10 Texts Every New Mama Sends To Her Partner

10 Texts Every New Mama Sends To Her Partner

Can you imagine how hard it was to be a new mother back in the days when they didn’t have smartphones?

How could they cope, not being able to Google photos of baby poo to see what was normal?

Did libraries have baby poo displays so new parents could go and check whether their baby’s output was in the normal range?

How did people show off about how cute their babies were, if they couldn’t post photos on Facebook?

Did they actually have to leave the house and see people, to show off the new outfits and their new baby’s hilarious expressions?

And what about all the thoughts going around in their heads during those long days of being a mama? Did they just keep them in there, until their partners came home?

Too scary to think about.

Luckily, those days are gone.

10 Texts Every New Mama Sends To Her Partner

Now you can text him each and every thought that crosses your mind.

You can send him photos of every little thing the baby does so he doesn’t miss out on anything.

And you can ask him questions – important things like ‘Which tights do you think go better with her outfit?’ so he’s still playing an active role as a dad even when he’s away from home.

Here are 10 texts every new mama sends to her partner:

#1: When Will You Be Home?

The working day is never longer than when you’re at home caring for a baby.

It doesn’t matter how many baby massage classes you sign up for, how many trips to the park you make, or how many times you meet friends for coffee and cake, the day is still long.

And the longest part of the day comes right at the end – the final stretch when you’re counting down the minutes until your partner arrives home.

And it’s not that you’re not enjoying motherhood. Far from it.

It doesn’t matter how well suited to motherhood you are, by the end of the day your arms will be desperate to not hold a baby – just for five minutes.

No matter how ‘at one’ with your baby you feel, you really need a few moments just to breathe, and be yourself, and not be somebody’s mum.

And when you start craving that time, you can fire off a quick text. If the text arrives when he’s on his way home, he knows you’ve had an okay day. If it arrives when he’s at work, he’ll know you haven’t.

#2: Can You Buy The Biggest Sanitary Towels They Sell?

Postpartum bleeding can be, um, interesting. It’s surprising just how much stuff needs to come out. You will need plenty of sanitary towels, and usually the normal ones just won’t cut it.

You want the biggest ones out there – those that feel like mattresses between your legs, and are so absorbent they won’t leak. Yes – the longest, biggest ones they have.

Expect to receive a few messages back with questions about wings and night protection, and about scented versus non-scented. After all, this is all probably pretty new to him.

#3: Can We Swap Jobs For The Day?

Maternity leave gives you a lovely period of time for you to bond with your baby. But it can also be a little repetitive.

You’ll also be busy with endless nappy changes and hours of feeding, and you probably won’t have much time to enjoy luxuries like food and warm drinks.

On some days, you might even find yourself feeling jealous of your partner. He gets to leave the house every day. He can have eight hours of warm drinks, adult conversation and being able to use the bathroom alone. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

#4: Does This Poop Look Weird To You?

Thank goodness for smartphones, right? Every time your baby produces a questionable nappy, you can send a photo to your partner for a second opinion. Why does it look like mustard? Should it be green? Why does it have a sequin in it (second child syndrome right there)?

And, of course, since you’re jealous your partner is back at work enjoying adult company and his own identity, it’s only fair you send him photos of poop – just to break up his day.

#5: Can You Get Me The Remote/A Drink/Something To Eat?

For the first few weeks of motherhood, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve been super-glued to the sofa. Newborn babies breastfeed a lot and usually fall asleep straight after, so you’ll be spending a lot of time feeling well and truly trapped.

That’s fine if you’re uber-organised. You might have a ‘breastfeeding station’, complete with bottled water, snacks and entertainment within easy reach. If you haven’t, it might mean a lot of time sitting on the sofa with no food, drink or entertainment.

If your partner is home, you can (and should) text him and ask him to bring you things. Men might not be able to breastfeed, but they have an important role to play in supporting those who can.

#6: All The Photos

Your baby is pretty adorable and you’re probably filling up your phone with photos of him just lying there looking cute. Your Facebook friends might quickly get tired of seeing them, but your partner won’t. Throughout the day, you can fill up his inbox with photos of his baby.

Photos of the baby sleeping. Here’s the baby pulling hilarious faces. Photos of the baby in the pram. Take them and send them all. It’s not fair that your partner is missing out on all this stuff. Help him stay involved by sharing your whole day with him.

#7: You Won’t Believe What Somebody Just Said To Me

People sure do have a lot of opinions, don’t they? Do you know your baby needs a hat? Or you should be careful with that sling? Can’t you see he’s too hot? Do you know he’s hungry? No? Well, you soon will.

All you have to do is step outside your front door. The entire world will offer advice, and opinions on your parenting skills.

Oh, and they’ll be grabbing for your baby too. They’ll rub their fingers on your baby’s cheek and desperately try to get your baby to grab their fingers. Hmmm, aren’t strangers lovely?

#8: I’m So Tired

This is the text for all day long – every day. Just keep sending it.

#9: I Am Rocking This Motherhood Thing Today!

You won’t feel like this every day. Sometimes you’ll feel like a complete failure. Perhaps your baby won’t stop crying, or maybe the nappy leaked at the shops and you didn’t have a spare one with you.

Remember, though, you’re not a failure – even when you feel like one.

You’re doing great. Motherhood is sheer hard work.

So, on the days when you feel like you’re winning, don’t be afraid to show off. Some days are amazing. Naptime happens exactly when you want it to. You soothe every tear. Then you have the loveliest day ever. On those days, text your partner and let him know. He’ll be as proud of you as you are of yourself.

#10: We Miss You

There’s nothing nicer than being told you are missed and valued. Whenever you think it, let him know. He’s probably missing you, too.

It’s hard being away from your family, especially in those early weeks. Babies change so quickly, and he’s missing out on a lot because he’s working outside the home.

Make sure he knows how much you both love him.

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