I’ve Said To My Three Year Old Lately [Humour]

If you have a threenager, you'll well know the joys that come with it. But have you ever paid attention to the weird things you end up saying sometimes? Read More

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