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As a mother, your day can pass so fast yet you can still wonder what you have actually done with your day. So I asked some mums on BellyBelly to keep a diary of their day, so we could all see a typical day in the life of a BellyBelly mum!


Ambah is a stay at home Mum. She has one son Aidyn, who is 18 months old.


Aidyn's persistent calling breaks through my deep slumber, so I stagger out and heat up his morning bottle for him and give it to him in his cot. Then I say goodbye to my partner as he leaves for work.


More calling from Aidyn" I guess there's no chance of him going back to sleep now — even though he played silly buggers last night and didn't go to sleep until after 9pm. I was hoping for a sleep in today!


I unzip Aidyn out of his grobag, change his nappy, and give him a big cuddle, then set him down so he can play.


Have just made myself a giant coffee — here's to hoping that it kicks in soon! I hop onto BellyBelly for 5 mins to check the new posts.


Aidyn brings me one of his story books, so we go and sit down and read -Beaky's Jungle' twice over. He seems to think the word -lizard' is absolutely hilarious for some reason, and cracks up laughing every time I say it, how cute!!


Aidyn is stumbling around still rubbing his eyes, so I pop him back in his cot in the vain hope that he might indeed want to sleep a bit longer. He lies straight down which is a good sign!


I sort out some of my laundry, and put a load in the machine.


Aidyn is up again, and is being very clingy and cries when I put him down, so it looks like I will have to make my breakfast one-handed.


I sit Aidyn in front of his Spot DVD (which I know he won't move from!) and jump in the shower quickly leaving the bathroom door open. I timed it badly as now I am battling the washing machine for some water pressure — and I'm not winning! Time to get dressed for gym now.


I feed Aidyn weetbix for breakfast… he is very reluctant and it takes me almost 20mins just to feed him half of it. Then I get Aidyn dressed, and then load up the pram with everything we will need to take to gym.


We walk down to the gym, I put Aidyn into the créche there, and go off to do my 45min RPM group cycle class.


Arrive back home, tired and sweaty. Feed Aidyn a banana, change his nappy, and put him down for a nap. I hang up this mornings washing and take down yesterdays washing. Then I make a cup of coffee and catch up on BellyBelly.


I have some overripe bananas which I don't want to waste, so I use them to make a batch of banana & sultana mini-muffins for Aidyn
12.15pm — Eeek! Just got an SMS from a friend who wants to stop by for a coffee, so I madly have to straighten up the place a bit. In doing so I make too much noise and wake up Aidyn, so have to get his lunch organised.


My friend has been and gone now, and I've just cleaned up a not-so-pleasant nappy of Aidyns. Btw, the muffins I made taste really nice" might just have another one I think! Time for some playtime with Aidyn now.


Aidyn is watching Playschool, and I have just finished making some phone calls. Need to tidy the kitchen now and make some early preparations for dinner.


Aidyn is playing happily around my feet with his cars, so I continue with cooking our dinner. Once it's in the oven I take Aidyn outside to play. We then proceed to walk up the steep driveway about 100 times so he can push his toy cars and mower and watch them hurtle down the hill — he loves it!


Yay! Aidyn's dad is home from work. He plays with Aidyn for 15mins whilst I sit down and relax.


Time for Aidyns dinner, and then his bath.


Time for our dinner now!


I read Aidyn 4 stories, make up his bottle, and pop him into his cot" its bedtime for him now!


He won't go to sleep and is cranky and irritable, his 2yr molar teeth are coming through early, so we give him some panadol to help ease the pain.


I sit and chat to my partner for a while, and then we both hop on our computers (which are side by side) and do our own thing. Aidyn is asleep now!


My Mum rings and we chat for half an hour. Then I quickly tidy the kitchen and stack the dishwasher and sit down to watch the Friday night movie.


Movie is over, so I am catching up on more BellyBelly stuff, and finishing up this diary. And after that, bed time for me I think!


I finally slink off to bed…




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