A Mother’s Stunning Photographs Of Her One-Handed Daughter

A Mother's Stunning Photographs Of Her One-Handed Daughter

Holly Spring is a proud mother of her daughter, Violet, aged five.

Violet was born with a severe bowel disorder and without a left hand.

The mother daughter duo created a beautiful photo series to celebrate the magic of childhood, and Violet is the perfect model for these captivating whimsical photographs.

Violet has encountered a number of health problems during her life, and mother Holly was only too aware of how precious time is.

This attitude convinced Holly to start documenting her daughter’s childhood using photographs, and the results are simply breathtaking.

Holly says she wanted to use the photographs to teach her daughter that the possibilities in life are endless.

Capturing The Wonder of Childhood

Holly Spring is a professional photographer from New Zealand. Her gorgeous images showcase some of the beauty in that part of the world.

The photographs also capture the beauty and wonder of a childhood imagination, featuring animal masks, fairies and majestic creatures. Violet’s soulful eyes and adorable expressions add an extra element of whimsy to the photos.

As Holly and Violet let their imaginations run wild, Holly snaps away with her camera and captures some truly wonderful images. With vivid colours, natural light and imaginative scenes, the photographs feel almost dreamlike.

“She Definitely Is My Heart And Soul”

Holly writes on her website, “My beautiful smart and funny 5 year old. She is strong willed and turns on the charm and she definitely is my heart and soul.” Holly describes Violet as her muse and her heart, and the photographs capture this sentiment perfectly.

Holly took to her photography Facebook page to give some heartfelt advice to other parents, “Always find time to bring out the best in your kids, make it fun for them and they will reward you with the most amazing moments.”

It’s not hard to see why Holly’s photographs have won awards. In 2014 she was awarded the NZIPP/EPSON Iris Portrait Photographer of the Year award. She uses editing software to achieve the mystical look in her images. She also uses layers to merge photographs together, giving her images a unique feel.

A Mother's Stunning Photographs Of Her One-Handed Daughter


A Mother's Stunning Photographs Of Her One-Handed Daughter

The heartfelt images not only recreate the wonder of childhood, but also capture five year old Violet’s warmth and spirit. As her imagination gets away from her, Holly is able to follow her lead and capture some pretty amazing moments. What an inspirational little girl!

A Mother's Stunning Photographs Of Her One-Handed Daughter

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