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As a mother, your day can pass so fast yet you can still wonder what you have actually done with your day. So I asked some mums on BellyBelly to keep a diary of their day, so we could all see a typical day in the life of a BellyBelly mum!


Sherie is a mum to three children, Lindsay 5, Erin 3 and Paige 1 (nearly 2). They live on a farm and her days can vary greatly.


"Mum, I want toast for breakfast…"

My day has begun. I get out of bed and say good morning to Lindsay and make sure he is wearing his dressing gown and slippers. Not long after this Erin comes in, hair messy, and I make sure she has her dressing gown and slippers on and she gives me a hug and says good morning. While I am getting the breakfast stuff out, I can hear Paige call out "Mum, bop-bop". So I get her bottle ready of milk ready and I take it in to her. With toast in hand, the older two go into the lounge room to eat while I get dressed. Then I make sure Paige has her dressing gown and slippers on.


After his breakfast, Lindsay gets dressed for school while I pack his lunch and get the girls dressed.


I make sure Lindsay is ready to go and grab the girls and drive to the front gate to wait for the school bus.


Home again. Now I can have breakfast.


Today is washing day. I put on the first load of washing. We have 17 poddy lambs at the moment so I have to mix up their milk and give them fresh hay and water.


Now the lambs are fed the first load of washing needs to be hung out. Afterwards I put on another load and then make the beds.


Hang out second load of washing when I'm finished I try to convince Erin that cleaning her room is a good idea.


After cleaning the girl's room (my discussion was unsuccessful), we set up Erin's cottage for the girls to play in. I know I have about a half hour before they start to disagree with each other so I make a cuppa and browse the forums.


No crisis today! The girls are still playing together and have asked for a picnic for morning tea (well, Erin asked and Paige just nodded), so I put together some saos and apples on a plate for them.


Start thinking about tea tonight so I can get the meat out of the freezer. Sausages sound good.


Erin comes into the kitchen whining that Paige won't do what she wants. Apparently Paige has decided that she wants to take her doll away and do something else. As it is close enough to lunch, I ask Erin what she would like on her sandwich and make it for her and a vegemite one for Paige. I put on Wild Thornberry's and leave them to it.


After I have my lunch I go and water the plants outside and talk to the dog about the new holes she has dug.


Watering finished, I come in and get Paige ready for her afternoon sleep. Erin now retreats to her cottage and plays in peace. While she is playing, I go into the office and to check my emails. I am helping to compile a book on the History of Buddigower (the district where we live) for a reunion next year and a lot of the past residents have been emailing their family histories. While on the net I have another browse of the BB forums.


Paige has just walked in, time to put my work away. I give her a hug and ask if she had a good sleep and she nods. Meanwhile Erin asks is it time to go and get Lindsay. I tell her not for a while yet. We go outside (I am hoping the water has dried form this morning or otherwise Paige will get in it). The girls play while I get the washing in and give the dog some fresh water.


Erin asks again about getting Lindsay and I tell her soon. We go inside and I get them some afternoon tea.


Time to go and pick Lindsay up. I load the girls into the car and we go and wait at the front gate.


Home again. I go through Lindsay's school bag to look for notes and make sure he brought home his jumper. I get him a snack and ask him about his day.


Lindsay changes out of his school clothes and heads outside with the girls to play and I fold the clothes and do the ironing.


Get the kids into the bath. Paige has found some mud and is filthy, although I have a sneaking suspicion her brother helped her find it.


The kids are in their PJ's and I start tea. Lindsay asks what is for tea and says -boring' when I tell him we're having sausages and vegies.


Dad is home! The kids are in a mad scramble to get to the door first to greet him. He is then bombarded with tales of the day.


We all sit down to tea and talk about our day.


Lindsay and Erin go and get ready to brush their teeth and I come in and help them. When that's done they say goodnight to their Dad and get into bed.


Paige is out of bed and wants to sleep on the lounge. I put her and her blanket back into her own bed.


All is quiet in the kid's rooms. I check and make sure they are covered up before I have a shower and check out what is on TV for the night.




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