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Iodine During Pregnancy Impacts Baby’s IQ: Study

Despite awareness campaigns, pregnant women are still low in iodine. A study has just highlighted the importance of iodine: it impacts your baby's IQ. Read More

How The Heck Does A 3.5 Year Old Get Type 2 Diabetes?

Many are in shock after discovering a 3 year old was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Doctor Andrew Orr has this serious warning for other parents. Read More

Stunning Photography Shows How Babies Fit In The Womb

A stunning photo series you must see! Dutch birth photographer, Mary Fermont, captured babies just as they would have looked when snuggled up in the womb. Read More

“I’ve Had My Baby Early, It’s 26 Weeks”

Colleen Constante was 26 weeks pregnant when she made a frantic call to 000 operators, announcing she'd given birth alone. Hear the call and find out more. Read More

Chronic Fatigue – How It Can Be A Gynaecological Problem

If you're experiencing chronic fatigue, it may be assumed to be something like chronic fatigue syndrome. However, a study found some surprising results. Read More

Baby Kicking – 9 Facts You Need To Know

All your baby kicking questions and concerns, answered here! Is my baby kicking enough? How many kicks are normal? When should I worry? Find out, here. Read More

Survey Reveals Which Children’s Age Is The Most (And Least) Fun

When you're a parent, most ages feel like the best. But could there be a peak? Find out which age many parents find to be most (and least) fun. Read More

Identical Twin Sisters Expecting Twins… AGAIN!

Identical twins is quite a surprise... but what if you were expecting a second set of twins - due around the same time as your identical twin sister? Read More

Man Proposes… But It Wasn’t To His Girlfriend

A proposal with a gorgeous twist! When William got down on hand and knee, it was for his step-daughter-to-be. A video that will warm your heart. Read More

Why So Many Women Used To Die During Childbirth

People often say, "so many women used to die during childbirth!" but don't know why. Find out the 4 biggest reasons. Warning: graphic, triggering content. Read More

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