Diary of a Mum – Janelle

As a mother, your day can pass so fast yet you can still wonder what you have actually done with your day. So I asked some mums on BellyBelly to keep a diary of their day, so we could all see a typical day in the life of a BellyBelly mum!


Janelle is a part time stay at home mum and has one son, Matthew who is 8 months old.She also helps out on BellyBelly as a moderator.


Awake to alarm. Jump out of bed to get a shower in before Matthew wakes up. He wakes just as I get out of the shower, dress and get Matthew. Changed him then give him a breastfeed.


Take Peter (husband) to train station and back home, feed the cat and dog their breakfast.


Playtime for Matthew, today is starting to stand by himself! So he spends a lot of time holding onto me. Try reading him a book, he isn't interested. He wants to keep standing!


Starting to get a bit grizzling for something to eat. I give Matthew his breakfast, yummy banana rice cereal mix with stewed apple.


Matthew's down for his first nap of the day, he does fight it for a few minutes as he usually does. I zoom around the house hanging washing out, cleaning kitchen, getting dinner ready.


Time for a coffee and BellyBelly time. Also catch up on phone calls.


Matthew wakes up, change him and give him a breastfeed.


We have a walk and play out in the garden. I try and get out there everyday with him, spend most of the time telling the dog to stop trying to lick Matthew!


Matthew grizzles again, time for his lunch. Today it is sweet potato, carrot and corn cooked and mashed together. He is still hungry so give him a peach yoghurt.


I have my lunch, Matthew plays on the floor with a couple of toys while I have a baked potato with salsa and cheese.


We are going to the plaza to get a few things so I get Matthew ready, get me ready and get Matthews bag ready, all this takes 30 minutes


In the car finally to the shops. It takes me forver it seems to get a carpark. I remember that it is a Monday and that is Senior Citz's day at the plaza, they come by the busloads to take advantage of the 10% discount they get for the day.


Matthew is napping in him pram so this is a good time for me to head to Gloria Jeans and grab a latte. I read a magazine, he is awake after 20 mins. We head to the parents room for a change breastfeed.


Supermarket to get a couple of things.


Back in the car and off to the train station to pick Peter up from work


Back home!


Matthew has his dinner, Pete feeds him and I organise the cat and dogs dinner,


Pete gives Matthew his bath. I do final prep of our dinner, get washing in, fold it, iron my uniform for the next day ( I am working and Pete stays home).


Matthew is handed to me for his last breastfeed for the day.


Matthew has zonked it, I put him to bed. Pete and I have our dinner and catch up on our day.


I jump back on BellyBelly while Pete cleans up after dinner, he then gets onto the laptop to do some work of his own.


Am very tired so hit the sack.




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