Diary of a Mum – Lucy

As a mother, your day can pass so fast yet you can still wonder what you have actually done with your day. So I asked some mums on BellyBelly to keep a diary of their day, so we could all see a typical day in the life of a BellyBelly mum!

Lucy is the mother of two children, Olivia (17 months) and Charlie (8 weeks). A day in the life of a Mummy to 2 under 2!


Woke up to feed Charlie, our 8 week old. Bless him, he had slept from 6.30pm the night before, so I didn't feel too tired…


Popped Charlie back to bed, had a shower and got dressed. It is SO much easier to do this now rather than later: a shower when 2 babies are awake is sometimes all too hard!


Hopped onto BellyBelly whilst I drank my coffee and had some toast. Check some emails regarding our new house that we are building. Wrote my “Things To Do List.”


Put a load of washing on and remembered to shut the laundry door so my 18 month old daughter Olivia can’t fiddle with the dials on the washer! Cleaned the bathrooms.


Had a juice with hubby, kissed him goodbye as he left for work.


Prepped the veggies for dinner tonight, emptied the dishwasher, then did some work on the seating plan for our wedding that is in 6 weeks time.


Olivia is calling out "Muuuummmmmeeeee" so I guess she is ready to start her day!


After a nappy change and a fight over the remote control we sit down to ABC kids for 10 mins whilst Olivia has her cup of milk.


Charlie is stirring so I get him up, change his nappy and feed him again.


Olivia is chanting, “Toast Toast Toast,” so I guess she is hungry! I organise her brekkie and get her in the high chair: a challenge in itself!


Clear up the bombsite that is vegemite toast. Have a battle with Olivia over how the wiping of toddlers hands and faces is not actually negotiable.


Hang the washing on the line and throw the tennis ball for the dog


Bundle Charlie into his capsule, get Olivia in the car seat and head out to morning tea with my Mummies Group. Stop at the post box on the way to post some Ebay stuff out to people.

9.15 — 12.00

Drink coffee, compare notes on children, discuss the pros and cons of motherhood versus our old careers all whilst feeding children and changing nappies!


Drive home with two overtired children, stop to get milk and bread and fruit on the way back.


Persuade Olivia she needs to eat some lunch and that a biscuit is not really enough.


Put Olivia down for her nap: divert a tantrum because we can't find teddy.


Feed Charlie and have a peaceful little play together whilst we can! He is smiling all the time now and it melts my heart!


Put Charlie down for a sleep & then race into the kitchen to clean up the lunch debacle.


Collect the mail, pay bills and catch up on emails. Do some work on BellyBelly. Ring the MCHN to make an appointment for Charlie’s 8 week vaccinations and Olivia’s 18 month check.


Feed Charlie again. He had done a HUGE poo and was hungry again.


I can hear Olivia waking, so go in and get her – she has also done a huge poo!


Bundle both babies into the double pram and take them and the dog for a walk: two laps round the park – the fresh air does us all good and I am trying to shift a bit of weight before my wedding.


Olivia is playing by herself quietly, then I realise she is in the pantry and has emptied Rice Bubbles all over the floor. So I encourage the dog to eat them up to save me getting the vacuum out!


Feed Olivia dinner. Tuna mornay is a great hair conditioner… or at least I hope so, because she has spread it all in her hair in the efforts of feeding herself!


Clear up kitchen again, empty the bin, sort out the recycling and the compost, make a shopping list for a grocery shop for tomorrow


Welcome hubby home with a kiss and he races off to bath Charlie whilst I sit and play blocks and read, “Where's Spot,” for the 100th time to Olivia.


Feed Charlie whilst hubby baths Olivia, and then pop Charlie into bed.


Put Olivia to bed with a long cuddle and some stories.


Pray they are both happy and asleep whilst DH and I pour ourselves a glass of wine and take 15 minutes to catch up on what has been going on in our day.


Get dinner on the table and feed the dog.


Stack dishwasher again, put on another load of washing; make a phone call to a friend who has just had a baby.


Wonder if I can please go to bed now?? Remember I have to write up this diary and email it off.


Keep my fingers crossed that Charlie sleeps long enough to give me at least 4 consecutive hours sleep.


Crawl into bed.




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