Hilarious Video Of Mamas Dropping F-Bombs

Hilarious Video Of Mamas Dropping F-Bombs

Swearing isn’t big, it’s not funny and it’s not clever. Just kidding – it’s all of those things.

Swearing is the best. If it’s a word that would make your granny blush, saying it aloud will make you feel better, no matter what.

During your teenage years, you probably swore like a sailor. These days, however, your opportunities for swearing might be limited. After all, it’s not really worth the fleeting moment of exhilaration when you have to go to nursery school and explain to the teacher exactly how your three year old managed to drop an f-bomb during a dispute over whose turn it was to play in the sandpit.

When your little ones are within earshot, you probably find yourself trying to keep your cursing to a minimum, but that’s not to say you don’t drop a few expletives in the middle of a particularly stressful day. If you haven’t yet mastered saying ‘fudge’, ‘shoot’ and ‘fiddlesticks’ (and, really, why would you want to?), you’re probably one of those mamas who still drops the occasional f-bomb.

Buzzfeed have, once again, created a video that perfectly sums up parenting.

The catchily titled Things That Make Moms Say F**k is exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s a short video, showcasing just some of the reasons mamas find to swear throughout the day. For example, who hasn’t let out the f-word on discovering a bottle of rancid milk abandoned under the sofa.

Sometimes, it’s just the physically demanding aspects of motherhood that allow the odd curse word to slip out. Car seats are really heavy, and every mama should be excused for releasing the odd swear word after lugging one out to the car. Any parent will be able to relate to the foul-mouthed mama who has just escaped from her finally sleeping angel’s bedroom, only to hear a cry as soon as the door shuts. Who hasn’t let out a few expletives before the watershed when that happens? Every. Single. Night.

And, of course, the ultimate swearing occasion for mamas: realising there is no wine left, when it is most definitely wine o’clock after a long day surrounded by little people. Argh!

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